How to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad? “I accidentally deleted apps on my iPhone, how to get it back?” The most common question asked on the Google. As the numbers of iPhone users are increasing daily, this scams will be a necessary part of every iPhone user. Be it a pro or an amateur; almost everyone must have made this mistake at least one time in their lifetime.

If we talk of the current day scenario, iPhone user’s can delete the default apps just like any other ordinary app, but not many of them know- how to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad. While this task is done solely through the app store of iOS, still there are other techniques too which can be beneficial for any iPhone user.

For your simplicity, I have divided different techniques into different sections. Well, you may find it a little intimidating, but once you go through all the techniques yourself, you’ll surely be masters at it.

How to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad?

Technique 1

Whether the default apps were deleted deliberately or unintentionally does not matter, they can be restored to your respective iOS device by just following some basic steps:

  1. First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. At the topmost centre, you will see a Search Button. Enter the name of the default app you want to restore to your iOS device. For example (“Weather,” “Music,” “Safari,” “Stocks,” etc.) and press search.
  3. The system will consume some second’s time and further, locate the appropriate default app. By default, all default apps are from Apple*.
  4. After you have found the default app, which you need, Just Tap the Download icon which is next to your default app name. If you are having any difficulty, let me clarify that it looks like a cloud accompanying an arrow shooting at the bottom.

  1. Repeat the same process for other default apps too which you accidentally deleted. In any case of difficulty, read the above process quite carefully, and all your doubts will disappear for sure.

After the whole process, the default apps will be visible to you on the home screen as usual. Using this process, you can easily Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad without incurring a single penny from your pocket.

As you can see, in the present day scenario, removing the default apps from an iPhone or an iPad is same as removing any other app from your iPhone device.


While installing any default app, make sure that you download the correct default iOS app. This is more important as there are plenty of apps on the Apple Store which have quite similar names and it can create ambiguity at times. For example, there are multiple “Music” apps from Apple.

For downloading the proper default app, verify the app icon from the original default app. After a complete verification, easily Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad with absolute confidence.

Technique 2 (With the use of a Computer)

Restore in iTunes on your next Sync- the Easy Way

iTunes is a saviour for iPhone and iPad users. In any blunder, iTunes is the one too looks at. Another technique, iTunes can help you restore your default apps with ease and minimum stress.

Steps to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad using iTunes
  1. First, Plug in your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. After a successful connection, open the Application tab in the Sync screen.
  3. In the Application tab, you will see the default apps which you will like to install on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Sync your iPhone or iPad, one more time, and it will successfully reinstall the app itself. This installation procedure will only install the app leaving all the other app data or lightbox images.

If you are a computer freak and want to do some experiment with the iOS default apps, iTunes will be the perfect option to experiment with. Other than that, for those who deleted the apps by mistake, this method is yet another one to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad with minimum effort.

Technique 3- for restoring the Default Photo Apps- Advance level restoring

A word of note- This method is for those enthusiastic people who like to learn something extraordinary in the process to reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad.

Photos are truly our remembering and cherishing memories, and every one of us likes to keep them safe and secure. But, as humans, we tend to delete some of the default photo apps and later regret the same cause.

iPhone Photo apps

There are plenty of photo apps which have their Light Boxes. As a result of which, such apps save their images to their private photo library but do require some additional steps to let you save images to iPhone’s camera roll.

Every one of us knows that once the apps are deleted, every image which was in those lightboxes will also disappear within a blink of an eye.

Proceeding with the information

Before going ahead, make sure to backup your important images to the respective camera roll. This method is tricky, and a little difficult but is worth learning. You will lose data from your iPhone but at the same time will recover your default photo apps and some important images which made you cry in the past.

Restore from backup deletes all the information from your iOS device and again, take a step back, look at the whole process and then think of proceeding further or not.

This process is beneficial to restore the iPhone or an iPad to the same condition as it was in the last backup of iTunes. If the whole process goes as per the plan, you can restore the default photo apps with ease.


  1. 1. Before using, restore from backup, plug your iPhone/iPad to the computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. After a successful mounting of your device, you will get a notification. In iTunes, right-click on the list of devices in the left panel.
  4. Do not make the mistake of backing up your device at first.
  5. In the Menu, you will see the option of-“Restore from Backup.” This portion will contain all photo apps including the default ones and plenty of your lost photos.

  1. Further, from the pop-up menu, select the backup you wish to restore from. At this point, be very specific about the type of backup you want to restore. Apps, photos or both at the same time should be clear by you.
  2. Once you finalize the process, the restoration process starts anyway. There isn’t even a dialogue box saying-“Are you sure you want to proceed further,” so be confident at every step.
  3. Do not touch anything on the screen as a single mistake of yours can pose serious damage to your iPhone/iPad. At the time of restoration, you may feel sadness, uncertainty, and crying. Well, all these things are quite normal.
  4. Under any circumstances, never cancel the restoration process or disconnect your phone from the computer. Let the restoration process complete on its own.

After a successful completion of this process, you will regain all your default photo apps and other app store apps too.

Advantage of Restore from backup technique- Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad

With this technique, you can get benefits from two spots. At first, the default photo apps which you accidentally deleted will be made available to you once again. Also, some of your lost photos from those apps will be brought to life and will surely make you feel happy and rejoice in that joyful moment all over. Read here to know, Best Xbox One games of 2017.

How to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad in IOS 11

iOS 11 has the feature of automatically deleting apps. It is in charge when space gets tight on your iPhone, and the process is called offloading. But in this process, only the app gets removed.

On the contrary, all the app data is saved. By such fascinating feature, you can reinstall the app whenever you want in the future. It will be stunning for every iPhone user who has iOS 11 in it as for saving storage; they can just offload the respective app instead of deleting it. Well, nothing can be an easy option than this one. But for that, you will need to possess the latest iOS 11 else; the above techniques are worth going for.

Conclusion- How to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad

In the end, it is totally up to you, whether you want to delete and reinstall the default apps. For example, maybe you like to delete the default Music app to put a stop to the annoying playing of the car Bluetooth iPhone thing.

However, for those who accidentally deleted their default apps, try the above techniques, and you will find no issue to reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad whatsoever. Read here to know, 5 Simple Mac Maintenance Tips.

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