We all know that the Mac systems come with the default web browser, the Safari. It runs with the proprietary WebKit from Apple. We may think that we need to use this browser, Safari, as it is the default one. It is absolutely not! You have plenty of other choices and let us figure out the best Mac Web browser based on your needs. Read here to know about What is a Web Browser?


It is the default browser of OS X and there is no doubt that it is the best Mac web browser! We regard it as the best not only for being a product of Apple but also for its features. This free web browser never drains your battery sooner as other web browsers do for your Mac. If you wish to save your battery, then Safari is a good choice. The ultra-fast page rendering capacity is liked by most users and the Apple maintains it from its launch of safari. The features list remains incomplete if we never talk about its stability. Yes, it is extremely stable on OS X systems.

You can also expand its features set with the help of extensions gallery. If you like a web page and you wish to read it again later, then you have provisions here. Yes, you can bookmark it for easy identification of the web page, the next time you read it. Not only that you can also save web pages for offline reading under the Reading List. The Reader View helps those who wish to read only the relevant content and not the junk. It just removes all such unnecessary contents and presents the web page in a more readable manner. We should also speak about its password management feature as it is one of the features that makes Safari the best Mac web browser.  Read here to know about Page Render Time.


  • It never drains your battery sooner.
  • Ultrafast page rendering capacity.
  • It is extremely stable on OS X systems.
  • Possible to expand its features set with extensions gallery.
  • Bookmark the web pages.
  • Reading List for offline reading.
  • Reader View for a more comfortable reading.
  • Password management.

Download Safari Here (for Mac users only).

Google Chrome

It is definitely one of the best Mac web browsers and it is equivalent to Safari in offering superb features to its users. Its extension gallery is really fantastic with regular enhancements. Also, it remains robust in various situations. The Inspection console of Google Chrome is a gift for web developers as it helps in analyzing the web pages in detail. You can also log in with your Google user ID to experience a customized browsing. One of the reasons that make Chrome one of the best Mac web browsers is that it has pinned tabs, even the Safari misses it. The only drawback with chrome is that the high media content usage drains the battery quickly! If you use chrome on your Mac, then there are chances that the hardware damage is severe due to battery issues. Read here to know the Best Software for Mac.


  • Extension gallery with regular enhancements.’
  • Remains robust.
  • Inspection console to inspect the web pages.
  • Can use Google user ID for a customized browsing experience.
  • Pinned tabs.

Download: Google Chrome here.


The FireFox is more or less equal in features to the Google Chrome but it exceeds the latter with lesser battery usage. It actually supports the Mac native feature of offering more battery life and remains one of the best Mac web browsers. FireFox is robust under various circumstances and page rendering is also extremely faster. If you have ever tried its tab management, then you would never remain calm without appreciating it. Such a fantastic feature that the other browsers really lack it.

The download manager is another extremely useful feature and it completely removes the need for relying on any third party download manager tools. You can also use the Bookmark management facility to keep track of your web pages. The private browsing facility guards your information against going to wrong hands or, in other words, it ensures your privacy. You can manage the web forms with auto-fills, etc with the help of web-form management feature. The spell checker and an editing console enable you to draft text without any errors or typos. Last but not the least, it also supports security related configurations for enhanced security. The availability of Mozilla FireFox helps you to access a single Mozilla account on your various devices and platforms. With no doubt, it is one of the best Mac web browsers!


  • Offers more battery life.
  • Robust under various circumstances.
  • Faster Page rendering capacity.
  • Fantastic Tab management.
  • Own Download management tools.
  • Bookmark management to keep track of web pages.
  • Private browsing to ensure privacy.
  • Web-form management tools.
  • Editing Console and spell checker to draft error-free text.
  • Supports security-related configurations.
  • Multiple platforms & device support.
  • Use Mozilla User ID for customized browsing experience.

Download: FireFox here.   


The Opera was well-known for its ultra-fast speed and the quick tabs facility. But other browsers continue to excel in providing the same and Opera needs something newer or better to capture the user attention. Despite such expectations, Opera remains one of the best Mac web browsers by loading pages fast. Also, its interface has minimalistic features and it presents a clear view. It is a secured browser with extension support as well. It also provides multiple device support and hence you can use & synchronize opera on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc. You can also manage your passwords and can bookmark your favourite pages.

Its search bar is much useful and the download manager helps you to download the searched items. You can also configure each and every website with the per-site configurations. Not only that Opera ensures your privacy by offering private browsing modes. You can also send error-free texts with the help of spell checker. The RSS reader which is a built-in feature is capable of sending the latest happenings on the Internet. It has a Quick Access menu at the top right corner and it is helpful to fetch the web pages that you wish to access quickly. Read here to know the Top 7 Free Online RSS Readers.


  • Quick Tabs facility.
  • Loads web pages fast.
  • Minimalistic Interface.
  • Secure Browser.
  • Extension support.
  • Multiple device support.
  • Password management and bookmark facility.
  • Search bar and Download Manager.
  • Per-Site configurations to customize every web page.
  • Private Browsing modes to ensure privacy.
  • Spell checker to send error-free texts.
  • Built-in RSS Reader to update the latest happenings.
  • Quick Access menu.

Download: Opera here.


Maxthon supports multiple devices/OS such as iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, Linux or Windows PC, etc. All you need to do is to sign up for a new Maxthon account or you can use your existing Maxthon account as well. It supports features such as multiple tabs, password management, and bookmarks. Its cloud support makes us easier to send text or images to various devices.

The Drag & Drop feature is a unique one that actually makes it one of the best Mac web browsers. You can simply select a word on a web page and can drag it to the URL bar/search bar to start a quick search. There are also extensions available for Maxthon and one among them is the built-in Flash.  The interface looks very neat and most importantly it never kills your battery quicker!  Therefore, it’s a good competitor for google chrome on Macs.   


  • Multiple Device and OS support.
  • Supports features such as Multiple Tabs, Password Management, and Bookmarks.
  • Provides excellent Cloud services.
  • Drag & Drop Facility to start quick searches.
  • Extensions such as built-in Flash.
  • Very neat Interface.
  • Never drains battery quicker.

Download: Maxthon here.


We have been looking for the best Mac web browser and OmniWeb just works well with OS X Mountain Lion or other older versions. If you are using latest versions of Mac, then it is not a recommended one. The interface looks outdated but it works pretty well though it does not work as faster as the modern browsers. Bookmark, download manager, password manager are all present here as well but it lacks private browsing mode. So if you have any older versions of Mac such as Mountain Lion, then OmniWeb is one of the best Mac web browsers. Otherwise, just look for other browsers in our list.


  • Best suited for older versions of Mac.
  • Includes Bookmark, Download Manager, and Password Manager.

Download: OmniWeb here.

Conclusion- The Best Mac Web Browser 2017

Safari is not the only web browser that goes well with Mac but we have other choices too! Google Chrome is an excellent alternative if you are not concerned about the quick battery drains. If you use older versions of Mac, then you can go for OmniWeb. If you are concerned about the drag & drop facility to start quick searches, then Maxthon is the best choice. Though Opera comes with a minimalistic view, it works pretty faster. Also, it is loaded with superb features such as Per-Site configuration, and RSS Reader. FireFox renders pages very fast and it remains robust under various circumstances. Each of the browsers that we have discussed tends to be one of the best Mac web browsers from different usage perspectives. Read here to know How to Run Windows on Mac.


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