Here you go. You have got your ever enchanting Smartphone which surely boasts of some marvellous and extraordinary features. Straight from visual beauty to the exhilarating internal hardware, everything is of top-notch quality.

But wait, still, there is something missing in your Smartphone which is a necessity for everyone. Yes, you got it partially right, The Apps- A saviour for your Smartphone. In order to make any Smartphone a complete beast, you will have to install the must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone. However, if we see the current scenario, the play store market is a load of apps which are very best from one another. To ease your work a bit, I have chosen the 10 must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone with utmost research. Read here to know, Best Android Phones.

These apps will range from different categories and I have rightly chosen the ones which will surely cater the needs of any user. So, here we go.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Bored of your traditional keyboard? Well, the all-new Swift Keyboard can add a spark to your life. SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards on Play Store and is still on the rise. In terms of its functionality, it constantly learns your functionality which will make it easier for any user. Also, the AI-driven predictions will surely take your typing at a lightning fast speed. In addition, it also offers the Swipe to-Type functionality which can be handy sometimes.

In terms of colour and design, you surely get to chose from a whole list of different layouts and can customize as per your wish.

Final Take:  Well this SwiftKey Keyboard is Free and can enhance your typing experience to the next level of amusement and glory.

Download- SwiftKey Keyboard

  1. Flipboard

For story and news lovers, the Flipboard is must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone. Under one roof, you can enjoy the amusement of reading stories from all around the world. Be it technology, sports or any political story, this app has it all.

For customizable lovers, you can also build a custom magazine and can add content from any source or publication. One of the great things about this app is that you can customize your broadcast categories as per your need.

For example: If you are choosing photography, you can go a level down and can select which kind of photography you want.

Final Take:  Reading stories on the go will never be as easy and as exciting as with the Flipboard app.

Download- Flipboard

  1. Google Keep

If you are looking for something which can capture what’s on your mind, blindly go for Google Keep. With this app, you can note down all the essential stuff and can create notes and lists as per your needs. In addition, you can also add voice memos for a stronger recognition and workability schedule. In terms of adding an extra spark, you can add colors as well as labels to each note.

As a Google Keep user, you can also share your notes with another user on the go. One of the top most features of this app is that you can create a level of sync across every device. As a result, you can access it from a tablet, Smartphone or even from your PC.

Final Take:  A combination of speed and simplicity, Google Keep is a must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone for note taking.

Download- Google Keep

  1. AccuWeather

A little knowledge about the present day weather is a must in the present day world. Thus, the AccuWeather is an app which can fulfil all your weather needs. It is one of the best weather apps and backs itself with a gorgeous and a stunning design.

In terms of features, this app provides with the entire necessary one such as showing the current weather, hourly forecasts and much more. If you buy the premium version, you can enjoy the benefits of MinuteCast which shows a minute-by-minute forecast of the weather. At last, the free version is free of cost but you will have to spend a few bucks to go absolutely add-free.

Final Take:  A weather app with a simple Interface and a unique design is all that you need in these harsh weather conditions. Hence, AccuWeather- A must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone. Read here to know, Best Bluetooth Keyboards.

Download- AccuWeather

  1. Pocket

Pockets work is a lot simpler than you think. It lets you save your online content for later. With this, there is no need to send emails or to store the articles in an online fashion. In terms of storage, the capacity is infinite and you can store over a thousand pages in this app without any issue whatsoever. It can also highlight the important passages and supports tags for quickly organizing your content.

In case of the premium version, this app has a better search mechanism and also provides a great list of some extra extravagant features.

Final Take:  A fanatic of offline reading and a space saver, Install Pocket and enjoy reading in a whole new offline mode.

Download- Pocket

  1. Pixlr

If you are a photo editing fanatic, the Pixlr app will surely be a perfect match for you. This app offers a whopping 2 million effects, filters and overlays. Also, you can create photo collages, can do a pencil drawing and can remove blemishes from your very own face. As a user, you can overlay different images with text and can even frame to the perfect shot.

Apart from all this, there are several editing options which can improve the quality of your images to a great level. At last, for sharing, your creations are shareable to all your friends and lovable ones through Instagram, Facebook, and much more apps.

Final Take:  A photo editing app with such marvellous features is surely a must-have app for your new Android Smartphone. Install it and add a little spark of life to your existing photos in infinite ways.

Download- Pixlr

  1. Zedge

Not many apps offer personalization in terms of everything and that is where the Zedge app is a lot more different. In terms of features, this app offers ringtones, notification sounds and much more. You can also sort different items by categories, preview it before downloading and save the ones you like the most.

Although, this app is not that perfect but can get the job done quite easily. All in all, this app offers everything you need in one place so you don’t need to install any app in such category. In case of the free version, ads can be a little annoying but that is a thing which has to be dealt in terms of free version.

Final Take:  With Zedge, you can get Ringtones, Wallpapers as well as customizable sounds all from one place which is quite a marvellous thing. Hurry Up, Install this app and unleash the true power of personalization right from your Smartphone.

Download- Zedge

  1. TickTick

A well known Task Manager, TickTick offers a great number of functionalities than you might ever know. With this app, you can add reminders, attach images, set due dates, set priority levels and do much more things. Also, you can make your own customizable shopping list and a built-in calendar can remind you of your important dates.

In terms of connectivity, the TickTick app can sync data across all devices and are fully customizable with different themes all over. In order to access to all the premium features, there is a small subscription fee which needs to be paid at first.

Final Take:  If you are planning to manage your tasks to perfection, TickTick is a must-have app for your new Android Smartphone

Download- TickTick

  1. TuneIn Radio

For Music Lovers, TuneIn Radio is a must-have app which gives an access to around 120,000 live radio stations. In each, you can filter out your favourite category, locations as well as language. Also, it offers up to six million podcasts which are quite an extraordinary number in its own. Well, the free version will have some drawbacks but still gives an entertainment of par excellence.

Also, there is a pro version available which removes every ad and can also record shows with great ease. If you sign for a monthly subscription, you can get an access to over 600 free commercial music stations. In addition, the live play-by-play from MLB as well as NFL game will be at your service too.

Final Take:  A radio app which backs itself with some most powerful features is a must-have app for your new Android Smartphone. Read Here to Know, HQ Trivia is coming soon to Android.

Download- TuneIn Radio

  1. WPS Office and PDF

WPS Office gives you the benefit of accessing all your local document right from a single place. It supports a range of formats such as .csv, .doc, .ppt, .pdf and much more are there in the line. Also, it can create your favourite documents, memos, spreadsheets and can even convert documents to pdf.

In terms of scanning, you can scan documents with your camera with utmost ease and comfort. It also contains a built-in Night Mode which makes reading your docs easier in the middle of every night.  In premium version, you can get a set of great features such as free WPS cloud storage, converting PDF to Word Files and much more.

Final Take:  WPS Office is an App which can fulfil all your business needs to an absolute level of perfection. Install once and enhance your office workability to new heights of success and glory.

Download- WPS Office and PDF

Conclusion- 10 must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone

That’s it. I am pretty sure that the hunt for must-have apps for your new Android Smartphone will end here. As a new Android User, go through the above apps, install each one of them and you will surely love all of them to the core.

At last, an app is a thing which gives Smartphone a meaning. No doubt, installing the above apps will add great value to your Android Smartphone and will definitely enhance your performance Read here to know, 10 Best Music Player Apps for your Android Smartphone.


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