If you’re still having problems with a slow Adobe Lightroom Classic; a new update is arriving in February that should address the issue.

What’s Adobe Lightroom Classic?

Adobe started the newest version of its excellent photo editing and management software last fall; and for the first time cut it between Lightroom Classic (primarily Lightroom 7 for desktops) and Lightroom CC, a lighter, mobile-based version of the editing software; that has lesser features than Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Having attended to objections from cinematographers about the sometimes slow performance of Lightroom 6; Adobe had assured speed enhancements with Adobe Lightroom Classic. But soon after its debut; it immediately became clear that some users were still encountering issues concerning the software’s capability; to handle specific tasks in an effective manner.

An update issued in December 2017 fixed various of the bugs; that bothered the launch variant of Classic, but the momentum of the software continued to annoy some photographers.

The good news is that version 7.2 is imminent and looks set to properly improve the operation of the Adobe-made software. The bad news? Your device will need minimum 12GB of RAM to profit fully from the new update. Adobe, however, says that “the majority” of Adobe Lightroom Classic users have devices with at least 12GB of RAM, “so this update will give a significant performance impact for most users.”

Adobe Addresses Key Performance Issues

“We were able to make significant strides with our partners at Intel on addressing key performance issues,” Adobe told DPreview this week, adding that it has “optimized CPU and memory usage so that performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12GB of RAM.”

Precisely, Adobe declares the software tweaks will advance speed performance for:

– import and preview generation
– moving between images in Loupe View
– rendering of adjustments in Develop mode
– batch merge operations of HDR images and panoramas
– export

Adobe reported PetaPixel that it’s “really pleased” with the modern performance improvements, but said it was “far from done” and has “more performance optimizations and improvements planned” for forthcoming releases. We’re probably hoping version 7.2 finally sets the Classic issues to bed as for various photographers the software is powerful when it’s firing on all cylinders.
Adobe offers several pricing choices depending on the package, though a favorite deal for $10 a month gets you Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom apps for mobile and web, Photoshop CC, Adobe Spark, and 20GB of cloud storage


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