iPad continues to dominate the Tablet market not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. The strong design combined with its efficient software makes it an appreciable device. Besides its quality, there are few flaws as it occurs with any other device. When you get an iPad, you should be in a stand to fix common iPad issues due to a variety of reasons. You cannot take your iPad to the service centre for every issue that you face and therefore it is good if you learn to fix common iPad issues by yourself.

Orientation Stuck at Landscape or Portrait

This is one of the most common issues that many people face in their iPads. Here, your iPad either get stuck at Landscape or Portrait even when you rotate the device. It’s not a pretty much big issue and you can fix it as below.

How to Fix it?

  • You can press the power button to make the display ‘off’ and just press that again to wake up the device. It is the simple solution to fix common iPad issues with respect to orientation. Anyhow if it doesn’t work for you, then you can also follow any of the below steps.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Use Side Switch. Check here whether the ‘Lock Rotation” is enabled here. If so, you can simply disable it to fix common iPad issues. The older models have a physical side switch on your iPad.   
  • There is also a generic solution to fix this problem and it is to reset the settings. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset All Settings and you are done.

Connection Issues

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Many people complain that they couldn’t connect to their Wi-Fi network using their iPad. Sometimes you might also experience the same. It’s not a big deal and it can happen with anybody’s iPad and here is a simpler fix! Read here to know the Difference Between a 4G and a WiFi iPad.

How to Fix it?

  •   Turn off your router for 30 seconds and then turn it on.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and add the Wi-Fi network as if you are adding a new network.

This should work to fix common iPad issues!

Cellular Data Connection Issues

When we are travelling or in a place where we couldn’t access the Wi-Fi networks, we prefer the mobile data connections. Some people use it even when they have a Wi-Fi connection at a public place for their secured transmission of data. Under such circumstances when you couldn’t use your cellular data which is provided by your mobile network, you can fix it as below.

How to Fix it?  

  • Go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data and check whether it is turned on.
  • Just turn it off once and again turn it on.
  • No, you must be able to access the cellular network without any issues.

Bluetooth Connection Issues

Bluetooth pairing is one of the major issues that most people encounter with their iPads. We have earphones, and other mobile devices that are waiting to be connected to our iPads but it doesn’t happen most of the times! You may get frustrated as listening to music with your earphones or transferring your beautiful snaps may get delayed. Here is a solution to fix common iPad issues with respect to Bluetooth connectivity. Read here to know How to Turn Your iPhone into a Wifi Hotspot.

How to Fix it?

  • Go to Settings -> Bluetooth and check whether it is turned on.
  • Once again turn it off and then after a few seconds turn it on.
  • This time you must be accessing your Bluetooth device through the iPad.

Keyboard Lags

This problem may not occur consistently but you may face it occasionally, especially, when you send emails or messages. It may take your time while sending an important email to one of your colleagues. Of course, it is frustrating as nobody wants to wait, that too, for keys!

How to Fix it?

  • Most of us are unaware that the Guided Access can interfere some of the keyboards. Those who do not have an idea about Guided Access can read here – How to Use Guided Access on iPhone and iPad.
  • Another possible solution is here. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data and you can turn it off. Now check whether the issue is no more. If you find no issues with your keyboard, then you can turn it on again.
  • There is a generic solution to fix common iPad issues and it holds true for keyboard issues as well. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset All Settings. It’s Done!
  • You can also add a new keyboard using Settings -> General -> Keyboards. You can tap the “Add New Keyboard” to go for a newer one.
  • Once you are done with adding a new keyboard, you can delete the older one with issues. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboards and swipe on the name of the keyboard to the left. You can see a delete option and just tap on it. It’s done.

Performance Related Issues

When you have updated to iOS 8 keeping your older hardware as such then performance related issues are quite common. Here is how to fix common iPad issues with respect to performance.  


If you play a lot of animations on your iPad, then it could be a possible reason for the slower performance of your iPad. Looking at graphical contents is good but we cannot spoil our other works just for such animations.

How to Fix it?

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and tab on “Reduce Motions” to have minimal animations on your iPad.

Transition Effects

These are another possible problems to your iPad performance levels. It is very simpler to fix it and it is given below.

How to Fix it?

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast and tap on “Reduce Transparency” and you are done!

Slow Performance

Many at times, we experience this issue that our iPad works very slow. Here is a fix and try it out.

How to Fix it?

  • You can double tap on the Home Button to see all the Apps that are running at that instance. You can close the unwanted apps by just swiping on it up.This should work to fix common iPad issues with respect to performance.

Crash Or Random Reboot

Any unwanted App may be a reason for your iPad crashing or rebooting randomly. Just decide on which apps you need and prepare a list of such unnecessary apps

How to Fix it?

  • Try uninstalling the Apps one-by-one and check whether your iPad is working fine.
  • You can also try the Factory Reset here. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings and Content.

This is an excellent solution to fix common iPad issues with respect to performance.

AirDrop Issues

AirDrop is a convenient App to share your files across different devices. But many people couldn’t share just because the AirDrop sometimes doesn’t work for them. Here is how you can fix it.

How to Fix it?

  • On the Home Screen swipe up from bottom to pull the “Control Center”.
  • Check the AirDrop Settings and if it is “Off” or “Contacts Only”, change it to “Everyone”.

This is simpler yet a great solution to fix common iPad issues. Read here to know How to Fix an iPad that Won’t Charge.

Safari Crashes

The Safari Web browser crashes unexpectedly when you try opening more tabs on it. Look below to fix the browser issues.

How to Fix it?

  • Go to Settings -> Safari and tap “Clear History”  & also “Clear Cookies and Data”.  It must be working now and if the problem still persists, then you can do a factory reset as below.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”. Make sure to backup your data before you do the factory reset.
  • You can use a third party web browser such as Opera or Google Chrome to fix common iPad issues with respect to Safari crashes.

Camera App Crashes

Sometimes, the Camera App crashes while in use or even it doesn’t get loaded at all. Here is what you can do under such circumstances.

How to Fix it?

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and check whether your Camera App is restricted. If so, then take away that restriction.
  • Any other culprit app may disturb the functionality of your camera app and hence try deleting the unnecessary apps that we have discussed earlier.
  • You can also do a factory reset after backing up your data using Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.  

Conclusion- iPad Issues: How to Fix Common iPad Issues?

We are pretty much done with the problems and respective solutions to fix common iPad issues. We are sure that you can use your iPad with no difficulty as you have the solution for every possible issue. Go ahead and do let us know whether this article helped you and also what else you need in the same. Read here to know How to get Flash Player on iPad and iPhone.


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