Is your iOS device rebooting itself ostensibly at random this morning? You’re not the only one to face this iPhone crash.

What Causes iPhone Crash?

Apple is begetting a pretty rough week when it comes to critical software bugs. First, there was that absurd admin login detour in macOS – now a glitch is making iOS devices around the world to crash.

Here’s what’s occurring: a glitch in the notifications system is crashing springboard, the part of iOS that handles your home screen.

Apps with daily notifications (workout apps, medication reminder apps, etc.), in the singular, look to be triggering the iPhone crash. But only after your phone’s clock reaches 12:15 AM on December 2nd; 2017. That it begins with apps with daily notifications indicates it’s not affecting everyone — but it also makes it pretty hard to narrow down the list of impacted apps. There are just too many.

The workaround:

If you can get your device to boot for a few minutes without crashing and you can learn which apps send regular notifications, turn off notifications for those apps (Settings > Notifications > the app in question > toggle “Allow notifications.”)
Once you’ve got your device to stop restarting, update iOS. Apple has just formally released iOS 11.2 to all, and it seems to fix this problem of iPhone crash — but you’ll still need to get your phone steady enough to update, first. Once you’re on 11.2; you can turn all those notifications back on.

What you presumably shouldn’t do, though some are suggesting it, is set your system clock back to a time before December 2nd. Lots of things on new devices tap the system clock as part of their encryption/certification algorithms, so something (like, say, iMessage) start to tear when your system clock is way off. It won’t brick your device, but lots of apps and games will act unusually. If you have to do it; be sure to set it back to automatic when you’re done.

If you stop experiencing iPhone crash after December 2nd at 12:15 am local time. Meanwhile, you likely don’t need to do anything. You probably don’t use any apps with local/scheduled notifications, or you’ve already got them turned off. Curiously, this bug doesn’t seem to be impacting users running the latest iOS beta, iOS 11.2.

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