Though there are Android and Windows Tablets, most of us wish to get an iPad for a variety of reasons. Besides its popularity, there are lots of usable features associated with Apple’s iPads. We would like to introduce you such features and resulted in drafting this iPad buying guide to help you choose the right iPad!

Let us look at the various sizes of iPads available in the market.

iPad Mini 4

It is the smallest iPad available now, and we had iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3 earlier. It measures 7.9 inches and is highly portable in nature. If you are a frequent traveler and need to carry your iPad to wherever you go, this one is a good choice. But the only limited feature is the screen size. If at all you can manage to watch movies, play games, or sort out works with a 7.9-inch screen, then iPad Mini 4 is there for you as a companion during your travels. In this iPad buying guide, we are going to examine the technical aspects too carefully.

  • Processor: It uses A8 processor and is similar to what has been used in iPhone 6. Almost all the negatives that were reported in the previous iPad mini models were recognized and fixed here. The A8 processor can be connected to the Apple TV and is capable of handling games with intense graphics. Look at the iPad comparison chart here.
  • Wi-Fi: It exploits the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection and indeed, people do require such a connection to enable internet on their iPads. Buying an iPad without such a support is a mere waste if you use routers and other wireless connections.
  • Camera: The rear-facing camera is capable of capturing 8 Megapixel images and are useful to share your photographs with the dear ones during your travel.  The camera has been updated with Autofocus feature and the captured images are automatically aperture improved.
  • Battery life: The battery can withstand to a maximum of 10 hours and is not the worst. The 10 hours duration is more than enough to get some charge before it drains.
  • Exterior Size: The iPad Mini 4 is much thinner and measures just 6.1mm in thickness. It is lighter as well and accounts to just 0.65 lbs. the exterior is made of aluminum and presents a great look too!
  • Screen Resolution: The images are displayed with higher resolution and it accounts to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. During our analysis to come up with this iPad buying guide, we have noted that it maintains an identical resolution throughout the screen. Read the iPad screen size guide here to get a better idea.
  • Multi-tasking: The iPad Mini is a multi-tasker and is capable of delivering the features of iOS 9. Some of them are Split View to incorporate another App when you actually look an application, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture for a better clarity. You can get to know the best iPad Apps of 2017 here.
  • Games: From Our iPad buying guide, you can believe that the iPad Mini 4 is capable of running advanced games with appropriate graphics.
  • Weight: The least in weight among all of the iPads is this one and it weighs just 0.73 pounds.
  • Color: The iPad buying guide has found three color choices in the iPad Mini 4 and they are Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.
  • Storage: Extend your iPad Mini 4’s storage to 16, 64, or 128 and they are really enough for the size.
  • Price: It costs around $400 and this compact and portable model of iPad is worth the price!

iPad 9.7 inch

The cheapest iPad from the Apple corporation and it is not lesser in features too! If the price is stopping you from getting an iPad still, then you can surely go ahead with this model. Previous, we had the iPad Mini 2 for such a price range but now this it the only option to get an iPad at a cheaper price! Also, if you are a person who has been used to typing with fantastic keyboards, then this is not the apt one for you! Let us explore more about it in this iPad buying guide.

  • Processor: The little-advanced processor it uses and is the A9. It is faster in nature and can handle multiple tasks with greater efficiency. When we consider with respect to the processor, surely it is a preferred option than the iPad Mini 4.
  • Wi-Fi: The Wi i-Fi support is as in iPad Mini 4 and you can connect using 802.11ac.
  • Camera: From or iPad buying guide, we could point out the availability of both the front and rear cameras in this iPad. The front-facing camera is capable of taking 1.2-megapixel images whereas the rear camera can take 8-megapixel images.
  • Battery life: The battery life is as in iPad Mini 4 and it lasts up to 10 hours when you charge it fully. By this time, you can easily watch out an entire movie and can go ahead with your other works without battery-draining issues!
  • Exterior Size: The 9.7 inch iPad measures 7.5 millimeters in thickness and is not the worst case. Such a thickness is manageable even during travels and can be kept even within our hand luggage.
  • Screen Resolution: It has a screen resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and it incorporates Retina display throughout the 9.7n inch screen. You can enjoy watching lots of movies or even play rhymes or animations for your kids with such a support!
  • Multi-tasking: This iPad can handle multiple tasks to an extent but it lacks an extraordinary support if you really seek them! You need to compromise on the productivity to save same money! From this iPad buying guide, we suggest you to carefully look at the features before you buy this one. But if you are keen on saving your money, then this is a great choice!
  • Games: It can support games and you can play them well unless they are highly graphical ones. It does support normal games that run on an A9 processor by not expecting a faster throughput. Read to know the best free iPad games here.
  • Touch ID: You can even authenticate your logins or allow only specific users to access the contents of the iPad by using the Touch ID. It uses a sensor to do the job.
  • Weight: It weighs 1.03 pounds and is just slightly heavier than the iPad Mini 4.
  • Color: The default colors available with any other iPad versions are available here too. It includes Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.
  • Storage: You can extend your iPad storage to 32 or 128 GB as per the need.
  • Other features: The 9.7 inch iPad has two speakers and this feature makes you watch a movie with a great sound experience. There is a socket for inserting your Headphone and the jack measures 3.5 millimeters.
  • Price: It costs nearly $330 and it is the cheaper among the rest of the iPads.

The iPad Pro

It measures 9.7 inches inch in size and includes almost all of the features that are present in the 12.6 inch iPad Pro. To our surprise, it even has a Smart Keyboard facility and is useful for those who drafts & send e-mails frequently. But the RAM size is making it work a little less efficient than the iPad Pro 12.6 inch version and from out iPad buying guide, we suggest you get it if you can manage small constraint.

  • Processor: The A9X processor works well as it does in the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches. Be it multi-tasking or gaming, the speed of the processor delivers its best!
  • Wi-Fi: The same 802.11ac Wi-Fi support is applicable for this version of the iPad too. We greatly depend on the internet services and it is especially deployed through the wireless connections. Apple Corporation has identified in advance and has helped its users with a good Wi-Fi support.
  • Camera: The front camera is capable of shooting images of 12 megapixels and the rear-facing camera can capture 5-megapixel images. The camera feature works at its best and through this iPad buying guide, we strongly recommend to go for this version if you take selfies often.
  • Battery life: The battery with stands for at least 10 hours and as we discussed earlier, this duration is really sufficient for today’s generation. As we have to charge facilities everywhere we go, people started thinking of battery life to a lesser extent. But from this iPad buying guide, we always suggest not to take any risk and always look for iPads not lesser than 10 hours of battery life.
  • Exterior Size: The 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches dimension makes it a perfect size for most of the video streaming or gaming services. Neither big nor small, the iPad can be considered with an optimal size for our day-to-day needs.
  • Screen Resolution: The extremely good resolution of the screen accounts to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels with a Retina display throughout the screen. So, you can go ahead with gaming or watch videos through live streaming with a clear resolution.
  • Multi-tasking: This iPad is a multi-tasker and can help you manage a list of works with greater efficiency. The speed of the processor also aids the multiple tasks to get you the jobs done quickly.
  • Games: Any good gaming needs superb screen resolution along with an efficient processor. Both these features are present in this iPad and you can start playing games of your choice.
  • Touch ID: As with all the other iPads that we have discussed, this version also comes with a fingerprint recognition for an added security.
  • Weight: It measures 1.05 pounds and is comparatively a nominal weight to carry.
  • Color: if you like iPads of varying colors, then this version is a great choice! It has the most number of choices in colors and includes Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold.
  • Storage: It is capable of storing 32, 128, or 256 GB of information and we can pick as per the need. From this iPad buying guide, we suggest you choose the optimal storage after analyzing the audio/video that you are planning to store.
  • Other features: An array of multiple speakers makes the sound experience far better than the other versions of the iPads. The extremely compatible features also make it a preferred choice and some of them are Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil features.
  • Price: Many people think that spending more to get the right product is worth! If you are such a person, then iPad Pro of 9.7 inches is you to get at the cost of $600.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch

This is the biggest iPads available from the Apple Corporation and is highly suitable to serve as a replacement for Laptops. The bigger size can help you watch videos and handle files more easily. If you are an artist whose profession requires an iPad, then through this iPad buying guide we suggest you get it.

  • Processor: The A9X processor combined with a 4 GB of RAM making it an efficient iPad among the rest. Our iPad buying guide not only lists this as a bigger but also the efficient!
  • Wi-Fi: The 802.11ac Wi-Fi support is capable of connecting to LTE networks for faster internet accesses.
  • Camera: The 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and the presence of a 1.2-megapixel front camera can shoot images as you wish. Anyhow, our iPad buying guide has identified that the iPad Pro of 9.7 inches has the best camera features.
  • Battery life: The extremely good battery backup is available with this version of the iPad and it lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Exterior Size: It measures 6.9 mm in depth and 1.57 lbs in thickness. The 12 x 8.7 x 0.3 inches dimensions are the bigger and sometimes, it is advantageous as well.
  • Screen Resolution: The fantastic screen resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 pixels can get you high-quality videos with a greater precision.
  • Multi-tasking: The powerful processor can handle a number of tasks at a time and it means you can go ahead with a variety of tasks as you wish.
  • Games: The gaming support impresses its users and you can play games that require good graphics.
  • Touch ID: This is a well-known feature of the iPad to enable secure accesses in the form of fingerprints and sensors.
  • Weight: The biggest iPad weighs 1.57 pounds and is obviously an expected one for its size!
  • Color: You can choose from the color choices such as Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.
  • Storage: The vast storage features such as 32, 128, and 256 is really a wonderful option for the large data deals.
  • Other features: An array of four speakers presents a high-quality sound experience and you can enjoy live audio streaming services.
  • Price: The larger size and the availability of extraordinary features make it a little costlier accounting to $800.


After reading the iPad buying guide, you would have definitely got an idea on the iPads and the respective features. Now, it’s your turn to decide on for what purpose you need it? If you look for a laptop replacement, then go for the bigger one. For gaming purposes, just go ahead with either the iPad Mini 4 or the iPad 9.7 inch. Frequent travelers can check their e-mails and be connected through social media with the help of iPad Mini 4. Not only this, you can even take notes and handle typing related works with the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. The choices are many but selection is up to you! So, do it with the help of our guide and after a proper understanding.

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