Apple is the present day dominant king when it comes to the latest day technologies. Different products from Apple are on the highest paying scale since its advent. But, this does not mean that they will be running all over without a need to reinforce some maintenance to them. Mac Maintenance is a matter which is of concern in the present day world. Just like any other Device, Mac Computers do need some attention and care to function properly and efficiently.

Top 5 Simple Mac Maintenance Tips

Any system, when bought for the first time, shines its glory all the way in which, every function is on its top speed performance. But, as the months pass, the performance of any machine is bound to degrade, Thanks to all the present day factors which adversely affect the performance of any Mac computer. With the change of the present day climatic conditions, and a kind of cyberwar going all over the globe, any sluggish Mac will surely be in the trap of such things.

Thus, for the keeping of your Mac in top quality condition, there are certain Mac Maintenance Tips which you should follow for keeping your System fast running.

Here is the Top 5 simple Mac Maintenance Tips to give your Mac a little sprinkle of cleaning it desires.

  1. Cleaning is the Key

Our Mac Systems might become dusty because of the home as well as the surrounding conditions. In the meantime cleaning process of your closets, decluttering of all your waste stuff from your life, why not do the exact thing to the MAC? Let’s start from the outside of your MAC, unplug it and set it aside from where you have set it up. Surely, when you set aside your Mac, you will find a chunk of dust particles spread out. Apple products have a slightly different cleaning procedure in which each system decluttering procedure is a bit different from each other. In such case, the safest method which you can use is a microfiber cloth. Clean the surface of your device and wipe away all the dust, oils that may be clinging to your system’s display.

How to Do it?

However, Apple itself suggests a lint-free cloth which will; get the job done quite professionally. For other’s who need to use some technical methods, they can use a little-compressed air which will prove beneficial in getting the oil particles, dust out of your Mac System.

For your Keyboard, we suggest you use Mr Clean Magic Eraser for an excellent cleaning routine of your keyboard. But keep in mind to use this stuff with a gentle pressure as it may wear out the top layer and the finish of your Mac keyboard. Before you set your Mac up, remember to clean all of its cables, wires to eliminate further dust covering on your Mac in the long run.

2. Keep Everything Up to date

If you are planning to clean your Mac system from the outside for the spring, the very first thing which you need to look at is your Mac’s system updates. It is a compulsion to upgrade your Mac with all of the latest security patches, upgrades, and every application should run on its latest firmware. In the present day world where there is a bloom of open market, you will not find any difficulty whatsoever. For whichever software’s you need, the Internet is a place of treasure where you can dig in and find some of the very best latest software’s which will enhance the performance of your Mac.

How to Do it?

Even if you are using some old versions of Mac, there is no necessity to upgrade it to OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion.” Instead, it is worth to use the software updates and make your Mac system feel like a whole new renovating system ready to trigger and perform its operations like a beast. In the end, it is not the type of OS you run on your Mac, all that it comes down to is how well your Mac system is updated.

This strategy is an essential one in the Mac Maintenance Tips, and everyone should practice it to make their Mac systems run smoothly and without any issue.

3. Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

After you are pretty sure that your Mac system has all of the latest software updates, it is time to pay some heed to the Apps which have taken almost half of the essential space on our Mac system. These unnecessary apps can make your Mac sluggish and can degrade its performance to extreme levels you have never thought off. Hence, for improved performance, uninstall all the unnecessary apps which you do not need in your long-term working. In many cases, uninstalling an app from a Mac is as easy as ever by dragging the respective app to the trash.

How to do it?

However, the best way to uninstall an app is by using an AppCleaner which is free and can do the work quite decently.

By using this app, you will be able to uninstall all the associated files as well, and it can contribute largely to the Mac Maintenance Tips phenomenon. There are plenty of Mac software’s available for cleaning and uninstalling the unnecessary apps, but if you have got those extra bucks, you can surely go for the paid ones who can do the job far better than those which are free; the choice is yours in the end.

Finally, clean all of your Login items tabs of stuff which consume unnecessary ram usage at the startup and keep Uninstalling any unnecessary for a long marathon running on your Mac without any issue. Read here to know, How to Block and Unblock websites on your Mac?

4. Clear your Storage Space

I hope that you have been following the article and till now must have done the above steps quite easily and comfortably. So for now when your Mac is up to date on the outside, and all of the unnecessary apps have left your Mac, it is time to defragment the storage space to reallocate everything properly. Many of our hard disks are filled with waste Virtual images, Whatsapp profile pictures, gaming screenshots and many other files too which you don’t know. This strategy portrays an important step in the Mac Maintenance Tips, and every Mac user must apply this in their entire Mac cleaning process.

How to Do it?

The Veteran Disk Inventory X is a tool which can help scan each drive of yours and will also show the exact stuff which is eating your precious hard disk space. This tool is completely free and will benefit every Mac user to the core. As an alternative, if you like to spend those extra dollars, you can go to the Daisy Disk which allows many other functions rather than just cleaning. The main highlights of the Daisy include compress, an organization of your hard disk and much more. During these operations, just pay a keen attention to empty your trash when you are done with everything to get your dream space back.

5. Backup your Mac

The above steps are all well and good for a smooth performance of your Mac system, but all of your efforts will go In vain if you do not backup your Mac system. Backing stands to be one of the most important pillars in the Mac Maintenance Tips, and almost every Mac system needs to take this step into sheer consideration. For instance, the Crashplan is one of my favourite apps for backing my Mac system. By using good Mac Backup software, it enables you to sleep peacefully as you know that all of your data are safely backed-up and in case of any disaster, you can confidently restore your system right from its starting point. For more safety, you can make a Disk image of your fresh Mac which can prove beneficial after a hard drive replacement or upgrade.

How to Do it?

With plenty of Dish image makers available on the Internet, you will surely not find any issue to get one for your system. Acronis True Image is my preferable software which can make bootable images of your current Mac system and provides restoration at any point in time. Now, it is up to you whichever software you find and implement, but make sure to apply this step in your Mac Maintenance routine and avail the marvellous benefits in the long run.

Conclusion- 5 Simple Mac Maintenance Tips

Consequently, those Mac Maintenance Tips will help you make that Sluggish Mac of yours revive in every sense and run like a total beast. Apple doesn’t provide much Mac Maintenance tips and tools, but as the world is an Open Market, you can avail some of the top quality software’s and other essential stuff to provide your Mac with a little tune-up. After all, the better is your Mac system, the better productivity boost it will provide to you. Also, if you are a businessman and the Mac system is the only Weapon you have, better follow the above Mac Maintenance tips and enjoy the lure benefits in the nearby future. Read here to know, Best software’s for your Mac.

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