Adidas, the sneaker giant, is all set to mass-produce the Future 4D Sneakers, using 3D printing technology.

The innovative mass-produced method is now hitting footwear with its nifty benefits. All credit goes to the 3D printing technology startup Carbon from Silicon Valley. Last night, the company broke this news of launching its Future 4D Sneakers and here we have brought the Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneaker Preview. However, from a quite long time, the company was trifling with the 3D printing technology, now it is finally on the verge of producing 3D printing sneakers to hit the market soon this year.

The Adidas Futurecraft 4D will be manufactured in collaboration with a 3D printing tech startup Carbon. This upcoming shoe looks far better than their first 3D printing runners, that was more towards a concept than reality. The company also unfolded their plan to produce 5000 pairs of Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneakers this fall and also aims to manufacture 100,000 next year.

Company’s Prolong Efforts Behind this futuristic 3D Printing Shoes

The Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneaker is the fall out of the company’s endeavor to develop performance data-driven 3D-printed midsoles for the patron which will function using the particular foot scanning technique. However, this was first announced by the company back in 2015. And It took Adidas to evolve the 3D printing technology in its super thunder flying kicks, Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneakers which is best designed for runners out there.

Some words from the Adidas Press Release:

The press release in which the company unveils the Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneaker, the company officials uttered:
“Futurecraft 4D’s midsole is born out of 17 years of running data,” and created with  Digital Light Synthesis — a super futuristic process that uses digital light projection and liquid resins.

“With Digital Light Synthesis, we venture beyond limitations of the past, unlocking a new era in design and manufacturing,” Eric Liedtke, a group executive board member for Adidas, explained in the release.

In talks with Reuter, the representative of Adidas said the following words about Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneaker. 

“This is a milestone not only for us as a company but also for the industry,” Gerd Manz from Adidas further added, “We’ve cracked some of the boundaries.”

Still Has A Long Way To Go:

The partnership with Carbon will use the method of ‘Continuous Liquid Interface Production’ that will work as a catalyst to accelerate the rate of the production cycle. The other significant advantage of this strategy is that it breeds the most customized approach of producing footwear sneakers. Despite, this technology of Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneaker has miles to go in a bid to shape itself as a financially feasible for a more large-scale production and to come up with some more customized options to offer its consumers.

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