Remember the days when your Android phone does dozens of tasks or runs Apps in just a second or so? (See 10 best Android Apps you need to use). If you do not have such an experience, I want to share that of mine! Yes, the speed of my Android phone lowers gradually, and at a point in time, I felt like throwing it away.  Such a frustration has not only bothered me but also thousands of people around the world. We thought of drafting the finest article to help such people to get rid of the problem. Just go ahead to fix slow Android phones and increase its efficiency! It not only saves your time but also gives you energy every time you use with easiness.

Check whether your phone has enough free space:

This may be the underlying reason for most Android phone issues, and you should check it regularly. Here is the list of other common problems in Android phones and you can check that as well! We never know which data of us is occupying more space on your Android phone and therefore, it is better to check once you proceed to the next steps. The data shortage may be in any form ranging from the download, files, music, videos, etc. So be sure to individually investigate each of the section on your phone and fix slow Android phone issue. Today’s kids or even the adults are being used to taking selfies for no reason. So if you are one such person or if your kids use your phone to take such selfies, then check the Camera Roll folder and delete all the unnecessary items on it. We are sure that this idea would work well for at least 40% of the readers and you can try it once! We have even got expressions like that they never thought of such a huge occupancy by their pictures!

  • Investigate the Download media files folder and delete the junks.
  • Selfie pictures in the Camera roll folder is also a place to look for.
  • Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, and occupy your Android phone’s memory. So do delete those images and videos as well!

Delete the Unused Apps:

For every new issue or task, our tendency has become to find a new App! We hardly use those apps twice or thrice, and we totally forget its presence on our phones. This indeed contributes to the problem, and we should fix slow Androids as this issue grows larger than ever before. We cannot simply blame ourselves for the problem as only when we use an App, we get to know its usefulness. So it is a must to download such apps on our phones to test its performance and to find the usability on us. Gone is gone and never bother about those happenings! But at present, you can simply take a look at those installed apps on your Android phone. It’s high time that you must decide whether you need now or in the nearby future. If you find it an important one, then just leave it. Otherwise, do a delete on those immediately! This step is going to get you the space and CPU time for your tasks! Those apps might run in the background and could stop you getting the CPU time as and when you need. Now after the delete, you can fix slow Android phones issues with just the little more space!

  • Go to Settings and look for the Apps section.
  • In some Android phones, it is mentioned as Manage Apps. Check the list of Apps and select those which you don’t need.
  • Click Uninstall and you are done.

Background & Default processes:

When we download an App, Widget, etc., there are chances that they run in the background without our knowledge. We may think that we have closed the app, but it still runs by consuming the CPU time. Also, most games are set up in a manner that they run in the background to send & receive data as soon as the phone is connected to the Internet. So be cautious of such things and clear the default processes that run on your Android phone. You will have options to stop those processes and thereby you can fix slow Android phone issues! Yes, once your phone has more CPU free time, the faster it works! If you do not have an idea of which apps are consuming your CPU time, just check it now! You may even wonder how come these processes are running without an initiation from your side!

To clear the Default Apps:

  • Go to Settings and open the Apps option.
  • Click on App for which you would like to clear the default settings and select then the ‘Open by Default’ option.
  • Now click the ‘Clear Defaults’ button and it is done!

To remove the Apps that run in the background:

  • Under the Apps Settings which is given a Gear symbol, you can find options like ‘Running’, ‘Downloaded’, and ‘All’.
  • Select the ‘Running’ option to check which Apps are consuming your CPU time and if it’s really not required, just stop it!

Free up the Cache Memory:

The cache memory is the space that is more responsible for the speed of your device as only from there the CPU takes information for its processing. So when more cache memory is available, it is logical that your tasks are done quickly! But we have an issue handling this cache. Yes, when we download or browse the web pages certain information resides in the cache memory for future retrievals. This works fine when you need to access that page often but if it’s not required the next time, what happens? Obviously, the information on the cache is just a junk, and you do not need it anymore. So, it is a better idea to clear the cache memory frequently or at least when your phone works slower. This can be a good solution to fix slow Android phones and to boost your Android phone’s performance.

  • Under the Settings options, go to the Storage section of each App.
  • You can now see how much space the App and its corresponding Data occupies on your phone. And the used cache memory space is also displayed.
  • Click the ‘Clear Cache’ to free up space.

Does your Phone have an SD card?

The Android phones with SD cards can give extra space for the audio or videos that you save. But it depends on the model and the SD cards support that your phone extends, to store more data. Not all Android phones offer you such a great support, and you are lucky if get such a phone! (Read about the Best Android phones with expandable memory). Just try inserting an SD card of desired memory.  The more you choose, the better your phone gets space, and hence you can work without any interruptions. We have heard from so many people that when they try moving their saved items to an SD card; they could fix slow Android phone issues. That is why we would ask you to give out a try and check whether it works for you! Hope you would enjoy blazing speeds on your Android device similar to a newer one. Yes, just insert an SD card to your device and, in turn, speed up your Android phone.

Steps to set up a new SD card on your Android:

  • Insert the SD card in the MicroSD slot on the phone.
  • Click the ‘Setup’ Option.
  • Now you have two options to use the SD card. One is as a ‘Portable Device’ that can be used in other devices such as a laptop, etc. The other is as an ‘Internal Storage’ that can be used only within the current device.
  • If you choose the latter option, you need to format the SD card and it erases all the contents on it. Once you use either of the two options, you get extra space for your Apps and data and thus a good speed for your device.

Take away the Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets are iconic graphical interfaces that are capable of running a program, in other words, we can say it as mini-apps. They are not a shortcut icon that launches the original app but indeed smaller apps and is capable of doing some operations. The best examples are the gaming widgets, weather notifications, news gathering elements, etc. They seem to be much useful, but by the end the day, they are going to occupy much of your device space and CPU time! So just decide on which ones you need and remove the rest from your phone. There are lots of possibilities to check the latest news or weather reports online, and of course, widgets can bring those without being asked every day. But if you decide to fix slow Android phone issues, then you have to compromise on such things! We suggest you compromise on these little things than suffering from system hangs or timing issues. One more important element but looks so silly is that the live wallpapers. These live wallpapers store information on the cache for an instant picture or color changes on the wallpaper, and it is going to affect your phone’s performance. So, just be wiser and not to include such things on your phone to fix slow Android issues.

  • Check each widget whether it is of use to you.
  • If you find it to of lesser use, just push it to trash.
  • Similarly, remove your Live Wallpapers, as they are also programs which occupy your CPU time.

Update your Android Phone’s Software Periodically:

Every Android phone manufacturer updates its software periodically, and they are not just for name sake. Each Android update comes with one or more new problem-solving solutions, and we can overcome almost all of our issues just by upgrading our Android phones.  Rather than doing this simpler task, most people search for a variety of solutions to fix slow Android phone issues. Hope you would update your software regularly from now and there lies the success of this article. Yes, the latest versions of the software are always the better ones and pick it wisely from the pool.  Those still run your device with Android versions 4 can switch to the 5.x (Lollipop), 6.x (marshmallow) or even Android 7 if it’s available for a device for the device. Just try out the best possible upgrades add check whether your problem is fixed. If not you can move on to the next or you can directly upgrade to the most recent version if every other parameter of the phone favors such an upgrade. (Read here the step-by-step instruction on how to update Android version).

Switch the Network Settings Option:

 Most of the latest Android phones come with a 4G support, and it also termed as LTE connections. If your Android phone is capable of establishing such connections, then check whether you have enabled the correct settings in your network options to get speedy connections. This is a common mistake that most people do and so be cautious in identifying it! If your phone does not support a 4G, then possibly you can go for a WCDMA rather than choosing a GSM or CDMA.  Choosing the right network for your phone can fix slow Android phones issues to a great extent! So we suggest you take a look at the network settings of the Android phone before you do think of other possibilities to resolve the issue. The automatic network selection can also help you in this regard and therefore, wherever possible just go for it!

  • Open Settings and go to Mobile data.
  • Then select the Mobile Network and click the Cellular Networks.
  • Choose the Network mode as LTE for 4G.
  • Turn ON the Mobile Data and you can experience faster connections.

Try out Ad-blockers:

We encounter lots of ads every day as we browse or open some Apps. Have you ever recognized that those ads are going to consume your processor speed? Also, if you try hard to limit the data usage on your monthly bills, then you must try out Ad-blockers for your web browsers. These Ad-free web browsers can fix slow Android phones and can save more on your data usage! This option may sound of lesser importance, but when you start using such web browsers, you will appreciate the usefulness! Getting ad-free browsers is easy as you find and download any other App! So just try that too without fail. After all, you are not going to lose anything as we hardly notice or pay attention to the ads displayed on our browsers! So just go ahead with ad-free browsers to fix slow Android phones issues.

  • Download the Ad-blocker from the Google Play Store or from any other reliable source.
  • When you get the message ‘Download Complete’, run the ‘.exe’ file to initiate the installation.

The last option, Factory Reset your Android Phone

Android Factory reset can be considered as one of the best possible options to fix slow Android phones as it makes your phone look alike how you got it at first. If you do not have much data that needs a backup or if you have already taken the backup, then just go ahead with this step! This is exactly how you do it.

Take the necessary data backups as the data on your phone gets completely erased once you reset it. You have a variety of storage options such as OneDrive, Google Drive or any other cloud storage mechanisms to do the backup in a much easier manner. You can even copy all the files on an USB drive, or you email few of the items to your email. You can use any of the backup mechanisms but be sure to do it before you lose the date. You may find that this is a tedious or time-consuming task but indeed an important task to fix slow Android phones.

Go to Settings options and select the Backup & Reset option. Just a few clicks can finish you the task. You can even read our detailed instructions on how to factory reset the Android phone. We have covered every possible Android phone, and we are sure that yours is also on the list.

Conclusion – How to Fix Slow Android Phones

The process of slowing is just an indication that your device needs a revamp and what we have discussed could be one such! You need not try all the strategies as mentioned above to fix slow Android phone issue, but even one or two can work for you. Just think, when you follow all of the above except the factory reset when is required, how well your device is going to perform! That is the moment your device takes a newer avatar, and you can enjoy the speed completely!

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