This is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your iPhone for the first time! Even those who have been using iPhone for a longer time can get few interesting information. So do read this iPhone setup guide and finish the process much easier than you think!

Step-1: Charge your iPhone for at least an hour.

Step-2: Turn on the iPhone

Just press the On/Off button to turn on your iPhone. You can notice the word ‘Hello’ displayed on the screen in different languages. The interesting part of iPhones is that it is a great companion for the blink or the people with vision issues. Yes, it assists such people in the iPhone setup process with VoiceOver information and commands. When you use it for the first time, you won’t be asked with any passcodes. But there are options to set your 6-digit passcodes or your fingerprint passcode using the TouchID on iPhone. You can read detailed instructions on setting up of passcodes on step-6 below.

Step-3: Input your Language

The iPhone setup process automatically asks for the language in which the information are displayed on the screen, and you need to choose it from the list.

Step-4: Choose the country

Next, you need to pull your country name or region name from the list that it shows. This is again an easier task, and we have shown you in the image below. Based on the country that has been chosen, the iPhone setup process automatically updates the date and time to be entered.

Step-5: It’s time for device activation

  • Insert the SIM card: Open the SIM tray either by pressing it with a clip or with a tool to eject the SIM tray. Depending on the model of the iPhone, the SIM tray is located either on its side or at the top of it. Then you need to carefully place the SIM over the SIM tray and just insert it. You should also note that the SIM tray of an iPhone does not fit the iPhone of another model. So try to use the SIM trays properly without exchanging with that of other iPhones.
  • Connect to the Internet: You can access either the Internet either using a Wi-Fi or by using the network of your SIM card. If both of these are not possible for you, then you can even activate your iPhone setup by using the iTunes.
  • Enable Location services: This is a service that determines the location of the iPhone and provides information accordingly. It would be of great use when you travel or when you look for a real time data. For example, you can use the Maps as you go and also you can view the location of your friends if they permit. These are few such real-time data that you get by enabling the location services.

Step-6: Setting up of passcodes & Touch ID

The iPhone setup process allows a default 6-digit passcode to its users, and there are also options to change it to 4-digit or you can even keep no passcode at all! So if you feel like your iPhone is safe and is not accessed by any intruders, then you can go for it!

How to set up the Touch ID?

Touch ID is the fingerprint lock system used by your iPhone, and it is easier to setup than you think! This Touch ID is not only used to unlock your iPhone, but it can also use in iTunes, App Store or iBook Store for purchases, instead of the Apple ID. Just follow the below steps and you are done with the Touch ID iPhone Setup!

  1. Before you create the Touch ID, you need to create a passcode for your iPhone.
  2. After opening Touch ID & Passcode from the Tap Settings, give your passcode.
  3. Then you will find an option named ‘Add a fingerprint, ’ and you just tap on it. Then place your dry & clean finger on the Home Button. Keep your finger till there comes a vibration, and it can be felt easily.
  4. The iPhone setup process asks your fingerprints repeatedly to capture your fingerprints in different angles and pressures. So, each time when you place your hand on the Home button just shift the place where you keep your finger. Also touch it with different forces or with different grips, so that it captures different possible combinations of your fingerprint on it.

Step-7: Import data to your new iPhone

When you get a new iPhone, you need to import all your old contacts or files on your old phone. The iPhone setup allows you to transfer your old data either from your old iPhone or iCloud or even from iTunes backup. What you may not worry about your older phone was an Android phone. Yes, your new iPhone allows import from Android as well. Just go to Apps & Data from the Settings, and you can find the below options.

Here you can tap on the appropriate option or just go ahead with the ‘Set Up as new iPhone’ option if you do not need any older details.

Step-8: Create Your Apple ID

If you already have an Apple ID, then this step is simpler. Just sign in with that Apple ID, or you can use the ‘Forgot it’ option to recover it. If you do not have such as ID, then you can easily create one under the Apple ID option. This is an easier process and is similar to how you create any other email IDs. You may even wonder that why do I need an Apple ID? This ID finds its use in a variety of places such as Apple iTunes, Apple Pay, iCloud Drive, etc. So do create one and use it at different places.

Step-9: Set up your Voice over Help – Siri

This Siri finds its use with the blind people or with the people having vision issues. Not only that, if you are tired of typing what you search then Siri certainly can help you! Yes, just tell Siri what you search for by pressing the audio record button provided with it. You are done and would get amazed to get the results in just a fraction of a second!

Step-10: Home Button works as you wish!

The iPhone setup allows you to customize the way the Home Button works! Yes, you can set whatever you wish. It may either open an App, opens the email, or anything as you set. But here is bad news for those iPhone users who own older versions of it. Yes, this facility works only on iPhone 7 or later versions.

Step-11: Analyze your Apps

The iPhone setup has an exclusive settings option to analyze how well your Apps perform for you. If you allow Apple to collect feedback on their Apps through this setting, then it would be of great help to the Apple team to serve you better, and Apple is well-known for its innovations for its customers! The good thing is that it collects anonymous data and your personal information will never get disclosed to anyone. To enable this option, just go the Privacy option under Settings and set it under the Analytics options. This may slightly vary depending on the version of the iPhone, but it’s not that hard to find it under the Settings!

Step-12: Display Settings

The final step of the iPhone setup process is to adjust the display resolution based on your need. You are provided with two types of display options. One is the Standard settings that display some icons on the screen, and the other is the Zoomed that displays the just lesser number of icons but in a larger size.

Few words on the Backup process

It is good practice that you backup data periodically, so that you may not lose it unexpectedly. The way you backup is dependent on your choice and you have iCloud or iTunes to do so! iCloud uses the latest cloud storage technology, and you can use the data from wherever you are provided you have the internet access! With iTunes, you can backup your data on a desktop, and you may access it even without an internet connection.  Wherever you store does not matter but do store it as a backup!

How to Restart your iPhone?

Your iPhone needs a restart, especially, when the screen goes black, or nothing appears on it. You can still restart your iPhone, even when you find nothing on the screen to touch it.

Apple devices can be restarted by pressing the Sleep and Volume button both at the same time. Make sure you press the down of Volume button. Just hold for ten seconds and leave it to see the logo. For older versions of iPhones, you need to press the Home button along with the Sleep button. Remember, the Sleep is also known as Wake button in Apple devices.

That’s all about the iPhone set up, and it seems very easy, right? Of course, it is as we have compiled the steps in such a manner. Get much out of it!

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