Here is yet another article to help you manage the space on your iPhone. Yes, getting an iPhone might be your long time wish! But managing data on it is the next challenging task as not everyone can get 16 or 32 GB iPhones. In this article, we have jotted down some tips and tricks to free space on iPhone. The order of the list does not matter most as it varies in importance on the kind of data that you have on your phone. Some of you may have more photographs and others may have more text messages. So try out all these to find every extra space! If you are an iPhone beginner, read how to setup your first iPhone.

So, what we suggest is to follow the tricks below to free space on iPhone and start utilising your device with no struggles.

Delete the unnecessary Apps:

This is a common process that every iPhone user tends to do when they run out of storage. It is a proven trick, indeed! Therefore, you just take a look at the Apps that you have on your iPhone and prioritise whether you need those. If they are of lesser use or no use, just delete them.

How to delete an App?

You can even delete Apps from being on the Home Screen. Just tap on the icon of the App and Hold for a second. You would notice the ‘x’ mark on the top-left corner of the icon. Now, you are in Edit mode and you can either drag it to a newer place or can delete it. But dragging does not make sense to free space on iPhone. Therefore, delete the Apps after making sure that you do not need them. Read more on how to delete iPhone Apps here.

Update your OS to iOS 10.3:

You may wonder that upgrading to an OS can save me space? To your surprise, yes it does. If you still have doubt, just take a screenshot of Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage. Once you are done, Install the iOS 10.3 on your iPhone by accessing Software Update from Settings -> General. It’s time to compare the Manage Storage after you install the iOS 10.3. You would wonder that there is more space on iPhone than you had before!

Dealing with Photos:

The spaces issues on iPhones are commonly found because of lots of photos saved on it. We tend to take selfies or photographs when we gather with friends or for almost no reason! This is a kind of joyous happening that we cannot lose just for the space problems. Here we suggest few tricks to free space on iPhone, especially, when you have more photographs on your phone.

Double-saved Photos on HDR mode:

The iPhone’s HDR mode and the Instagram App by default double-saves the photographs, one being the original and the other being the edited, cropped, filtered, HDR version, etc. Here is what HDR means on iPhones and we suggest reading it if you don’t have an idea about it.

How to keep only the Normal Photo in HDR mode?

  1. Go to Settings -> Photos & Camera.
  2. You would notice the Toggle switch named ‘Keep Normal Photo’ under HDR. Just enable it, and you can also enable the ‘Keep Normal Photo’ under ‘Portrait Mode’ if you use an iPhone 7 or later.

Double-saved Instagram Photos:

When we use Instagram frequently, we find lots of redundant photographs with slight variations from the original. Just follow the below steps to get away that.

  1. Click the Settings icon of the Instagram App.
  2. Turn ‘Off’ the toggle switch that corresponds to ‘Save Original Photos.’

Photo Stream:

Photo Stream is another option that Apple provides to its users but often we do not need them as those are just duplicate copies of photos that we have on our iPhone. We can simply ‘Turn off’ the Photo Stream option to free space on iPhone.

How to turn off Photo Stream?

  1. Go to Settings and then tap Photos and camera.
  2. Now ‘off’ the toggle switch that corresponds to ‘Upload to My Photo Stream.’ It’s done! Here is how to delete My Photo Stream step-by-step.

Clear the Browser Cache & Reading List:

Our web browsers often save information for future retrievals in the form of cache. These are unnecessary information that’s going to occupy a considerable space on your iPhone. We also keep text to read offline, and they remain in our Reading list. Unless you need it, just remove those items from the list. Here is how exactly you should do it.

How to Clear Browser Cache for Safari?

  1. If you use Safari as your web browser, go to Settings and open Safari.
  2. You will see ‘Clear History and Website Data’ at the bottom and click it. By now, your browser cache must have been cleared.

How to Clear Browser Cache for Chrome?

  1. Go to Settings and open the Chrome App.
  2. You will see three dots on the top-right corner and just tap it. Under ‘History’, tap the ‘Clear Browser Data’ and you are done!

How to Clear Offline Reading List?

Just remember that clearing the offline reading list won’t remove the actual items on the Reading list but only the contents that you have saved for offline reading. Here is how to delete safari’s Offline Reading List Cache to free space on iPhone.

  1. Open Settings and then General.
  2. Then Tap Storage & iCloud Usage -> Storage -> Manage Storage.
  3. Under Safari you would find the ‘Offline Reading List’ and delete it.

Don’t keep Messages Forever:

The default message storage option of iPhones is that it stores forever. But you also have other options such as 1 Year or 30 days and after which it gets deleted automatically. It is a better idea to delete those old messages if you do not need them anymore.

Here is how you can do that;

  1. Just Go to Settings and select Messages.
  2. Scroll to Message History, and select keep Messages.
  3. There you will find the options as 30 Days, one year and Forever. By selecting either 30 days or 1 year, you can get some extra space on your iPhone. There are ways with which you can delete messages on iPhone completely and read it here.

Final Words-Tricks to free space on iPhone

These are few proven tips and tricks with which you can certainly free space on iPhone and can work without storage issues. Just try them one by one and you will identify how useful they are!

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