Mac has its popularity and usability when compared to its competitors, and it is a product of well-known technology giant, the Apple Corporation. You might have seen people who proudly say that they own a Mac device. Most people even think that owning a Mac is such a fashion and is superior to other devices. After you get it and if you do not know how to use it properly, then what’s the use of getting it? That is why we are here to clearly explain it to you what to do and how to do, especially, for the Mac beginners and for those who wish to use Mac more effectively.

Set up process

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Plug the required devices such as a keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Turn it on as we discussed above.
  • Open the setup

It asks for your Apple ID, so do create it. If you have it already just use that. Apple recommends its users to backup their data in iCloud drive or so to be on a safer side. Also, create your username and a password for your Mac device as it protects your device from being wrongly accessed by others. You can use the Migration Assistant to transfer your data from other PC, or Mac or any other Backup. This is how the setup screen looks.

  • Software Installation:

Now you can install the required software on your Mac device. Being Mac beginners, you need not worry about installing, and it is quite simpler! You need to drag the icon of that application to your destination folder, it copies itself and then installs. Similarly, you just need to drag the icon to the Trash to uninstall it. Installation of Software or Applications is very easier on Mac!

  • Look for updates:

Once you land on the desktop, you can see the Finder and the Dock. The former helps you to search any particular information or file on your device, and the latter has the App Store in it.  From the App store, you can quickly look for the software that you need and can install it. Also, being Mac beginners, it is right time that you looked for updates if any.

  • Connect the peripheral devices:

After you install and update the necessary software, you can connect the peripheral devices such as printers, speakers, etc.

Few Basics

  • How to use the Finder?

Finder is a tab that appears first on your Mac desktop. You can see it at the top and below which you can see the desktop.  You can just click on it to find or locate your files or documents on your device.

  • Apple Menu:

On the above image, the Apple menu is marked as 1, and this menu enables you to access shut down, sleep, software updates and other preferences on your system. This is kept at the first position for a quicker and easier access.

  • The Applications that you use:

The Applications in use appears next to the Apple menu and is in bold text to differentiate from the rest. On the above image, we have marked it as 2. Just have a look at it for a better understanding.

  • Menu bar:

The long bar that holds all the menus at the top of the screen is the menu bar and is marked as 3 on the above image. As with any other device, it also got the same name.

  • Identify your Status:

You can easily track the system or device status by looking at the status menu that appears on the right side of the menu bar. It notifies you when you turn your Wi-Fi on or when you put your speakers on mute. These are not the only options, and it displays even when you plug in a new device to Mac. For the Mac beginners, this menu is of great use as they can straightly look on for any new change that goes with the device. We have marked it as 4 on the above image.

  • Search:

The Spotlight icon is used to search any file or information on your Mac device. We have marked it as 5 and start using it for efficient searches.

  • Notifications:

There is an icon that is marked as 6 on the above image, and it notifies or reminds you of messages, or any calendar appointments. So Mac beginners, just get much of out your device by exploring such useful features and stay ahead when you communicate.

  • Desktop:

It is marked as 7 on the above image, and you can have more than one desktop added to your device with the help of Mission control. There is a concept called Spaces that helps you organize the Apps as per the usage and needs. But it is available only with Mac OS x versions 10.5 and 10.6. Just look at the below image, the Apps or files are grouped for an easier usage.

  • Dock:

It gives you quick access to the most recently used or commonly used apps, files, and folders. It just displays the list, and a single click on it can get you there. We have shown you like 8 on the image.

How to organize files into folders?

Being Mac beginners, it’s quite common that you start downloading lots of files or Apps onto your device. After days run, you may see your desktop looking very clumsy. At that point in point, you may think that your desktop needs a better organization or clean up like activity. We are here to help you on how to organize the files on your desktop? Just follow the below steps and you are done!

  • Select the file or Apps that you want to put in a particular folder.
  • Control + Click on any of the selected files.
  • You will see the shortcut menu and just select “New Folder with Selection.”
  • Now, all the selected files will go to the folder. You are done, and it’s so easy!

So, try it and clutter the files into a folder for a better appearance of your desktop.

Desktop Customization

  • Changing the view size of icons or text:

You can not only organize your files on your desktop but also can customize it as per the need. Yes, even Mac beginners can easily do it and there lies the usability of your Mac. A better view of the desktop can help you quickly pick what you need, and we have already shown you how to organize your files on the desktop. When you can change certain parameters like the size of icons, text size on the desktop, etc., it is amazing, right? Just follow the steps written below to do so;

  • Click on the desktop.
  • You are displayed with a set of options and click on View.
  • Now, click on the Show View Options.
  • You will see a pop-up screen and adjust the parameters there.

  • Changing the Background:

Being Mac beginners, most users want to change the background image that appears on their desktop. You need not worry as Mac allows you to do it in just a few clicks.

  • From the Dock, just select the LaunchPad icon and then the System Preferences. If you have a Mac OS of version 10.6 or above, then you can directly find the System preferences in the Dock.
  • From the options, select the Desktop & Screensaver option and then the Desktop option.
  • You will be displayed with the folders on your desktop and browse it to select the picture as your background image.

  • Choose what you need on the Desktop

Glad news for you the Mac beginners that you can choose what items to be displayed on your desktop, you can do it very easily! Yes, just follow the below steps.

  • Go to Finder and select the Preferences option.
  • From there, just click the General option.
  • You can see lots of checkboxes and enable or disable them as you wish.

  • Change the icons

It’s always not needed that you should use only those icons that are available on your Mac. You can add your icon by downloading it, and here we help you to do so. Mac beginners, let us get the start and do it step-by-step.

  • Just figure out the software that supplies icons for Mac. Iconfactory is one such, and you be sure to select format as Apple before downloading the icons and is shown below.

  • Just open the downloaded file and select the icon you like. To know information about that icon, you can just press Command – i.
  • Now, open the file or folder where you wish to change the icon. Here also, press Command – I to know the information.
  • Click on the new icon and press Command – c.
  • Click on the old icon and press Command – v.
  • It’s done! Now you have copied the new icon to the older one.

This is not the only source from where you can download icons, and you can do it from various sources. Mac beginners just do your research and find more!

How to close a Window?

In Windows, we click the ‘x’ box that appears on the top right corner of that window but in Mac the clicking does not close the window. It just removes it from the screen and still, the program runs background. To close it completely, Mac beginners should press Command + Q. Just be aware of such things for Mac to improve the efficient usage of the device.

Have you noticed?

From our previous discussions, you might have noticed that Command is the replacement for Control on Windows. Yes, it is. Look at the few options that work with the Command key.

WindowsMac OS XFunction
Ctrl + c Cmd + c Copy
Ctrl + vCmd + vPaste
Ctrl + xCmd + c and then Cmd-Option-v while you do the paste. It removes the original copy.  So it is a two step process.Cut

And here is the symbol of the Command key.

Other basic differences

Mac beginners find it little different when they switch from Windows devices. The basic difference starts with the usage of the key and we have already discussed how the Command key replaces the Control of Windows machines. Now let us discuss on other few differences so that you can learn to use your Mac very easily!

Key used in MacKey used in WindowsWhat does it do?
OptionAltTo perform alternative tasks by pressing key combinations.
No Backspace key but only the Delete key is presentBackspace key is thereTo erase letters
Cmd + TabAlt + TabIt cycles Applications
Two-finger click Right-clickTo open a list of options or shortcut functions
Two-finger swipeScrollTo go above or below the page.

Advantages of being a Mac user

Mac users can certainly use it advantageously if they learn to their device properly. Apple is a company that is a well-known brand to follow various benchmarks for their products. So as Mac beginners, you are completely free of quality issues and need not worry about the performance factors. The Mac devices work with at most precision and come with top-notch quality. The consistency in design and the portability features are also amazing. Also, Apple adds new apps to its App store now and then. This makes us install whichever is required from the provider itself. Few of the Apps include Contacts, Calendar, iBooks, iTunes, Photo Booth, Time Machine, Maps, etc. These are not the only advantages of being Mac beginners or users; you can experience it when you start using it. It’s right time that you already bought your Mac device, and we hope that this article would help you much to explore and to use your Mac device. We wish you to be Mac experts from just Mac beginners!

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