Once you got your Mac computer, it’s time to get much out of it! Yes, most of us are really struggling to choose the best software for Mac. If you are one among the group, then this guide is the right choice for you! Let us discuss a range of software that not only simplifies your tasks on Mac but also help you in one or more ways.


It is a task management App from RealMac and it helps you keep track of all your tasks with its deadlines. Though there are a lot of such apps, Clear is definitely a simple and one of the best software for Mac.  With this app, you can order the tasks with respect to their importance. So that you can start working on the most needed one of the time. The Clear allows you to sync with the iCloud and to access the same via your iPad or iPhone. But it is going to cost you $9.99!

Download the Clear App here.  


1Password is an excellent app to store al our password at a single place. We sometimes get confused about which password to use for which app and this one of the best software for Mac, puts end to such issues. You can just create a single strong master password for your 1Password app and with that, you can store and manage the rest all password. The app even stores the security questions that you have set for different websites and helps in auto-filling the forms as well. you can also store your credit card information as you save your password. Going for an iCloud or Dropbox sync is also possible here, and it’s just going to cost a little. Just get the 1Password app for $4 per month for individuals and for $6 for a family. It allows a maximum of five installations with a family 1Password account.     

Download the 1Password App here.


It is just like the Adobe’s Photoshop but has its own difference as well. The important aspect of the tool is that you are going to pay just once and not every month or year in the form of subscriptions. It costs around  $29.99 and it is relatively a cheaper price for a time settlement. The Pixelmator is definitely one of the best software for Mac by excelling than the Photo of Mac. Just try it out and you can also edit all your images like a professional!

Download the Pixelmator App here.


It is a great tool to take notes on the go. It stores your data on the iCloud and hence you can access synchronized data on all your devices. If you have ever used the Microsoft’s OneNote, then you would recognize the importance of such an App. Evernote is a similar tool and it is one of the best software for Mac. The simplified search facility is liked by most people and it benefits the user lot! The Evernote Plus comes with an offline note-taking feature and with password protection for just $4 for a month or $35 for a year. The Evernote Premium allows you to append annotations and markup for just $8 for a month or $70 for a year.  

Download the Evernote App here.


We generally use Antivirus software to protect the Mac from viruses, trojans, malware, etc. Sometimes, few apps behave differently and they do certain unexpected tasks. For example, such programs can capture images via our webcam or can record the voice calls through our microphones. Those programs cannot be caught by our Antivirus software and we definitely need a better app to sort out the issue. One such tool is the F-Secure XFENCE and it is surely one of the best software for Mac.  You can avail it for free but it is still a beta version!

Download the F-Secure XFENCE here. Read about the Best Mac Antivirus 2017 here.


It is a good alternative to the App Store of Mac by getting you access to more than 75 apps. They are really useful and you can get those for just $9.99 per month. A range of tools such as creativity, developer tools, Lifestyle, Education & Research, Personal Finance, etc is present here. Just choose your app from one of the best software for Mac, the Setup and start using it!

Download the Setup App here.

Fantastical 2

It is really one of the best software for mac as it works smartly and quickly! We can consider its features overlapping with that of the “Clear” App. Its features are equivalent to Mac’s Siri but it can do even better tasks. Fantastical 2 works with BusyCal, iCal, Calendar, Outlook, and Entourage. You can use it to schedule your appointments in a more professional manner and fair better than the Clear! The best part of it is that you can separate the home appointments and the office appointments and can view those in different windows. You can get it for $49.99. Read here to know Everything You Need to Know About the iTunes and the iTunes Store.

Download the Fantastical 2 App here.  


Todoist is the must for those who are stuck with recurrent jobs or assignment on which more people work concurrently. Here you can specify the task priorities and the app even helps you to decide how best you can postpone the tasks. We have chosen it as one of the best software for mac as it also comes with features such as custom filters, alerts that are location-based, sending or receiving attachments and comments as well! The basic app is available for free and you get the premium app for $28.99 for a year.

Download the Todoist App here.


The Keypad helps you to make phone calls or receive those on your Mac OS X. You can either call your contacts or can even dial numbers with this Keypad app. You can get this app starting from just $0.99. This app allows you to even copy paste the numbers on it for. a quick dialling. So start using this one of the best software for Mac to call your friends at a cheaper price!

Download the Keypad App here.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The Google’s app is a great tool to access your remote desktops more easily. If you are on a travel and need to access your home computer, then this tool is really a superb option as if you are sitting at your computer at home. All you need to do is to remember your PIN and a simple authentication procedure can help you access your keyboard, mouse, and desktop. Most importantly, it is a free tool and definitely a one of the best software for Mac.

Download the Chrome Remote Desktop here.


Handbrake is a video converter app and it allows you to convert your videos from one format to another in just a few seconds. Even a newbie can use it with ease and that’s why we have regarded it as one of the best software for Mac. You can stream your video in different formats and all you can do it for free. So what are you waiting for, start converting your videos and use it in a format that you wish

Download the HandBrake App here. Read the Best Free Mac Video Editor 2017 here.


We tend to install lots of apps on our Mac and sometimes, it becomes an issue in the hard drive space. Even when we try to delete it through the Finder app, it takes a lot of time to identify the related files. we might even miss few such unnecessary files! To overcome such as issue, we can use one of the best software for Mac to clean it up! All you need to do is to open the AppCleaner app and to drag the Application that you wish to remove from your Mac. That’s it, it is done! The App by itself finds all the related files and cleans the hard drive. Also, it is available for free! Read the Top 4 Best Mac Cleaner Reviews here.

Download the AppCleaner App here.

Conclusion- Best Software for Mac – The Software You Need for your Mac

It takes time to learn the change from Windows to Mac but with right Apps, you can learn it fast! Yes, the above-mentioned apps are the best software for Mac and it can benefit you in a variety of situations. Be it video conversion or hard drive clean up, you have app for your purpose on Mac. So just get it and get much out of it! Read here to know How to download Netflix movies on Mac.


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