We all know that YouTube is rendering a wonderful streaming service and the world is just viewing clips of their interests here. Besides this, there are few people who always wanted to save or download certain videos for a variety of reasons. You might think that this point nullifies the concept of YouTube where streaming is the basis. Whatever the services it may offer when we need a video while we travel on a plane or during poor Internet connections. Streaming is not at all useful in such situation where there is no active internet connection. These are just a few scenarios where the need to download YouTube videos for free arises. That’s why we have analysed all the possibilities on how to download online videos for free and are presented with ease.

The next big question during such a download is that whether it is a legal process to do? Do you think taking someone’s video that has been primarily posted just to view and not to be downloaded is a legal task? This sounds pretty vague, right? Let it be! But we have our own reasons to download online videos for free, and we appreciate it unless you are not doing it for commercial purposes.

Let us discuss on how to download online videos for free on a variety of platforms such as Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

How to download online videos for free on your Windows PC?

We always suggest you download video clips one at a time. This can be really effective than downloading clips simultaneously. However, we have lots of apps available to download many clips at a time. Let us not worry about such messes here as it may ask you to install certain files. Furthermore, sometimes you may need to agree on vague terms & conditions in order to use those apps. Why go through such procedures when there are simpler ways are available? Therefore, we mainly concentrate on hassle-free Apps. Apps which are irrespective of single or multiple clip download at a time. Here we go;

There are three options while you learn how to download online videos for free on Windows;

Download On Your Windows PC

  • Using Apps by Comprising on the Picture Quality:

    You have an excellent App to finish the job. The name of the app is, ”Any Video Converter Free.” This App requires you to give the URL of the video clip that has to be downloaded. Then you need to select the picture quality. The rest is done by the App. If you wish to learn more about the App then read the Any Video Converter Free Review here.

  • Using Apps with High-Quality Picture Quality:

Most of the times, we need picture perfect clips without any pixel flaws. If you are such a kind of person, then go ahead with the aTube Catcher. It supports a variety of file formats and comes with an automatic updater as well. Furthermore, it handles downloads as batch processes. You can get a good idea of the App by reading aTube Catcher Review here.


  • Using Web-Based Downloader Tools:

Few people might not like to install Apps on their PCs and for those persons. So, here is a Web-based downloader tool. It is the ClipConverter tool and using it is very simpler. You can directly go the URL www.clipconverter.cc. Then type the URL of the video to be downloaded. Then just select the conversion format. Such as MP3, M4A, AAC for audio and MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV for video. Now you can start the download process. You will be surprised how fast the tool is.


Download On Your Apple Devices

The download process varies based on the type of OS. The OS that you use on your Apple device i.e. iOS or Mac OS X. Let us discuss how to download online videos for free using both these operating systems.

On Your iOS Devices:

The process here is quite tricky but we have simplifies it for your convenience. Just follow the below steps. At the end of the procedure, you will be done with the download online videos for free!

  • Step-1: Just download the App, Documents5. It basically manages files on your device and with this, you can download videos as well.
  • Step-2: Locate the video on the Internet or YouTube and copy its URL. In the case of YouTube, you can click the share icon and link can be copied easily.
  • Step-3: It’s time to open the Documents5 App where you can find a compass icon at its bottom, especially, at the right side. Just tap on it and you are directed to the savefrom.net.
  • Step-4: Just type the URL of the video to be copied and select the pixel quality. Once you click the ‘start’ button, your download starts.
  • Step-5: You can find the downloaded video in the Documents5’s downloaded files. You can pull it out to any folder on your device.

If you are planning for a new iPad then read here – Best iPad Buying Guide 2017: Which iPad Should I Buy?

On Your Mac OS X:

Though we have a variety of options available to download online videos for free on your Mac OS X. We have chosen one of the simplest ones and here it is. Just install the MacX YouTube Downloader App on your Mac. Then supply the URL to the App in order to start the download. This App allows you to choose the quality of the output video. It also allows you to download multiple files at a time. Read more about its features here MacX YouTube Downloader Main Features here.

Download On Your Android

We are familiar with the Google Play Store to download Apps for our Android devices. But as YouTube is a product of Google, it does not support such Apps in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you should download the required Apps to download online videos for free from other URLs. One of the popular sources is the TubeMate! Let us learn how to do it step-by-step.

  • Step-1: Go to the URL http://tubemate.net/ and choose the verified website from where you can download this App i.e. the TubeMate.
  • Step-2: If you see any warning messages about APK files. Simply allow it to continue the process.
  • Step-3: It’s time to run the downloaded file and to install the App.
  • Step-4: Once it is installed, you can open it to see that it looks more like the YouTube except for a frame that is extra here.
  • Step-5: You can use as you use the YouTube. Just click the Download button in green to start the download. You have now finished the process You now know how to download online videos for free on your Android device now and enjoy it offline.

Download On Your Linux

There is yet another interesting App that lets you download online videos for free on your Linux systems. However, the process varies from downloading online videos for free on Windows and Mac. It is the 4K Video Downloader App. Which means it is capable of downloading videos that are 4K in picture quality. The interesting thing is that it can download videos along the subtitles too. It looks cool, right! So, next time you want a video with translated text at its subtitles. You can for sure go ahead with this App. Furthermore, it can even download all the videos of a channel at a time. All you need is a good memory space on your system. Try this excellent App and you would like it!

The above-mentioned Apps or web-based tools are free ones. We also have paid ones to do the same. However, there are few advantages while using such paid Apps. But it is out of the scope of our discussion here. We would also like to introduce free App to download videos from 10,000 websites. Including the Netflix and let us learn how to download online videos for free by using it.

Download Online Videos for free from 10,000 websites including Netflix

  • Gihosoft TubeGet:

This App can be used in Windows and in Mac systems. The excellent feature of Gihosoft TubeGet is that it can download videos in SD, HD or 4K. The free App comes with an MP3 converter built inside it. Which is capable of downloading five videos simultaneously. Many people tend to use it. It can download videos from the most widely used streaming services such as the Netflix. To know more about it, just read the Netflix Review here.


If you wish to read more of such Apps, then read here – 18 Freeways to Download Any Video Off the Internet.

Conclusion- How to Download Online Videos for Free

We have heard from so many people who wanted to learn how to download online videos for free in many circumstances. They were not even aware that they can do it as simply as the above-mentioned ideas. We are here to help people with our technical knowledge. We hope this article would be a good aid towards it. But do remember to use the downloaded files only for your personal use. Don’t use it for any commercial purposes. You must use your knowledge in constructive things and not in illegal exploitations!


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