It’s great news for the Apple users that they could even listen to their songs collection with Android devices as well! Yes, iTunes is an Apple App, the users could not open it in Android or Windows devices. If you wish to listen to your music files on your Mac OS from an Android OS, and then absolutely you need to take the help of this article to transfer Music from iTunes to Android. Device compatibility or OS compatibility should no more be an issue for you to enjoy your songs collections! Let us take a closer at how should it be done step-by-step. Read here to know How to Free Storage on Mac.

The below are the possible options to transfer music from iTunes to Android.

  • Manual Transferring of files
  • Transfer using an App.
  • Transfer wirelessly.
  • Using Cloud Storage

Manual Transferring of Files:

Perhaps, it is one of the easiest methods to transfer music from iTunes to Android. All you need to do is just copy all the music files from your iTunes library to a folder on your computer. Then just connect your Android device to the computer and you could copy-paste the music files to it. It’s done! Such a simpler task it is and this is not the only possible methods to transfer music from iTunes to Android. We would discuss it in the forthcoming sections of this article. Read here to know How to Set up an iTunes Library on a Network-attached Server?

Transfer Using an App

We have Apps for everything we do online and this transfer process is also not spared! You could do transfer music from iTunes to Android using either free or paid Apps. Let us discuss the free App – the DoubleTwist. The most interesting part of this App is that it is capable of syncing the files bi-directionally! The simplicity of the App along with effective features attracts more users to it. Read here to know How to Run Android on Computer?.

Use DoubleTwist to transfer music from iTunes to Android:

This App could do such a transfer from both the Windows as well as Mac to the Android devices. Here are the steps with which you could accomplish it.

Step-1: Download and install the DoubleTwist App on your computer. Here is the DoubleTwist Download link.

Step-2: Now, launch the App and be sure to connect your Android device to the computer.

Step-3: You could either use a USB cable or MTP to connect the Android device to the computer.

Step-4: Once your Android device has been recognized, the transfer process starts automatically.

By using this App, you could either partially transfer or completely transfer the files to your Android device.

Transfer Wirelessly

We hardly use wires for devices these days. With the invention of wireless devices, the usage of wires is treated as old-fashioned or a clumsy choice. Not only that, wireless also saves our space and also you could place your devices even at a distant place within a specified boundary. We had discussed how to transfer music from iTunes to Android using Apps and of course, we connected our Android device with wires to the computer. Let us think of wireless, and see how to do the same with Apps that supports wireless transfers. Read here to know Every Thing You Need to Know about Using iTunes and the iTunes Store.

Use DoubleTwist AirSync to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android wirelessly:

The DoubleTwist AirSync App is there on Google Play Store for just $4.99. You could also get the AirSync Pro for a slightly more cost. Here you need to install the DoubleTwist Desktop client App on your computer or laptop and the DoubleTwist App on your Android device. Also, make sure that both the Android device and computer are connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN) so that the AirSync App recognizes both. Let us look at the process step-by-step.

Step-1: Install the DoubleTwist Desktop Client on your computer or laptop.  Here is the DoubleTwist Desktop Client download link.

Step-2: The DoubleTwist App is there on the Google Play Store and installs it on your Android device. Here is the DoubleTwist App Download link.

Step-3: Launch the App that has been installed on your Android device.

Step-4: Go to the Settings tab of your Android device to activate the Airsync App.

Step-5: Now it’s time to configure the connections by clicking the Setup AirSync. You will be displayed with a pass code of 5-digits and note it down.

Step-6: After noting the pass code, just launch the DoubleTwist App on your desktop.

Step-7: You shall now look for your Android device under the Devices section of the DoubleTwist Desktop Client App.

Step-8: Now click the name of your Android device there and you will be asked to supply the pass code. Just type it and your Android device is getting paired with the computer.

Step-9: It’ done and you can start to transfer music from iTunes to Android once they are paired.

Other Apps to transfer music from iTunes to Android wirelessly:

Well, DoubleTwist AirSync is not the only App to do the task wirelessly. We also have a lot of such Apps and the notable one among the list is the AirDroid. You could download the AirDroid App here.

Apps to transfer music from iTunes to Android Wirelessly or Wired:

Few Apps enable you to transfer both wired as well as wirelessly and one among them is the ISYNCR. This App is extremely simpler to use and works faster as well! The interesting part of this App is that it never bothers about the extra features and just offers what its users i.e. a simple needs transfer! Here is what should you do step-by-step.

Step-1: Install the ISYNCR App on your Android device. You can download the ISYNCR App for Android device here.

Step-2: Install the ISYNCR Desktop App on your computer. You can download the ISYNCR Desktop App for Windows or Mac here.

Step-3: Connect your Android device to the Computer, either wired or wirelessly using a pass code.

Step-4: The scanning of files starts and soon you would notice the list of files that are ready for the transfer.

Step-5: Though it takes the time to understand the bad user interface design, there is no compromise on the results! Yes, it is pretty much faster and simpler too!

Step-6: We are done and now you could enjoy the music on your Android device as well.

The iSyncr is available in Lite as well as Pro versions and the Pro costs you $4.99. Once you get the paid version, you could transfer music even from multiple iTunes accounts. That’s its effectiveness!

Using Cloud Storage

The cloud storage gets you want you to want wherever you are. So there are no geographical boundaries to access your contents! The cloud storage supported by Android to enjoy your music is the Google Play Music and it is as easy as accessing music from a folder your computer. What you only need here is an active internet connection. While you enjoy the music and files will stream from the Cloud storage servers to your Android device. The Google Play Music’s free account allows you to store 50,000 songs on your account. If you go for paid version, then there is no such limit and you could enjoy a no-ad service as well. Let us know how to do it step-by-step. Read here to know the 10 Ways to Put your Old Android Phone or Tablet to Use.

Step-1: Download the Google Play Music App on your Android device. Mostly it is available as a default app on your Android device.

Step-2: Open the App and sync your songs with the Cloud storage space provided by the Google Play Music. Here you could give any input source and we are interested in the iTunes Music library as the input source.

Step-3: Once the sync process is over, you could stream the saved songs on any of your Android devices.

The task is very simpler and it is nothing more than like syncing the email folder on your Android device with that of the server. The sync always happens bi-directionally and you would get access to the refreshed list every time you stream the files.  Apart from that, you would also get the satisfaction of using a quality App from a technology giant, the Google. So just transfer music from iTunes to Android right away!

Conclusion-How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Streaming has been gaining its popularity with the presence e of Apple’s iTunes or Google’s Play Music. Whatever the App might be, at last, we should gain much out of it. In a search to figure out such tricks to transfer music from iTunes to Android, we ended up here in this article. We guess it is useful to you undoubtedly! Just start the transfer to day and enjoy the iTunes’s contents on Android devices as well!


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