Online gaming is not only popular among the kids or young adults, but it is quite played commonly by people of all ages! Its’ been a wonderful companion when you travel alone or when you wait at some place! Besides a pass time activity, most of us even do it as a routine work. That’s how it has emerged to its peak. Good or bad, let us here pick the best Android games for people of all age group. Few of them are free and some costs you a little or more than you expect. Based on your comfort, you can select your own Android game from the list. Read here to know the Best Video Game Consoles of 2017.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Besides its cost, we found it to be a wonderful option for the Android gamers. Even from its start, it has been maintaining its consistency in whatever it does. The colourful 3D displays and, especially, the explosions are mind blowing! This game, Geometry Wars 3, consists of 100 levels and 12 battling modes. It also has 15 3D grids and you are going to play there. Once you start one of the best Android games, definitely you won’t feel like ending it. Such an interesting element it adds to your time and the only worrying factor is the cost. You need to pay $9.99 to enjoy it! Read here to know the Best Cheap Android Phones of 2017.


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Cost: $9.99.

Download Link: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

We can even say it as a very creative game as you need to mine the resources such as food, you can build, can beat the bad guys, or you can do whatever you want in an unknown world. The updates are frequent in this game and hence you can enjoy interesting & newer possibilities. The Minecraft Pocket edition is soon going to be replaced by a full-fledged version and it can be played on your PC as well sooner. The price of one of the best Android games seems to be a little higher and it amounts to $6.99.

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Cost: $6.99.

Download Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

Since its inception, 2014, this game has been in its peak without any negative effects. Though the gaming concept resembles the Magic or Pokemon, it has its own strategies to impress its fans. Some of the similarities with the Magic or Pokemon are you can collect cards, building decks, etc. The gaming components of one of the best Android games are almost online except for few offline components. The interesting thing is that you can use the cloud storage and can play the game on any device including mobile or PC. The frequent updates keep you enjoy the fresh HearthStone more often. To know about Android just click here.

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Cost: Free with in-App purchases.

Download Link: HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

RipTide GP Series

It is considered as one of the best racing games till date and the most recent among those is the Renegade.  You can take part in a race after an illegal street racer gets caught for his or her activities. The next task is to win the race and earns credentials. The fantastic graphics features along with simpler control options make this game very fulfill and one among the best Android games. There is also a good offer for its fans that you for it once and can enjoy the gaming with no ads. Also, its cost is really lower for the wonderful graphics and good gaming. Yes, all you can do is to get set ready go buy and enjoy! Click here to know the Best Android Apps 2017.

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Cost: $2.99.

Download Link: RipTide GP Series.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

This is one of the superb simulation games that we consider it among the best Android games as well.  The beginners can start building an amusement park with elements f their choice from the available list. We are supposed to make the amusement park as superb as possible by building a roller coaster, setting up of shops, paths, etc. This is not the only task as you also need to pull people inside somehow and you are responsible o find ways to make them spend their money. You can get it for $5.99 and in-App purchases are also available. Riding on a roller coaster is really fun and playing it online is also the same! The reasonable cost for what it offers is an added advantage that you should play it.

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Cost: $5.99.

Download Link: RollerCoaster Tycoon

Pokemon Go

This game entered the mobile gaming world only in 2016 but it has attracted a huge crowd as its fans. The work Pokemon is quite popular among the kids and they even shout at the same tone as what has been said on the cartoon. It is a game with real environments surrounded by trees and nature. The other interesting part is that the game comes with frequent updates for us to enjoy a fresh gaming. Here you can just chase the Pokemon, stop at certain places to get the stocks, you can battle and do the other available actions. The character with its good looks and cute gestures is liked by many people! There is no doubt that this game is one among the best Android games!

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Cost: Free with in-App purchases.

Download Link: Pokemon Go.

RockStar Game Titles

It’s been famous for creating fun-filled games and those could be enjoyed on your mobiles as well. It presents is a wide variety of games including those for Ports and also for mobile titles. With the port, you can enjoy games like Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III, and San Andreas. The most popular among the ports is the Bully. This Bully has a school student as its main subject and the other activities just revolve around him. Some of the mobiles supported games from it are GTA: China Town Wars, GTA: Liberty City Stories, etc. The cost of this one among the best Android games varies with its titles and you can try it at least once before you decide its functionality.

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Cost: Varies.

Download Link: RockStar Game Titles.

The Room Series

It is a puzzles game and besides a pass time activity, it also presents an exercise to our brain. The main objective here is to get out of the rooms by solving puzzles. You would also find very interesting objects in every room and they are mysterious as well. So, you can move on from one room to the other after you solve puzzles in each room. The third version is simply superb with its cloud storage facility, alternative endings, and wonderful graphics. It doesn’t mean that the first two versions are lesser in capabilities and they are the real objects that made this game one among the best Android games.

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Cost: Varies.

Download Link: The Room Series.

Square Enix Games

It is a very popular name among the mobile gaming developers and they had reached to that point by sticking to serious gaming. Yes, it has been in the best Android games list just for the dedication in their releases and updates. It includes puzzle games such as Deus Ex Go, the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Go, and Hitman: Snipper and are all really interesting to play. This is not the least and you also have a variety of game choices.

Image result for Square Enix Games

Cost: Varies.

Download Link: Square Enix Games.

Titan Quest

It is basically a game for PC and now you can enjoy it on your mobiles as well. It is one among the best Android games list as it can be considered as a master piece in its category. A variety of elements add adventure to the gamers and you would need to solve puzzles as well.  The gaming person has to collect 1200 items, and it comes with 60 hours of play. You can find 30 different characters and 80 types of bad guys in this game. Though its costs a little higher, it is worth the money!

Image result for Titan Quest

Cost: $8.99.

Download Link: Titan Quest.

Other Best Android Games

The above-mentioned list is not the limit, you can add on more Android games to it. Some of them are This War of Mine available at$14.99, Unkilled available for free, Vainglory available for free, Crashlands available for $4.99, and TellTale games available for a variety of prices. Well, this is not the entire list and we have picked the best ones leaving the rest.

Conclusion-15 Best Android Games of 2017

Online Gaming is fun and it becomes more fun when it mixes adventurous elements or puzzles. Most of the games that we have discussed above fall in either of the categories and you can enjoy to the fullest! If you are much considered about the cost, we have also listed you few free or low-priced games and are really among the best Android games as well. But be sure not to cross the limits in whatever you do and this holds true for online gaming too!

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