Whenever we find an information, we always Google it. Similarly, when need to know a process such as a recipe, stitching method, or technical fixes, etc we always look for video that could provide us with enough information. Undoubtedly, we are dependent on the Internet to help us. Seeking the human help has been considerably reduced in this Internet era. We usually help others by sharing certain videos of how to get that work done. However, sometimes it seems difficult if we are unable to keep videos or any particular method.

Especially when we don’t know how to record or download a video or it is not available for download. in such cases you can always record your PC or Mac screen while watching a video and can save it for future use. If you one such person, and here comes the help to record your PC or Mac screen very easily! Just try it out and you could also help others with what you do and what you know.

If it is a simple snapshot, then we could do it with the print screen option available with our computer. But when it comes to a video recording or an audio recording, we obviously need to use some Apps available. Out of such recording Apps, we found the OBS Studio as the best one. Of course, the Apps that we use in our day-to-day lives even could do the job but the precision and the editing tools matter here. When we compare the OBS Studio with such Apps, it is really a better choice to edit the video or audio file after you record your PC or Mac screen. So it is easier to record and you could share it via YouTube, Twitch, or just through your e-mail!

Here is the list of steps that you need to do to record your PC or Mac screen with the OBS Studio.

Download the OBS Studio App:

This is your first task and it is as you with any other App usage. Yes, you could download the OBS Studio here. The download page looks simple and it also lists the features associated with the OBS Studio. If you wish you could go through it once so that you would get a better idea of the product. This App could even help your creating professional productions as well. But we advise you to start with the simpler video recordings at the beginning and later you could move on to more tricky ones. Once your download is complete, just launch the installer. It looks like this.

Just click the install button and you would be directed to select the Plugins during the process. It is better to enable the Browser Source Plugin box as it helps us to record the order of the web pages while we record. Also if you a Real Sense camera while you record your PC or Mac screen, then enable the appropriate check boxes. Otherwise, just disable the plugin check boxes. Read here to know the Best Free Photo Editor of 2017

It’s time to configure now!

Once you are done with the installation, you need to configure it while you use it for the first time.

During this process, the OBS Studio App tests various possible recording options and identifies the best combination for you to record your PC or Mac screen. Generally, the App uses 60 frames per second and we could even customize it as per our needs. But it is advisable to use the suggested record settings in order to get smooth video recordings. The most important surprise here is that the configuration process takes place automatically as soon as you launch the wizard. There is also a useful information section, through which the wizard acquires option from us. The option is used to determine what type of video recording that we are going to make with the OBS Studio App. For example, we could make videos for streaming purposes or for just a recording purpose. The former one needs an ‘Optimize for Streaming’ and the later needs an ‘optimize just for recording’. Accordingly, we should select the radio button provided in the configuration wizard. You could look at those option in the image below.

And we are almost done with the installation and configuration part to record your PC or Mac video. The next step takes you through the source settings.

Select the Sources

We could record video from our computer screen, from any application, web cams, still images, etc. The choices for the record source are many and we are responsible for choosing it as per our needs. It is very easier to do it with the help of the Panel ‘Sources’. This panel appears at the bottom of the screen and it helps you determine the source from where you record your PC or Mac screen.  While you look at the below image, you could identify the two main options for the source – ‘Display Capture’ and ‘Game Capture’.  When you select the Display Capture as you r source, it starts recording all the activities on your computer screen. For example, you could click a file and high light certain details in it. This procedure is just recorded as frames whose number has been already set. Yes, the default count is 60 frames per second. These frames are just captured images and you could see it as a hall of mirrors effect on your computer screen.   Yes, those frames are nothing but the screen captures on a regular interval of time.

When you select the ‘Game capture’ as an option from the source panel, the recording starts only after you open an Application to the full screen. It means you would record your PC or Mac screen only what you do inside the App.

Set your Audio Input

After you have done with the recording source, you need to set the audio input to determine from where the voice or sound is coming. This you would find under the ‘Audio’ option of the Settings tab. It is highlighted in the below image.

The sound input could be from the computer’s sound card or from the attached microphones. There is a Sound Mixer Panel that lets you alter the audio input channel. You could also have filters for the both the desktop audio and the microphone audio. Yes, you could apply those filters to suppress the noise when you record your PC or Mac screen.

The Output Options

You can either output the recorded video to a video stream App such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc or you can just save the file that could be edited or sent later. If you wish to stream the video then just click the ‘Stream’ option from the Settings. We have highlighted it in the below image. Read here to know about YouTube’s Mobile Live Streaming.

Inside stream, you could select the type of streaming apps from the drop-down list. The next output option is the ‘Save’ and here you need to specify the type of the file. The most commonly used type to record your PC or Mac screen is the MP4 and you could also go for other supported record formats as well. There is another important option that is required here and is the selection of a path for the output file. Just select the folder in which you want the recorded file to be placed. You are done! Read here to know the Most Common Types of Video Files and Containers.

What next? Start Recording or Streaming!

We have come to last part of our article and it is time for the action. Now you start and record your PC or Mac screen as per the chosen the source. If your choice is ‘Game Capture’, then the recording process starts as soon as you launch an App in full screen.  If your choice is ‘Screen Capture’, then the recording process starts as soon as you click the ‘Start record’ button on the OBS Studio App. But you need to little edits to remove the unwanted frames at the initial part of the recorded file. However, the choice is yours. We have sorted out all the options for you here. You could avoid those edit processes by using the ‘Hotkeys’ option in the settings.  With the Hotkeys, you could choose the keyboard shortcuts so that it would help you start and stop the recordings with the already set keys.

Other Apps to Record Your PC or Mac Screen

The OBS Studio is not the only App that enables you to record, we have something more to offer. There are some more apps which can Record Your PC or Mac Screen. Yes, it is there and probably, we might have noticed yet. Some of them are the MS PowerPoint of Microsoft Office 365, YoutTube Live Streaming, QuickTime Player, Bandicam, ShowMore, Fraps, etc. You can also avail other paid services such as Snagit, Camtasia, etc. Read the Microsoft Office 2016 (for Mac) Review here.

Conclusion-How to Record your PC or Mac screen for Free

Recording your computer is not that tough and you could also do it! Yes, just use the Apps that we have mentioned and start to record your PC or Mac screen freely or by using any of the paid Apps. Now you can share your videos as well and it could even be a great opportunity to expose skills! Read here to know How to Free Storage on Mac.


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