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Gone are the days when there was just an inbuilt music player for any Android phone. Modern-day Android Phones have gone through a revolution and have come up with great audio enhancements. With the Android app market flourishing with new apps every single minute, there is a range of the best music player apps for Android which every music lover will surely love and cherish. Today’s Android phone supports all of the latest sound systems such as dual stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos and much more. You will, of course, find yourself lucky to live in this 21st century where there are a variety of the best music player apps for Android to choose from.

Top 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

  • GoneMad Music Player

Speaking about one of the best music players will bring the GoneMad Music player into the limelight.


  • GoneMad offers a fast and sleek experience and packs with a bunch of latest music features.
  • It has a simple User interface through which one can easily browse their favourite music
  • Latest file formats such as aac, adds, FLAC, etc.
  • More than 250 customization options available.
  • Supports built-in 16 equalizers presets along with DSP limiter, audio pitch correction and much more.

Cost: Free 14-Days Trial, Full Version- Varies

Download Link: Free Trial, Full Version

  • Poweramp Music Player

You must have seen at least one of your colleagues using this beast for music listening. Well, it is genuinely one of the best music player apps for Android.


  • Music file formats such as ALAC, FLAC, WMA, pls, etc. all in the bag.
  • It is overwhelmed with audio enhancement features such as ten bands optimized graphic equalizer, Treble adjustment, gapless playback and many more.
  • Plenty of options to customize such as a lock screen, album art, and audio screen change.

Cost: Free Trial, Full version- Varies

Download Link: Free Trial, Full Version

  • BlackPlayer Music Player

It is one of my best music players out there in the Google play store. All thanks to this smart app balance of every features and UI.


  • The UI looks amazing because of the Black, dark texture and minimal theme.
  • It has a tabbed layout with sleek transitions.
  • BlackPlayer provides customization to almost everything such as the style of colours, fonts, animations.
  • An option to choose between built-in and an external equalizer.
  • Ability to view and edit embedded lyrics.

Cost: Free, Premium – Varies

Download Link: Free Version, Premium Version

  • Pi Music Player


  • Pi is yet another music player which you can consider for daily music needs. Another great music player option, here are its features.
  • Pi Music player boasts of an interesting UI with transitions being swift as ever.
  • It includes a built-in five-band equalizer with a bass boost, 3D reverb effects, virtualizer and unique effects.
  • It compacts with advanced features such as sleep timer, new look folder, gesture support, themes, etc.
  • Ringtone cutter and a Pi Power share feature for seamless sharing.

Cost: Free, In-app purchases

Download Link: Pi Music Player

  • Phonograph Music player

The phonograph is one of the best music player apps for Android. It is a fairly new player yet has drawn the attention of many users towards itself. Phonograph player is surely for someone who is looking for a simple working music player with latest features. Read here to know, What is Cloud Hosting?.


  • The phonograph is probably the best-looking player with simple yet elegant designs.
  • It supports different customizations to the start page, colours, themes, album cover appearance and many more.
  • Other features include gapless playback, tag editor, sleep timer, etc.

Cost: Free

Download Link: Phonograph Music player

  • Stellio Music Player

Looking for a music player which changes the app theme based on the album type? Well, the Stellio Music Player will be the right option for you.


  • The Stellio Music player can change theme concerning the current album.
  • It supports gapless playback, tag editing, scrobbling, etc.
  • Stellio also supports rare lossless formats.
  • It provides a 12-band equalizer and 13 audio effects such as balance, Volumeamp, Z-Bass, Z-treble, etc.

Cost: Free, Premium – $1.90

Download Link: Free, Stellio Unlocker

  • Cloud Player

It is the most suitable player for those who are looking to store music in their Dropbox, Google Drive or any OneDrive account.


  • You can either stream or download music from your Cloud Player account.
  • It supports Chromecast, high fidelity lossless formats, and Airplay.
  • It also includes a 10-band equalizer with 17 preset Amps supporting a super sound feature.
  • Further, it has support for various Android Wear and Auto.

Cost: Free 30-days trial, In-app purchase of $0.99

Download Link: Free ( 30-days Trial)

  • Minima

It is a newbie in the apps market and is looking good to give a tough competition to its competitors. It is a bit lacking from the present day music players but offers a fresh kind of experience.


  • It opens up boasting of an overflow UI with different categories such as music, albums, genres, playlists, etc.
  • Other features include a sleep timer, gesture controls, and various other customization options.
  • Available to download for free, this should be a booster for this music app to attain a higher rank in the app store.

Cost: Free

Download Link: Minima

  • Shuttle Music Player

It is yet another Music player that deserves your attention if you are looking for a smart and simple designed music player.


  • It has a simple yet appealing User Interface.
  • Shuttle Music Player provides Customization available with various themes.
  • It has an inbuilt 6-band equalizer supporting bass boost.
  • Further, supports gapless music, scrobbling, and much more features.

Cost: Free, Plus – Varies

Download Link: Free, Plus

  • Pulsar Music Player

This player has risen to new heights of popularity. Thanks to its simple UI.


  • Clean Material Design with some cool transitions
  • It supports gapless Music, embedded lyrics, sleep timer, fast search, etc.
  • This app automatically syncs all music albums and artist images.
  • This music player is free hence no needed to pay for those extra bucks.

Cost: Free

Download Link: Pulsar Music Player

Conclusion- Best Music Player Apps for Android

Music is an important part of our life. It satisfies our soul and at the same time relaxes our mind and what will be better than the above listed best music player apps for Android. Try each of them, visualizing which one will be the best for you and rejoice in the sweet melody of music all over. Read here to know, Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review.

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