We are here in the end times of the year 2017 and the scenario till now is the same. Android is still ruling the mobile industry for years and is still on its firm hold. In a world where every other Android company is bringing out the best of them, choosing one is quite a steep task. With an exotic range of the Best Android Phones, competition is becoming a lot fiercer.

Ranging from that bezel-less designs to impressive processors, the Android industry has taken things to the next level. Also, if you have the potential to search for some time, you will surely get the best from the lot. All in all, the Android world is a delusion of everything any user wants from any Smartphone.

Being said that, greatness is a big thing and no one can estimate the glory of an Android phone just by looking at its spec lists. In this article, the roundup will surely happen and I will take you through some of the very best Android Phones. So, let’s get started to uncover every masterpiece one by one. Read here to know, Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Review.

Best Android phones (December 2017)

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the controversial year of 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, huge issues were in the matter of debate. But, Samsung is the tech-giant and is back with its Samsung galaxy note 8 with a full force. With a top line of enchanting specs and a design which make anyone go gaga over. For photogenic, the dual camera can surely lit up their moods to an extent of joy and happiness. As of now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best Smartphone you can buy in 2017.

In the world of bezel-less Smartphone’s, Note 8 brings the same for you. It has a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Infinity Display and complements with the all-new 18:9 aspect ratio. Talking about its additional features, it allows using two apps in the form of a multi-window simultaneously. The all-new S-pen is a beast as usual and can ease in the work of note users.

What’s more, the dual camera setup on the back performs pretty well taking some brilliant shots on the go. Also, it comes with a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor which can perform every other operation with ease. Storage on the Samsung galaxy note 8 comes in 64GB while the humongous 6GB ram can do lightning fast operations.

With an Android version of Nougat and an upgrade to be given to Oreo, the galaxy note 8 beats every other Smartphone. No, this phone is not all perfect and so goes on with the other phones too. If expenses don’t bother you, you can go for this Smartphone without any issue whatsoever. Read here to know, Best Xbox one games of 2017.

Price- 1000$

Buy From- Amazon

  1. Google Pixel 2

Google has taken out pretty good Android Smartphone’s and almost all of them are doing well in the global market. The Pixel 2 is Google’s latest flagship phone which comes with a lot more promising features. It doesn’t have a great list of features and specs as the Note 8 but can be a great option for Android phone lovers. Talking about its specs, it boasts of a 5-inch OLED 1080p display which has a spectacular pixel density of 441 PPI. Although, this phone doesn’t come with a bezel-less display but still competes with some top android brands.

On the inside, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor and a 4GB LPDDR4 Ram provide a great overall performance. Hanging is never an issue in this Smartphone and every other operation runs buttery smooth. If you are a fanatic of taking photos on the go, the 12.2 MP camera is worth taking any shot. Clarity was the main highlight in Pixel one and the same goes on with the pixel 2.

Overall, if you are a person of simplicity and yet want a powerful Android phone, Pixel 2 is the perfect choice for you. Among the Best Android Phones, this little beauty will surely roar its glory in the upcoming future.

Price- $820

Buy From- Amazon

  1. LG V30

In terms of innovation and creating something new, LG is leading the pack for years. Yet, the innovation giant is back with another Smartphone known as the LG V30. Despite a fierce competition with its rival Samsung, LG is striving hard to up bring this Smartphone. This Smartphone is a successor of the predecessor LG V 20 which came with a dual screen and a lot more features. The LG V30 eliminates the secondary display but has a bezel-less 6inch massive display. The display is one of the main highlights as it comes with the all-new Plastic OLED panel. Adding to the features, the V30 comes with a sliding panel known as the floating bar for shortcut operations.

In terms of hardware specs, the LG V30 has everything any Android user will expect from a high-end Smartphone. Starting with its processor, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and comes with a 4GB RAM. For storage of your apps, photos, and videos, a massive 64GB storage will be quite sufficient. In terms of providing that extra juice, this beast comes with a 3,300 mAh battery which can last for a whole day.

The camera comes with a 16-MP sensor which can take clearer shots and the dual camera setup is a plus point too. For video lovers, the Cline Video can enable them to express their creativity in a more profound manner. All in all, if you want the crunch of the latest technologies, the LG V30 is the best one. Read here to know, Oppo A75 & A75s preview.

Price- $1099

Buy From- Amazon

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

After a successful launch of the S8 and S8 plus, Samsung seems to read the minds of people quite easily. Without any surprises, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus features the top list of specifications. Along with the gigantic specs, designs of these Smartphone’s are a mesmerizing beauty for different users.

This time, Samsung made their 2 super phones with a curved screen which was the main highlight for the users. The bezel-less design which is the modern day fashion is also a part of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. For providing whole display usability, a removal of the traditional buttons was the best thing Samsung did on their S8 phones. Under the hood, these devices come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor or Exynos 8895 with a 4GB RAM. For storage lovers, they will get an enormous 64G storage which can perfectly fit-in every photo, apps, and videos.

Still running on Android nougat but the Android 8.0 Oreo is on the way for these Smartphones. Apart from their humongous functionality and features, Samsung did launch some other things. Among them was the Samsung DeX dock which enables to use the Samsung S8 as a computer. For camera lovers, the Gear 360 Camera will allow shooting in 4K and a VR headset completes the offerings.

With a sense of trust and power-pack list of features, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus surely stand a chance to be among the Best Android Phones of 2017.

Price- $700 (S8), $709 (S8+)

Buy From- Amazon/ Amazon

  1. One Plus 5T

Within a short span of time, the One Plus is on the increasing scale in this giant mobile industry. The success of One Plus 5 was magnificent and which was the reason, the company is back with One Plus 5T. The very first thing you will notice with the One plus 5T is the massive 6.01 inches Full HD+ AMOLED Display. This display comes with an aspect ratio of 18:9 which is the modern day Smartphone trend. In terms of its camera, it comes with a 20 MP sensor which uses a fancy new technology. Yes with the intelligent pixel technology, better low light photos can be taken with immense clarity.

For security purposes, the One Plus 5T comes with face recognition along with the fingerprint sensor.  The face recognition is super fast and can add up to the additional security for this Smartphone. Perhaps, the biggest feature on which the One Plus 5T misses out is the IP rating for dust and water. Even the mid-range phones have this feature which goes in absolute vain in the One Plus 5T.

Overall, among the Best Android Phones, One Plus 5T stands to be the very best in terms of some amazing specs and stunning design.

Price- $632

Buy From- Amazon

Conclusion- Best Android phones December 2017

There you have it, the above are the best picks of the very best Android phones of 2017. Of course, different users will have their own opinions and will defiantly choose the best one for them. Still, if you are the one who loves to get the very best, go through the above list on a deep research basis. And for those who just like to read everything on the go, glance through the above article, that’s it.

After all, getting the best android phones from the lot is the top priority for you as well as for any Android fanatic. Rush through, choose the very best and embark your shine and glory with your power pack Android Smartphone. Read here to know, Best Windows Phone of 2017.

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