Can’t access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube In Pakistan? Use VPN and Proxy To Get To Your Favorite Social Networking Site!

After the complete off-air of the private news channels by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA); the sources have been reporting that the country has also suspended social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

However, a handful of netizens from Pakistan previously reported that they were unable to access these social media platform and video streaming service only from desktop devices. Whereas, mobile apps are still accessible across the nation.

Also, this is worth noting that the ongoing operation against Islamists in Islamabad resulted in media blackout and social media outage.

This has led many people unable to access their favorite content on YouTube and Facebook in Pakistan.

How To Access Facebook, Twitter And YouTube In Pakistan?

Here’s the kicker, the people of Pakistan, who find no way to access Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, can now access all this by using a VPN service or proxy sites.

If this does not ring the bell, let me tell you what a VPN is and how it helps you to access blocked website anywhere in the world.

What’s A VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an online tool that basically enables you to encrypt your internet traffic and provides you a secure connection. Besides, a VPN also helps you evade the internet censorship and geo-restrictions. What a VPN does to help you access blocked content is, it simply disguises your IP address virtually; so that the server you are accessing would fail to recognize your actual location and hence give you the access.

How To Unlock Facebook, Twitter and YouTube In Pakistan With A VPN

To access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan, head over to any reliable VPN service, subscribe there and download the VPN software. Once you got a VPN software installed, open it and select the server location other than Pakistan. Now hit the connect button.

After connecting to a VPN service with non-Pakistani IP, you will be allowed to access all your favorite social media platforms with state of the art security level that not even your ISP can intercept.

Proxy And Other Tools

Other than VPN, there are also various ways to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan; that includes proxy websites, Smart DNS, free VPN extensions, etc. But, these tools are not as secure as a VPN.

So, it is ultimately your call to select any of the above-mentioned tools to access Facebook, Twitter In Pakistan. Let us know in the comment section below which way you think is better.


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