The Adobe Flash is one of the commonly used tools on the Internet to deliver audio, video or animation. Similar to the Adobe Acrobat, it is a well-known product from the Adobe. Though we could use it on our desktops, the Adobe is no longer offering the software for mobile devices. However, with the availability of few Apps, we could still get Flash player on iPhone and iPad.

Why is Flash Player Blocked on iPhone and iPad?

As Flash is a tool that handles the multimedia content, the resource utilization is really higher and it drains the battery of the devices very quickly. Apple continues to recognize that their system behaves unstable as a result of such huge resource utilization. It is due to these reasons; the Flash is blocked with iPhone and iPad. Here are few reasons that have been explained by Steve Jobs to address why Flash is blocked in iPhone. Read here to know more about Decoding Steve Jobs’ Dressing Down of Flash.

  • Flash is not open and is proprietary software of the Adobe.
  • It is still insecure, unstable and is not suited for mobile devices.
  • It drains the battery quickly.
  • Flash uses the mouse and the keyboard, making it unsuitable for the touch interface of the iOS.
  • The presence of h.264 conveys that Flash is no more needed for video on the web.

Problems faced by an iPhone or iPad User, with ‘No’ Flash Player

We are well aware that most online games use Flash for its operation and with ‘no’ Flash, we could not play those games as well. This is indeed irritating for the iPhone and iPad users that need to stop playing such online games that they like. Also, we could not access Hulu, one of the online video streaming service, with iPhone or iPad. This is because Hulu uses the Flash to deliver its content and Flash is blocked in iPhone and iPad. Anyhow, Hulu after understanding the situation has come up with an exclusive App that solves the problem. To overcome these problems, we must somehow identify some solutions to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad. Read here to know The Agonizingly Slow Decline of Adobe Flash Player.

How to Get Flash Player on iPhone and iPad?

By Using Web Browser Apps:

Web Browsers such Puffin and Photon Browser, allows us to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad. The browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox does not support Flash on iPhone or iPad. Let us look at Puffin and Photon browser in closer now. Read here to know the Best Web Browsers for the iPad.


This web browser comes with the free version and it is really an advantage to check its features even before buying. You can get the full version by paying £3.99 to use it with iPhone and iPad. The Puffin is well-known for its brilliant usage of Flash content and it throws an excellent display of the Moshi Monster’s web pages. But it’s quality is little lesser while displaying the Disney Fantasyland website. As Puffin has servers in the United States, such users are safe from geo-restrictions. But with no servers in the UK, we could not access websites like BBC iPlayer, etc. Read here to know How to Unblock the Geo-restricted websites.


  • It comes with a free version allowing us to check its features.
  • The full version to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad just costs £3.99.  
  • A brilliant display of specific websites.
  • No geo-restriction for the US users.


  • The quality of display varies from website to website.
  • The absence of servers in countries like the UK leads to geo-restrictions.

Photon Browser:

Photo browser is again a popular web browser to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad. It costs £3.99 for iPhone and £4.99 for iPad. Photo browser is a super alternative for the Safari browser users. However, it does not have a free version, there are lots of fans just because it supports Flash on their iPhone and iPad. Another interesting feature associated with Photon browser is that an icon at the top right corner and called as ‘Lightening Bolt” icon.

Furthermore, You can just click it to turn the browser to work with Flash. So just a single click would work here to access the Flash! Anyhow, we could not predict its performance as the speed gets reduced once the Flash mode is turned on. This is quite common with all the browsers and in fact, this factor decides the quality of the App or browser that supports Flash.

However, there are options in its settings to improve its performance and just tap on the gear icon on its top right corner to adjust it. Furthermore, you could look at the below image to know how it appears.


  • It is an excellent alternative to Safari web browser.
  • You could even change the settings for a better performance.
  • Most noteworthy, it is one of the most widely used web browsers to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad.


  • Once the Flash mode is on, the speed becomes slow.
  • Its performance varies from website to website.

By Using Parallels Access:

Parallels Access is a paid service or software that allows you to remotely access your Mac or PC. So whatever tools you have on your desktop or Mac, you could use them through the parallels Access. However, the only worrying factor is that it costs £13.99 per year. It also allows you to use the web browsers, Microsoft Office, Flash Player, etc on your desktop or Mac so that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, this feature is interesting and making it worthy to buy! Read here to know the Best iPad Apps.

Conclusion-How to Get Flash Player on iPhone and iPad

Consequently, “A Picture worth a thousand words” and so is a Flash to its users as it supports video content and animations. It is for this lively reason, people wants to get Flash player on iPhone and iPad. However, the Apple Inc directly states that it is not going to support Flash on iOS, we still could get it on our Apple mobiles. As we discussed, the choices are plenty and its quality of display varies from website to website. Hope this article would help you identify a better solution to get Flash!


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