Internet security firm Malwarebytes newly found that a set of extensions for Chrome and Firefox will not only hijack; but will block any efforts to eliminate them from these two browsers. The variant found in Chrome is a restricted extension emanating from web pages that dupe visitors into installing the extension through a JavaScript-based popup. The Firefox variant arises from advertisements purporting to be an official standard update demand warning posted by Mozilla.

Sneaky Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

“Tiempo en colombia en vivo” is the name of the invading Chrome extension. Malwarebytes doesn’t give any specifics about what this extension actually does to Chrome, but probably, it effectively hijacks the browser to start technical support scams, drive click numbers on specific sites, or totally hijack web searches. The company’s listing tells these extensions for Chrome and Firefox could spy on your web browsing actions too.

It’s actually force-installed by capturing the browser on sites backing the extension. If you attempt to leave the webpage; a popup surfaces asking to append an extension for exiting the webpage. If you choose to cancel, another popup will arrive with an extra tick box that states “Prevent this page from creating additional dialog.” Check the box; tap “OK,” and the browser advances full screen with a popup showing the name of the extension that Chrome Web Store seemingly distributes.

Thinking it’s legitimate; Chrome users install the extension. But the difficulties only get worse for there. When Chrome users try to access the in-browser extensions section; they are steered to a fake extension webpage that doesn’t register the installed; offending extension. Because this page is internal; disabling JavaScript doesn’t fix the problem. The only way to regain control is to add “–disable-extensions” after chrome.exe in the shortcut command line (which disables all extensions); or rename the “1499654451774.js” file in the extensions folder.

What do you have to say about these extensions for Chrome and Firefox; let us know in the comments.



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