We are here in the 21st century and everything is in a fast track mode. Be it a new power pack or a super fast computer, everything has undergone a tremendous revolution. To be honest, Apps do have undergone a tremendous revolution. As far as we consider Ubuntu, there are various apps which are fantastic and amazing. Unlike Windows, there are pretty simple yet powerful Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu which are worth installing. These apps can make your user experience a lot more efficient and easier. Where not much Ubuntu users don’t know the real importance of such apps, stay calm and read this amazing article.

In this article, I will uncover the Top 21 Must-have Apps for Ubuntu which will surely glorify your computer experience. Also, you will gain a sense of productivity and creativity. So, let’s get started. Read here to know, Top 10 Best Linux Apps of 2017.

21 Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop

  1. LibreOffice Suite

Thinking about the most powerful office app, LibreOffice Suite is the one for you. It has a much cleaner interface and features which can cater the needs of every user. It includes several applications which make it the most powerful office app of all. As a user, unleash your creativity and office madness with the all-new LibreOffice Suite App.

  1. VLC Media Player

Video Lovers will surely love this App. Being a free video playing app; VLC has made his mark quite steep in the global app competitive market. This App is capable of playing files of almost any format. Be it DVD’s Audio CD’s, VCD’s or any other streaming protocol, VLC has it all. For a better video experience, choose VLC Media Player and watch your videos with ease and comfort.

  1. Sleek Audio Player- Dopamine Music Player

For those who are looking for one of the most promising Music Player, Dopamine can be the right choice. Among the Must-have Apps for Ubuntu, Dopamine stands to be the very best. Its sleek design and an advanced music selection process make this player a complete beast. This unique music player is written in C# and is also powered by the CSCore Sound Library.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular and efficient storage tools which is available for every platform. With Dropbox, you can store all of your data in the cloud and can access it as and when you need them. Also, it works seamlessly with Ubuntu and has an automatic sync capability for online connections. Overall, this is the top Storage app which hall all storage functionalities in one single app.

  1. Ulauncher- Linux Desktop Application Launcher

If you want just a simple launcher which does load any burden, give a try at the Ulauncher. With Ulauncher, you can launch and install applications. Also, for files and directories, you can open and close them at a faster rate. Talking about its programming, it is written in Python and uses GTK as a form of GUI toolkit.

  1. GIMP Image Editor

For Image editing fanatics, the GIMP Image Editor can come as a saviour for you. It is a free open source tool which can help in editing images in a flawless manner. Also, it can perform tasks such as photo retouching, image authoring and image compression. On Ubuntu, this image editor works perfectly fine and does not cause any issue whatsoever.

  1. Terminus- A modern Terminal to use on Ubuntu

Terminus is not much left behind from an elegant, simple to use web terminus. This application is inspired by Hyper and is the most commonly used terminal. For people who like to get the things done on time, Terminus is a perfect choice. Also, this terminus comes with various themes and colour schemes which makes it the very best of all.

  1. WineHQ

Wine is an app which tweaks the Windows applications and can make them run on Ubuntu machines. If you have come from a Windows background, Wine can help you out in Ubuntu system. This app has a great list of games and other applications which can generate a sense of excitement in you as a user. Install it, and gain a sense of confidence to use Ubuntu in your own unique style.

  1. Vivaldi Browser

Browsing fanatics will surely not resist Vivaldi Browser. It is one of the best promising browsers in the recent times and is still on its firm hold. Talking about its features, it is a powerhouse of each of them. The best thing about Vivaldi is they release new features every now and then to amuse users to an extent. The most recent release allows users to fully customize browsers start page and can make it more personal to them.

  1. Kodi Media Center

So far, Kodi Media Center is one of the topmost apps due to a number of great reasons. First of all, it is a powerhouse of a number of rich tools. This media centre formerly known as Xbox Media Center, it is an award-winning free and an open source software media player. Read here to know, Linux vs. Windows.

  1. PlayOnLinux

The PlayOnLinux is often said as the frontend of Wine. For knowing its working, it can install and run various Window applications on Ubuntu. As a user, you can enjoy the lure benefits of running this app and using some of the very best window applications. PlayOnLinux is free and does not require any windows application for its working. To be honest, this app is a Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop.

  1. Steam for Linux Gaming

The Steam for Linux has become a boon for thousands of gamers. Like Windows, Linux gamers also want an online gaming platform and that is what the Steam for Linux is providing them. Now, the Linux gamers can play their favourite games via steam on Linux Desktop. Install this application and browse on some of your favourite games to play with an immense exhilarating level.

  1. Atom Hackable Text Editor

None of the text editors can be as flawless and powerful than Atom Hackable Text Editor. This powerful text editor is built on Atom-Shell which makes it unique from the rest. Talking about its features, it has its own icon pack in the dock, dialogues and menus. Also, you can use it as an IDE as Atom is built with the same Open Source technologies.

  1. ImageMagick

Many users find trouble in editing Bitmap images. But, with the evolving of ImageMagick, this thing will never be an issue. It is powerful software to create, compose or convert Bitmap Images. With an ability to read, write images in a stupendous variety of over 100, ImageMagick is a complete beauty. Further, you can also use this software to flip, resize and also apply special effects to different images.

  1. Animation maker

Nothing can be a great animation fun tool than AnimationMaker. Among the Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop, AnimationMaker is a must install app. With this app, you can create amazing presentations within a quick span of time. Also, you can upload those animations on various online platforms including YouTube and Vimeo. At last, if you can use it as a pitch for your products and projects.

  1.  Pidgin Messaging App

Chatting lovers will surely love this app to the core. With a glance of simplicity and a powerful messaging tool, Pidgin stands to be a little different. With this app, you can log into multiple accounts and can chat simultaneously. As a result, you can chat with buddies on MSN, Yahoo Chat, Google Talk and on much more platforms.

  1. Lollypop Gnome Media Player

If you want a media player with a lot more different user interface, Lollypop Gnome is the one to look at. GTK+3 is the coding model in this app which is an alternative to Rhythmbox. Also, this music player provides support for mp3/4, FLAC, party mode and many others are there in the bag of this music player. Read here to know, The Best Linux Distros 2017.

  1. Stacer

One of the best Linux System optimizers, Stacer is a must install the app. It is a free optimization tool which can help you monitor the performance of your Linux desktop servers. This optimizer comes with a beautiful graphical user interface and provides a dashboard which displays CPU, Memory and other essentials.

  1. Simplenote

Looking for a free and easy note taking app, Simplenote is one of the Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop. It is made with React and runs on electron for providing a sleek operation interface. Offering a wide range of options, it can sync your notes across all devices and can also back up as and when you will need it.

  1. Peek

For spy lovers, Peek will be a fun usage tool. This app can record and create screencasts of any screen area. With Peek, you can create demo presentations and can also provide visual presentations of your apps and games.

  1. Visual Studio Code IDE

If you are a developer and looking to do some coding stuff on Ubuntu, Visual Studio Code IDE can help you with the same. It is an open source code editor which provides comprehensive editing as well as a debugging report. At last, it is an extensibility model and can provide integrations with different tools.

Conclusion- 21 Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop

Well, I know the confusion and trouble which Ubuntu face every now and then with their apps. To provide you with ease and satisfaction, Install the above Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop in terms of your need. Test each one of them and enjoy the lure benefits of those apps with a sense of satisfaction and easement. Read here to know, Best Linux SSH Client Commands.


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