Almost each one of us has 3G or 4G mobile data connections for our Internet usages. It is easy for us to check our emails, social media sites, etc on the go. But sometimes we may need to check certain information on large screens such as Mac or iPad instead of viewing those with our iPhone. So if you are really stuck in such a situation, here is a solution to turn an iPhone into a Wifi Hotspot. This is useful, especially, when you travel with your iPad or Mac along with your iPhone, but with an Internet connection only on your iPhone. Before you turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot, you need to check with the Internet connection provider that whether they would charge any extra money for doing so. Also, if they charge extra then it is better that you use the hotspot just for short span of time. Read here to know How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android.

What is Personal Hotspot?

It is a feature or functionality that allows our iPhone to share the Internet data connection with the nearby devices such as Mac or iPad. It is present only iPhones with iOS 4.3 or later versions. This technology is usually referred to as tethering. It is extremely useful to turn an iPhone into a wifi hotspot.

How does the iPhone do it?

When you turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot, it behaves like an iPhone router. A router just sends and receives the internet traffic through it. Similarly, the iPhone is going to do the same now. It means that whatever you browse on your iPad or Mac, it is going to get data through the Internet connection on your iPhone. It is slightly an extra work for your iPhone but you can access the Internet on a larger screen now!

How to create a Wifi hotspot?

We can turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot by using iPhone’s Wifi, Bluetooth, or USB. The first two of them never needs a cord but the last one needs a physical connection between your iPhone and Mac or iPad. Let us look into each one of them to turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot. Read here to know How to get Flash Player on iPhone and iPad.

Technical Requirements

In order to use the hotspot feature, we need the following technical specifications in our devices.

  • iPhone 4 or other newer models.
  • Mac or iPad with iOS 4.3 or higher.
  • USB cable, if you wish to connect the devices to your iPhone in such a manner.
  • The data connection on your iPhone should support tethering or hotspot.

Method-1: Using the Wifi


Go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and turn it to ‘on’. Now you can see its color changing to green. Read here to know Can I Keep Unlimited Data with iPhone Personal Hotspot?


Click the Wifi Password and enter a password of your choice. This password is no way related to your Apple ID or your iPhone password. It is just to make sure that only the intended recipients get connects to the iPhone.


Just below the Wifi password section, you can find the “To connect using Wifi” option. Just click it.  This step can almost turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot and you need to connect your Mac or iPad to it to access the Internet.


You can check the Wifis available on your iPhone and here it is “David’s iPhone”. Similarly, it displays the name of your iPhone.


We are ready with our iPhone now acting as a Wifi router and we can just connect our Mac or iPad to it. In the Mac or iPad, go to System Preferences and click the Wifi icon. Now it will list the available Wifi connections and just select the one that we have made. Here it is “David’s iPhone”.

Now it’s done! You can use the Internet on your Mac or iPad through your iPhone’s Wifi.

Method-2: Using the Bluetooth

Follow the above step-1 and step-2.


Just below the “To connect using Wifi” option, there is another option named “To connect using Bluetooth”. Just click it.  

You can follow the steps 4 & 5 as mentioned above to turn an iPhone into a hotspot. Here you need to locate the Bluetooth devices instead of the Wifi. Read here to know How to Sync bookmarks between Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Method-2: Using the USB

As with other methods the steps 1 and 2 are same here.


Just below the “To connect using Bluetooth”, you can find the option “To connect using USB”. Click it.


Be sure to connect the device to your iPhone through a USB cable.


On your Mac or iPad, go to System Preferences -> Network and check whether the iPhone USB is connected to the device.


Sometimes, the device does not recognize the iPhone that is connected to it. In such a case, just click on the gear icon and select “Make service inactive” (It is shown in the above picture).


Click the gear icon again and select “Make service active”. You can now turn an iPhone into a hotspot for easier Internet accesses.

How to Check Whether the Devices are Connected to the iPhone?

This is the next question as soon as you are done with the hotspot set ups. On the iPhone, you can notice a blue bar on its top. Just look for an interlocking symbol and besides the symbol, a number is also specified.

The number after the interlock symbol denotes the number of devices connected to the hotspot of the iPhone. In this case, it is just 1.

How to Disconnect Devices from the Hotspot?

Once you are done with your online works through devices connected to the iPhone, you can simply go to the Settings -> Personal Hotspot. Just turn it ‘off’ and you can notice the color change from green to gray. You should also turn off the Wifi or Bluetooth or remove the USB cable accordingly (whichever you used).

Conclusion-How to turn an iPhone into a Wifi Hotspot

It is really simpler to use the Internet connection on your iPhone with other devices such as Mac or iPad. You might feel better while you use a bigger screen for certain tasks such as form fillings, etc. Just go ahead and turn an iPhone into a Wifi hotspot to finish the works sooner! Read here to know How to Turn Your Mac into a Wifi Hotspot.


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