Every day we browse the Internet for at least one of our needs. From groceries to garments, books to makeup we buy many things online. Even the people who don’t know much about the internet, they know the word ‘Google.’ Search engines make such a great impact in our day-to-day lives. If you use your own system or device to browse the Internet, then probably, the chances of others knowing about what you have browsed is lesser. But at the same time when you use a shared PC, desktop computer or any handheld device, then you are at a great risk of letting others know your personal information through your browsing history. In this article, we focused on How to Clear Browser History on Mac book.

It can be any information such as what is your need right now, account details if you browsed or used the online banking, other data such as your address, age, work details, etc. Why should we unnecessarily let others know our personal information and should invite other related cyber crimes by ourselves? To be safer from such threats or criminal activities, it is always better to clear browsing history, especially, why to use a shared system or a system in a network. Let us now discuss on how to clear browser history on Mac.

Owning an Apple device is a dream for most people, and Mac being a system from Apple Corporation takes the same advantage. Mac is just a system like any other computer but the fantastic features along with customer support from the Apple make it one of the most sought devices among the latest gadgets. Do you have a plan to buy an iPhone? Just read here – How to Setup your First iPhone?.

What is Browser History?

Almost each one of us is familiar with the terms ‘the browser history’.  For those who have little idea about it, let us put it in simpler words. A browser is an Application or software that is used to fetch information from various websites listed/hosted on the internet. The Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and various web pages can be opened through a browser. The web page address is typed in the Address bar of the browser and once you press Enter, the browser fetches the corresponding web page. During this process, almost every browser that we use saves the list of web pages that we have browsed through it.

It is called as the Browser History. So, the next time when you need the same page or pages, you can easily pick it up from the saved list. But this information may at times puts you at risk by showing information to others as well. We are specifically dealing with Mac computers in this article and we always suggest you clear browser history on Mac. This ensures that your data is never been misused by anyone! Read here to know the Best printers for Mac.

How to clear browser history on Mac?

It can be either done manually or automatically. The automatic processes are easier for us as we need not do anything apart from setting the first time. But when you wish to delete only specific information or web pages from your search, then the manual methods work the best.  Let us now look at both the ways.

How to clear browser history on Mac Manually?

There exist a lot of Internet Browsers for Mac machines and let us deal with Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox now.  Read about the Best Mac Web Browser of 2017 here.

Browsers for Mac and How to Clear Browser History on Mac?

  • Google Chrome:

We are more familiar with Google Chrome searches as they are known widely! Let us now enable our searches free from the eyes of any who use the same computer. Just follow the below steps to clear browser history on Mac when you use Google Chrome.

Step-1: Once you finish all your web searches after you finish all your web searches. If you are already inside the browser, then just go ahead to the next step.

Step-2: Click the burger-shaped icon in the top-right corner.

Step-3: Now, select ‘History’ and then select ‘History’ from the pop-up window.

Step-4:  Choose “Clear browsing data” and you will be displayed with a pop-up window.

Step-5: In the pop-up window, you can see a variety of options for time-span for the deletion process and which data you are planning to delete. Select your preferred choices and make sure that you have enabled the ‘Browsing History’ checkbox.

Step-6: Click ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button and you are done!

  • Safari:

In Safari as well, we can clear browser history on Mac very easily! Just do as we specified below.

Step-1: Open the Safari browser ad from the top menu; select the tab – ‘History’.

Step-2: Then choose ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

Step-3: Now it’s time to specify the time range for the clearing to happen. It can be ‘all history’ or a month’s data or anything you wish from the list.

Step-4: Now click ‘Clear History’ and it’s done.

  • Firefox:

It is similar to what we did with other browsers such as Safari and Chrome. Just follow the below steps to clear browsing history on Mac while you use the Firefox.

Step-1: Launch the Firefox browser and look for the tab ‘History’ in the menu.

Step-2: Select ‘Clear Recent History’ and then select the time cycle for the delete process to happen every time. When you select ‘Everything’, then all your History gets deleted sparing none.

Step-3: You can choose the ‘Details’ to customize as per your needs.

Step-4: Once you click ‘Details’, you can see other options such as ‘Browsing and Download History’,  ‘Form and Search History’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache’, ‘Active Logins’, Offline Website Data’, and ‘Site Preferences’. You can enable others options as well apart from the ‘Browsing and Download History’ and give it first preference as we are talking about how to clear browser on Mac.

How to Clear Browser History on Mac Automatically?

The automatic clearings happen on the specific time intervals or whenever you access the browser. You should be careful before setting it up as the data deleted once cannot be fetched again. Sometimes, we look for a web page that has already been viewed and it is easier for us to locate from the browser history. But when automatic deletions are up, then we cannot rely on such saved information and should search for it again. But at the same time, you can guard our information against being viewed by others while you use the web browsers.

Therefore, we suggest you use this automatic clear browser history on Mac, only when you no more need any information of your searches or web pages. You can also protect your data by reading here – The Best Mac Antivirus Software of 2017.

Furthermore, we can accomplish the automatic deletions either by using private browsing sessions or by using any Applications.

Using Private Browsing Sessions:

  • Google Chrome:

The Google Chrome web browser calls it as Incognito Window when you browse using a private session. Though it has a different name, the functionality is the same that no one can view your data after you close the browser as it gets deleted. Here it how to do that.

Step-1: Open the Google Chrome Browser and click the File menu.

Step-2: You can choose the ‘New Incognito Window’ and can browse as how you do usually. No information is stored when you use the Incognito Window.

  • Safari:

    It is very easier here as well to set up the private browsing mode. Just look at the single step to be safer from the information leaks.

Step-1: Launch the Safari browser.

Step-2: Select the ‘Private Browsing’ option and you are done! It’s simple, right?

Just try it and you can also hide your data from others!

  • Firefox:

You can find the private browsing functionality added in the Tools section of the Firefox browser. Just try it as well!

Step-1: Launch the Firefox browser.

Step-2: Go to ‘Tools’ and click ‘Private Browsing’. You are done!

  • Using Applications:

This is another way of deleting the browsing history on Mac automatically. Though we can find a lot of Apps for this purpose, let us now discuss a better one – CleamMyMac 3. You can find the details and download CleanMyMac 3 here. The basic version is available for free and later you can upgrade to a paid version if you wish. It works faster and in most cases, it never takes more than a minute. Anyhow, the time taken is dependent on the size of the data to be deleted and even for the worst cases, it works better! You should also be cautious of what you are deleting as the removed data cannot be fetched again. Read here to know the Best iPad Apps of 2017.

Conclusion- How to Clear Browser History on Mac book

Consequently, the browsing history is an excellent option to remember your form values and also helps in automatic filling of passwords. By this way, it eliminates the hassle of remembering all your passwords! Also at the same time. It can show those data to others without your knowledge. It is wiser to use browser history deletions in such cases and use it to delete the right data!



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