Besides Television Broadcast services, the online audio/video streaming services are rapidly being used. But the only problem here is that you should need the Internet while you stream the online contents. One of the popular audio/video online streaming services is the Netflix. The Netflix allows us to download its contents on our iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles, and Windows computers. But such a download is not yet supported on Mac and hence it is tricky to do that! Anyhow, we have a simpler solution to download Netflix Movies on Mac and this article would explore you the same! Read here to know How to Record your PC or Mac Screen for Free!

 Using a Screen Recorder

You can use a screen recorder to download Netflix movies on Mac, while you watch the contents online. The screen recorder just records whatever you do or watch on the Netflix screen and you can use it later offline. Some of the screen recorders for Mac are ScreenFlow, Snagit, Camtasia, and Apowersoft Mac Screen recorder. These work best with their paid versions yet few of them offer free limited services as well. There are also completely free solutions to such a screen recording and on among them is the Monosnap. You can use it to download Netflix movies on Mac and you can watch the same offline.

Let us explore the Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder software to know how to download Netflix movies on Mac.

Step-1: Download the software – Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

The first step here is to download the Apowersoft Mac screen recorder software from a genuine website and just install it on your Mac. To start with, you can go ahead with the free limited version and it allows you to record a TV show or movie for a maximum of three minutes. Of course, this duration is really lesser while you download Netflix movies on Mac. At any time, you can purchase the paid version and there is no such timing restriction here. But it costs you around £33 and this is, in fact, a huge amount! Also, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and so getting a paid version even at the start is not a matter here! If you really feel that cost is going to be an issue, then you can simply go for the completely free software. Below is the screen shot of Apowersoft Mac screen recorder App and you can notice that it lists the limitations of free versions there. Read here to know How to Free Storage on Mac.

Step-2: Adjust the Settings

Audio Input and Output

The Apowersoft Mac screen recorder App by default records sounds from the Microphone. Therefore, you should change it to the System Sound and here is how to do that. Just click the Audio Input and enable the System sound.  You can notice the Microphone is enabled by default. Once this change is done, the software automatically picks the sound output as the software rather than the default option speakers. You can also notice the same in the System Preferences of your Mac and by clicking the Audio section. It just lists the audio input and the output.

Other Recording Options

Next, to Audio Input, there is another radio button on the screen and is the ‘Options’. Just click it and you would be displayed with lots of options such as ‘Auto generate the file name’, Minimize t o tray during recording’, ‘Show countdown before recording’, ‘Beep on Start/Stop recording’, etc. We would recommend you to enable all those mentioned-above to enjoy a better recording. Also, just disable the ‘Show recording boundary’, ‘Show recording toolbar’, and ‘Record mouse record cursor’ to get a clear downloaded movie. Apart from these, you can also set the Hotkeys of your choice to speed up your access. You can also click the Recording tab of the Options to alter the other recording settings. Read here to know The Significance of Netflix’s Technology & Development Expenses.

Step-3: Do not Use the Web Browser – ‘Safari’

Safari integrates QuickTime Player with it and it never allows you to download Netflix movies on Mac. You will soon notice an error message while you do so with the Safari. So, it’s better that you look for an alternative to Safari and here you can find The Best Mac Web Browser 2017.

Also, be sure you are recording only the Netflix movie and not from any other screens connected to the Mac. In order to avoid such issues, it is better that you remove all the other monitors from the Mac. Once the recording process is done, you can save the output by clicking the small dots located near the Open Folder menu. If you do not specify the output location, it is saved to the default Username -> Movies -> Mac Screen Recorder.

Step-4: Start Recording

Once you are done away with any other monitors connected to the Mac and got ready with an alternative browser to Safari such as Google Chrome or Fire Fox, you can start the process. To do that, just click the Record radio button and you would see the options such as Region, Full Screen, and Web Camera. You would get better results when you use the full-screen option and hence we would recommend you to go with that! We have enabled the ‘Show countdown before recording’, and therefore we could see a three seconds countdown once the record button is clicked.

Step-5: Stop Recording

Once the recording is over, you can just minimize the Apowersoft window and just click its logo that appears on the top-right corner of the Mac. Hit ‘Strop recording’ option which will save the output file on the selected or default destination. It is saved as an MOV file and if it’s too long, then obviously it takes some time for the process.

Step-6: Edit the Output File

Now, we have learned to download Netflix movies on Mac and it’s time to edit the output file as per our convenience. The recorded file is now on the Apowersoft window and you can click it to view its properties. It’s just like a shortcut to the file that is stored on your Mac and any changes you do here will be reflected on the file stored on Mac.  So, if you delete the file here, then it’s gone forever.  So we finally learned how to download Netflix movies on Mac and now you enjoy watching it offline!

Step-7: How to transfer the Downloaded file to iOS

Once you have the file, it is obvious that you can view it on your Mac. Is it possible to watch the same on your iOS devices such as iPhone, or iPad? Yes, it is possible but you need to convert the MOV file to MP4 file. Thankfully, the process is simple and we can do it with the Apowersoft software itself. There is a convert option under the Recording section and click it. There appears another pop-up window and navigate there to locate the MOV file. Then click Convert and specify the output location. If the file is too long, then obviously it takes quite long time for the conversion. Now you can enjoy the same content on your iOS devices too.

Using iTube Studio

There is yet another simpler solution to download Netflix movies on Mac and by using the iTube Studio App. It is a free tool and is available for Windows as well. Furthermore, it allows you to download movies from a variety of online streaming services websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Hollywood Movies, etc.  It allows multitasking that means you can go ahead with your other works while you download Netflix movies on Mac. You can also convert the downloaded file to MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.As with Apowersoft software; you can always export the downloaded file to other devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Step-1: Download and Install it on your Mac

You can download the iTube Studio for Mac here and install it as per the instructions.

Step-2: Start Recording

You can now open your Netflix account here and just click the record button that appears on the left side panel. Then click the ‘REC’ to start the recording process. You have almost finished the process.

Step-3: Adjust the Settings

The system settings allow you to specify the input, output, frame rate and also the quality of the video. You can even enter the record timing or you can start & stop manually. There are two options with respect to how you handle mouse and they are ‘Show Mouse Click in Recording’ and ‘Play Mouse Click Sound’.

Step-4: Converting the Output Files

Once you have completed the recording process, the downloaded content appears on the list of iTube Studio. Just click the file and then click the Convert button in the left panel. Now you need to select the file type such as MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, MPEG, etc. then click ok and you are done! Read here to know the Survey: MP4 is Top Format for Web and Mobile Videos.

Conclusion-How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Though Apple Inc does not explicitly presents a tool to download Netflix movies on Mac. Still, we can do it with software. The ideas that we presented here is just to help you with your work and by no means have we recommended you to download Netflix movies on Mac. Anyhow, you can use it for your personal purposes and to enjoy watching Netflix movies offline!




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