We all think of the photo editors when it comes to refining our photographs or any images. But there are quite of lot tools available to do the job with the same quality and precision. I know that you are thinking about its cost now and for your surprise, and here we are going to discuss the best free photo editors! Have you ever wondered that my eyes could have looked better if there were no dark circles around it or something like that? It is obvious for humans to aim bigger and better, especially, with their appearances. A few refinements through such best free photo editors could make you look awesome and gorgeous in all your social media profile pictures.  Come on; let us jump to the topic with no time waste! Read the Nikon D7500 Review 2017 here, to take superb photographs!

 PAINT.NET – Simpler yet Useful!

It is obviously a great photo editing tool for those who need just minimal refinements. For such few touch-ups, you could go for this tool instead of getting confused with the functionalities of other tools. Yes, the simplicity yet its effectiveness makes it one among the best free photo editors of 2017. You might be confused with the basic Paint accessibility available with our Windows Operating System but it is not so! It is also a product of Microsoft but with a variety of photo editing options that you would not find with the normal Paint accessibility.

The fantastic 3D zooming feature along with the availability of chain of filters, helps you frame a perfect photograph with just a fewer or no flaws at all! It is the best free photo editor for systems with smaller RAM or power and of course, you need to compromise on few functionalities with PAINT.NET.


  • Easier and Faster: When we compare this tool with other free photo editors that are available in the market, it is extremely easy to handle and of course, you could fix an image very fastly.
  • Great Tools: Equipped with the most important editing tools like the filters, Undo option, layers, etc.
  • 3D: Comes with 3D rotate function as well.
  • Best Suited for: Works well for machines with lesser power or RAM.


  • What it lacks: It lacks advanced photo editing features.
  • Why not this? It is not suitable for high-end purposes as such processes need fantastic image editing options to come with professional photographs.

GIMP – Equivalent to Paid Premium Counterparts

It is one of the elder brothers to the rest of the free photo editors available now and it can be abbreviated as the ‘GNU Image Manipulation Program’. It includes almost all the functionalities that you would find in a paid premium photo editor and in fact, it is the basis of the GIMP being one of the best free photo editors of 2017. If you have tried Adobe’s Photo Shop, then you could easily use the GIMP as it resembles more of it.

With the GIMP, You could mask the image, add layers to it, and include curves. Most importantly, GIMP allows you to do finer refinements with advanced selection tools and you would recognize it as soon as you start using it. Another reason that it is among the best free photo editors is that it is an Open Source product and such a community is continuously creating plug-ins for the tool. Some of them already come with it and you could also download the rest. It works well with the Windows platform as it has a list of power features. To know more about Adobe Photoshop, read the Adobe Photoshop Review here.


  • Open Source Product: It is an Open Source Product and you could avail the benefits of the Open Source Community.
  • Equivalent to Paid Premium Counterparts: No doubt that it comes with almost all the features of any premium photo editing tool and the only difference is that you get it absolutely for free.
  • More of Adobe’s Photo Editor: It includes and resembles the functionalities of Adobe’s Photo Editor but you could use it freely! Some of the functionalities are Image Masking, Filtering, adding layers to it, etc.
  • Advanced election Tools: You could even select a smaller portion and refine it with the advanced selection tools and the availability of such tools makes it one of the best free photo editors of 2017.
  • Plug-Ins: You could also get free plug-ins from the Open Source community.


  • High-end tool: It is loaded with lots of functionalities and hence a basic user would really feel the complexity while using it.

Fotor – Processing in Batches is Possible

When you wish to use a single click to do the magic, then Fotor is the right tool for you! Yes, you can apply pre-selected options to an entire folder and could get the desired results. As with any other photo editor, it also includes touch-up functionalities to bring the beauty on your images. The most important element that makes it one among the best free photo editors is that it could do the Batch processing.

Therefore you could feed a list of photographs to be processed for similar kinds of fixes like shaky pictures, dull shades, etc. This option is amazing, right? Yes, you could do betterment on all your photographs that you took during the vacation, for a complete renovation.


  • Complete Photo Editor: Though it emerged as a photo enhancer, it gained its advancements rapidly and soon it was delivered as a photo editing tool.
  • Touch-Up Functionalities: This is more common in almost any of the photo editor and is available here as well.
  • Batch Processing: It enables you to apply selected functionalities on a set of photographs and those would be processed in a batch.


  • Does not help Art works: Though it is much useful to process photographs as a bunch, you could not refine your art related images with it.
  • A lesser number of features: While we compare this with other free photo editors such as GIMP, etc, it lacks advanced features.

Google’s Nik Collection – Truly Professional

We are surprised to use Google products as it comes with real usability and simplicity! It was purchased by the Google from the Nik Corporation in the year 2012. Later, Google decided to give to users without the price tags. It includes 7 different kinds of superb photo editing features. Such as Silver Efex for Monochrome conversion, Color Efex for colour correction, Analog Efex for a complete film –like emulation, Viveza to boost the colour combination selectively, Dfine to reduce the noise, Sharpener to get crystal clear images, and HDR Efex for High definition images.

Furthermore, the best thing about the Google Nik is that you could either use it as a stand-alone tool or it could be installed on any other photo editing tools. It is for these reasons, it is regarded as one among the best free photo editors. Read here to know the Best Top 10 Professional HD Video Cameras.


  • Google’s Product: It was a premium photo editor and Google gives it freely to us! No price tags and trustworthy name, ‘the Google’, is a real plus for it.
  • 7 Unique Photo Editing Features: The Silver Efex, Color Efex, Analog Efex, etc forms a unique combination to present your images in a newer form.
  • High Definition Support: The HDR Efex along with the Sharpener could bring out the real definition of your images i.e. the high definition.
  • Compatible with other Photo Editors: You could either use the tool as a stand-alone one or could be installed on any other photo editing tools as Plug-ins.


  • How about the Further releases? It is not clear from the Google that whether they would charge money for the premium versions of it. As of now, it is free. We could enjoy the advantages of this one of the best free photo editors.

Pixlr – Quick Filtering Possible

The team understands the mindset of users and divides its functionalities into two categories based on the usability. The first is the Editor and is perfect for in-depth refinements. The second one is the Express. It is best for little fixes on your images and it saves your time as well. Unlike the other photo editing tools, Pixlr is an online editor. Hence, it is truly useful we have listed it here. It works very efficiently even with the systems of low power. It is for these reasons that Pixlr remains one of the best free photo editors of 2017.


  • Suitable for Low Powered Systems: If you use a low powered system, for example of fewer RAM, etc, you could use this editor more effectively.
  • Editor and Express Categories: The presence of two different categories helps its users to save and to choose what they need.
  • Set of Features: It comes with the usual photo editing features such as Masking, Filtering, Layering, etc, so that you would not miss any normal effects.


  • Online Editor: You need the Internet to work with the tool as it could not be installed on your system or any other device.
  • Lacks Preview feature: You could not preview the edited image but finally, you would arrive at the required precision.

Conclusion-The Best Free Photo Editor 2017

Consequently, we here have reviewed some of the best free photo editors of 2017. One among them is an online editor, the Pixlr. Read more about the Best Online Photo Editors here. If you feel the speed to be slower, then better check How to Increase Internet Speed? Other than that, both of them should work fine and would present your refined images.


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