Google and Amazon look to have a tough time getting along; and new trademark filings indicate that the matter could get even more avid. Amazon lately registered for trademarks on AmazonTube and OpenTube; implying it may be preparing to take on video streaming giant YouTube.

What’s AmazonTube Filings?

If that looks like a stretch, the trademark registration describes the propagation of “non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, video and audiovisual operations via wireless networks” that would “enable users to share content, photos, videos, text, data, images and other electronic works.” Seems a lot like Google’s video streaming service, right?

What’s Cooking Between Google And Amazon?

What precisely is going on here? How could anybody try to play with something as massive as YouTube? Well, the fact is Amazon might be believing like Google has retreated it into a corner and pushed it to at least try.

Google has obstructed the YouTube app from the Amazon Echo Show and has already given a warning pronouncing that it would block access to YouTube on Amazon Fire TV devices by January 1st. The warning issued on December 5; the very day as Amazon’s trademark registration of AmazonTube, making it look like more than the eventuality.

But we can’t merely frame Google as the wicked guy here. The truth is both Amazon and Google have been playing the “who can do more” game for quite a while. Google’s reactions are a response to Amazon’s custom of not marketing devices seen as competing with its own products; like the Chromecast and Google Home. The Search Giant could also still be bothered that Amazon Video denies playing ball with Chromecast.

What’s going to occur? We don’t know for sure. Lots of trademark registrations never make it to the market, so maybe Amazon is just capping its bases or even misleading with filings of AmazonTube. After all, Amazon has lately agreed to bring Apple TV and Chromecast back to its storefront, something that could reduce the tension between the two tech giants.


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