How many times have you accidentally deleted your important photos, videos and regretted later on? Yes, many of you out there. We are humans and tend to make mistakes which are quite normal even when it comes to deletion of text messages. iPhone user’s constitute of 40% in the giant global mobile market. With such a large percentage of users, it is common that every other user will lose their data by some means or the other. Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup is a hot topic in the modern day world.

Photos and videos carry a sense of memory in everybody lives and have a more significant impact on the life of humans which is quite difficult to understand and explain. In any of the cases, we don’t want to lose any of our essential photos and videos. But, with life being unpredictable, anything can happen at any point in time and can worsen to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup. But, with the present day technology, many apps and tools have come to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup successfully.

Given below are a list of methods which are useful in getting your precious photos and videos back in the shed of your iPhone. Read here to know, How to fix common iPad issues.

1. How to Backup your Photos and Videos of an iPhone without using your Computer

This method is possible with the help of iCloud. Storing your data in an iCloud is one of the successful ways to directly retrieve your photos and videos which was by mistake erased by some or the other means.

Some things which an iPhone user should consider are as follows:

  • You need to backup your photos and videos to iCloud at first. Failing to do this will eventually not retrieve you any lost photos and videos for you.
  • The other thing which is of utmost importance is, you need to erase the whole iPhone settings and contents. The restoring process will be iCloud where all of your iPhone files will cover your iPhone back to normal.

In either of the cases, if you are unhappy with the above two steps, you can directly jump to following methods to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup.

Steps to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup using iCloud

  1. Tap on Settings, go to general and scroll down to bottom and click on reset.
  2. Tap on Erase all content and Settings.
  3. It will ask you for a passcode, enter the passcode and erase your iPhone.
  4. After erasing, set up your iPhone,  with the iCloud backup option, enter your Apple’s email id or password.
  5. Choose the type of backup which includes your deleted photos and videos.

  1. The restoring process will start. Thus, wait for the restoring process to complete and successfully retrieve your photos and videos without using a computer.

2. How to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup with a Computer

Another vital app which can recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup is Gihosoft iPhone data recovery free. It is a powerful tool which can recover plenty of your lost photos and videos. Gihosoft is also available free of cost because of which plenty of iPhone users are using this app to a good effect to recover their lost photos and videos. It supports up to 16 types of files and also the latest iPhone X. Being an excellent recovery app, it can also recover photos and videos from Photo Stream, iPhone camera roll, and many other applications.

Steps to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup using Gihosoft iPhone data recovery

  1. Download this application and launch it.
  2. From the iPhone photo recovery program, select the photos and videos to recover.
  3. Connect your iPhone or an iPad to the computer. By this way, it will scan for all of the lost data based on a particular algorithm and programming techniques.
  4. After the operation is done, view your lost photos and videos on your computer. Later, you can transfer those data to your respective iPhone.

How to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup using iTunes

You can use iTunes backup to recover photos or videos from iPhone. It will match the current device as well as the connected device. But for this, you should have an available iTunes backup. Apart from photos and videos, you can also recover your deleted messages, Whatsapp Chats, Viber contacts, voice memos, calendar data, reminders and much more.

iPhone Photo and Video recovery have different sections for different file storage. Thus, the multimedia files will go to types, HTML will help in storing text data, and by using a printer, you can take prints anytime. iTunes can be an essential option to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup. If you have ever synced your iTune with any of your iPhone or an iPad, the photos and videos will surely find a way to your iPhone.  This option is said to be a safer option than rest of the iPhone recovery one’s available in the market.

Steps to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup using iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the respective computer.
  2. Open iTunes and go to “File>Devices> Restore from Backup.”
  3. In the above process, you will be asked to turn off “: Find My Phone” if it’s ON currently.
  4. Choose the appropriate backup to restore, and the device will restart.

How to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone Backup using PhoneRescue

In the race of different iOS apps which boasts of recovering your lost photos and videos, PhoneRescue is yet another app which does the job quite decently. With PhoneRescue, you can directly retrieve your lost photos and videos within no time.

Further, you can also get those photos back to your iTunes backup or iCloud Backup as far as you have backups in iTunes or iCloud before this. Download PhoneRescue on your computer and follow the below steps to successfully restore your lost photos and videos.

Steps to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup using PhoneRescue

  1. First, Launch PhoneRescue on your computer.
  2. Find a USB cable and connect your device to that cable.
  3. Choose “Recover from iOS device” and click Next to scan the whole database for deleted items.
  4. After a successful scan, click on Photos/Videos to preview on your device. Select the data which are essential to you and further store it in your iCloud and iTunes.

Reason to use PhoneRescue

You will find plenty of apps available in the markets which are quite handy but comes with some disadvantage no matter what. After recovering of data from many apps, there is a higher chance of you not able to recover your data after the restoration procedure. These kinds of things can be disastrous as many of our essential data can be lost in just a second.

On the other hand, PhoneRescue is power packed with all of the advanced features which makes it completely different from rest apps which are wandering endlessly in the middle of nowhere. With PhoneRescue, you can recover all of your photos and videos without erasing any of the data present on your iPhone.  Also, you can also backup your data on iTunes and iCloud for accessing it from any time and anywhere.

How to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone Backup using iBackup Extractor

iBackup Extractor is a Mac as well as windows application which enables you to browse through a series of files and folders to let you recover photos and videos from your iTunes backups. In this way, you will be able to retrieve your lost data in an efficient way.

Steps to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone backup using iBackup Extractor

  1. Download and Install the iBackup extractor.
  2. After that, launch the iBackup extractor from Windows or Mac.
  3. Select an appropriate backup from the menu which you will like to access.
  4. Click on the Images/Videos Tab.
  5. Select the Photos/Videos which you will like to extract and click on “Extract photos”/”Extract Videos.”
  • iBackup Extractor- View your Photos/Videos

To view your photos/videos, choose the iTunes backup you want to extract images from by clicking on “Select backup device.” Then click on the appropriate button either photos/videos in the category list. iBackup extractor displays all of your photos and videos from iTunes backup.

  • Extracting photos/videos from iTunes backup

Select the number and type of images/videos you want to copy to your computer and click on “Extract Photos/Videos” button in the iBackup Extractor. This will help in copying the photos and videos to your desired location on your hard drive, and the default location will be Desktop for storing data.

Conclusion-How to Recover Photos or Videos from iPhone Backup

In this world where we gradually love our photos and videos to a great extent with each passing day. The need for different recovery options is a necessity to recover photos or videos from iPhone backup. Hence, bring your lost photos and videos back to life with those methods mentioned above. Which will help you extract tons of benefits from their marvellous working techniques. Read here to know, How to avoid iPhone Data Roaming Charges.


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