We are here in the year 2018 and VR is starting to become a huge success in the global market. With the advent of VR headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive, Rift, Play station VR and many others have given an edge of exhilarating experience. However, despite giving a great functionality, none of them has come close to the Google Cardboards.

Also, with the play store having the best VR apps for Google Cardboard, you don’t have to hunt anywhere else. With sheer determination and an intention to pick the best VR apps for Google Cardboard, here are the great ones for Google Cardboard. Check each one of them and you will definitely find the excellent one for yourself. So, let’s get started. Read here to know, Best Dedicated Server Hostings

  1. Expeditions

If you are looking to go on a virtual field trip, Expeditions can bring in the best possible experience for you. Visit your best loving place all around the world, feel the comfort of your classroom and feel the blissful air around you.

For historical lovers, there are a number of historical landmarks in this app which can thrill almost anyone. Venture out to space or Dive in your favourite water destinations on the go.

With the help of a 3600 and the latest 3D technology, you are only guiding light as well as a guide for your group. It’s up to you to educate your group members and take them to a never-ending and mesmerizing journey.

The list of expeditions is on the growing scale and there are more than 200+ available. For connectivity, there is no need for a Wi-Fi when running any session with your class.

Ultimate Words

Expeditions are undoubtedly the best VR apps for Google Cardboard in terms of educational purposes. As a result, this app is a much necessary install for young kids and even teenagers.

Developer: Google Inc

Price: Free.


NYTVR is a game built by the New York Times. In this game, you get a chance to visit the news in a whole ground breakable way. It is one of the rarest games available in the market which has become similar to its trade.

Ranging from a whole list of journalists, you get transferred into a whole heat of the world. With the help of your camera lens, you will get to see some of the most talented journalists. As a viewer, you get to experience from the point of a nameless bystander. Other feature of exhilarating experience includes global locations of political dilemmas, evolving nature of the popular culture and natural disasters.

Ultimate Words

If you are a travel fanatic, NYTVR might be the best VR apps for Google Cardboard as well as for you in the long run. Read here to know, Best Bluetooth Keyboards.

Developer: The New York Times Company

Price: Free.

  1. VTime

Ever thought of an app which can bring in a touch of social connectivity with it? Well, the VTime is turning the tables around in this case. VTime is a delightful social network specially built for mobile virtual reality. Talking about its concept, well it is absolutely device-agnostic. Thus, there is a whole range of content available with the providence of a massive community.

In the app, you get to socialize yourself and are able to talk with your friends as well as families. Regardless of their location in the world, you can chat with them on the go. If you are the one who works in overseas and wants to communicate with your Mom, this might be the perfect one for you.

Ultimate Words

A fan of social connectivity and want to stay with your families, friends, Choose VTime and make chatting a lot more joyful.

Developer: vTime

Price: Free

  1. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Not all of us get the opportunity to visit Moon and see its enchanting beauty from a clearer distance. But, with the birth of Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR, dreams can become a reality. On this embarking journey, you can get to stimulate the 1971 mission. With all the glory and freedom, you can experience a whole different scenario just by sitting in your place.

Talking about its making, it’s built using NASA data and footage which guarantees a realistic experience all over. For adding in the thrill, you can drive the Lunar Rover across the moon surface at top speed. Overall, feel the presence of becoming an astronaut and cherish their lives to an extent of happiness and glory.

Ultimate Words

For those who want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the moon, Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR is a blindfold choice.

Developer: Thomas Kole

Price: Free

  1. Discovery VR

If you are looking for a built-in VR app which allows us to live as well as breathe with Discovery Channel, this app will be a beast. In terms of the best VR apps for Google Cardboard, this one stands to be a lot more different. In this app, you will be taken to an adventure of documentaries and life experiences. Also, you will be able to discover the unseen footages from the contents built by discovery channel. Some of the events include Born in China, Under the Net, Let’s Go: Florida, Mythbusters and much more are in the line.

Ultimate Words

If you are an adventure fanatic and also a great fan of the discovery channel, the Discovery VR will be the ultimate choice.

Developer: Discovery Communications

Price: Free

  1. Cardboard Camera

From some time, it is seen that the demand is finally met. Since months, people are in need of creating the VR like contents. As a result, the Cardboard Camera can come as a rescue for such people. The Cardboard Camera is a pretty much lightweight app which is one of the Google Cardboard apps to do it so easily.

Talking about its enchanting features, the showing of 3D perspectives is of a great value. People can also relive their memories from vocational holidays and even special life-changing events. Apart from this, the Cardboard Camera also comes with several majestic features. Trying each one of them can raise your happiness to new heights of amusement and fun.

Ultimate Worlds

For memory lovers who like to keep their favourite memories with them and also visualize it, the Cardboard Camera can be a saviour.

Developer: Google Inc

Price: Free

  1. Insidious VR

For Horror movie lovers, pave your way into the haunting experience with Insidious VR app. In the Google’s Top rate apps, this app is surely one of the best VR apps for Google Cardboard. As per my view, I feel that this app is a gem of horror type apps on the Google Play store. Horror on the other side has been a bit hit for VR and is on the verge of expansion.

In this very app, different scenarios are shown where sound, suspense, and micro-indicators add in the excitement and exhilarating thrill. You say and Insidious VR has it all to complete your thirst for horror apps.

Ultimate Words

IF you are looking for a thrilling yet exhilarating horror experience, Insidious VR will surely freckle you off your seats. Read here to know, Take a Look at new Facebook VR social Space.

Developer: Focus Features

Price: Free.

  1. Google Street View

Google Street View, though not made for VR allows viewing the contents through Google Cardboard. Once you will install this app, you will be able to explore the world in terms of its national landmarks as well as foreign cultures. Also, this app helps any user to immerse oneself into photo spheres which are absolutely mesmerizing.

In addition, you can also submit your images to Google Maps which will be shown to the rest of the world.

Ultimate Words

Travelers and exotic location lovers, Google Street View will let you roam around your favourite locations. In roaming, you will surely get the lure benefits of visualizing the blossom sceneries right through your all-seeing eye.

Developer: Google Inc

Price: Free

  1. Public Speaking VR

Public Speaking VR allows the user to know the true potential which is found in technologies. Also, it helps in an improvement of public speaking skills in a whole virtual reality environment. Whether you are preparing for a Job Interview or any public speaking event, this app has it all. Some of the most enchanting features of Public Speaking VR is as follows:

  • Fully animating Audience
  • Stunning 3600 3D Environment
  • Sound Distraction
  • You can add your own slides
  • Training Environment

Ultimate Words

Eliminate your fear of speaking adds a touch of Confidence as well as self-esteem through the Public Speaking VR app.

Developer: Virtual Speech

Price: Free

  1. Cardboard

Talking about Google’s very own app will surely bring Cardboard straight into the limelight. This application is one of the best VR apps for Google Cardboard and is specifically built for Google Cardboard. Out of the box, this app comes with interesting demos such as Earth, Tour Guide, Photo Sphere, Arctic Journeys and much more. Users can launch it far easier and can access a plethora of enchanting content.

Ultimate Words

For users who just want to get a head start with Google Cardboard, this app is the number one pick from my side.

Developer: Google Inc

Price: Free.

Conclusion- 10 best VR apps for Google Cardboard

With that, I end up the list of the top 10 best VR apps for Google Cardboard. If you have still not got a chance to test virtual reality yet, you can try out the Google Cardboard at first. With Google cardboard, you can really figure out whether you fit in Virtual reality or not. If you are that type of a person, a whole new world of marvellous virtual experience awaits you.  As of now, try the above apps and immerse yourself into a whole new experience of Thrill and amusement. Read here to know, Sony Aibo- An Artificial Intelligent Puppy Robot.

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