Apple has launched the preview of its new Video Editing App called Clip. However, the company has unveiled its preview as of now, and the Apple Clips Video App will be at people’s fingertips from the following month. Lately, we have been observing Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram showed up as the tech-rivalries of the pioneer of entertaining and fun video messaging app. These rivalries apps are making every effort to take on Snapchat traffic. In such heated up situation, how can the biggest tech giant be any less? The tech behemoth Apple also attempted to come up with something that can be a corrival to Snapchat. Although the company did not venture to launch its social networking app, the fun way of video editing idea is somewhat similar to that of Snapchat.

App’s Layout

What we can perceive from the preview of Apple Clips Video App is it is the halfway point between iMovie and the Memories ( a slideshow feature in the Camera App). What the company most emphasized on is the user-friendly interface of the app. You certainly do not need to have a background in video editing. You can master the app by just freezing your eyes in front of its preview. If we put three video editing software powered by Apple, the Clip Video Editing App would be categorized as the beginner level app, iMovie as Intermediate and Final Cut Pro as advanced level software. Comparably, the app layout is merely akin to iMovie that is rated superbly worldwide for its user-friendly interface. The term self-explanatory will perfectly suit the app’s interface.

App’s Functionality

All Apple Clips Video App wants from you to begin is hold the red bulging button to record the video or clip. As long as you will keep pressing this button, the clip will be filmed. The precise timeline is on the bottom of the app where all your recorded clips will be stored, allowing you to rearrange each scene and trim the video’s length. The maximum limit for recording a video is one hour.

A spate of options at the top of the app enables you to append filters to your clip on which few are admittedly different than what you see on Photo Editing. More to it, it allows you to add animated title cards, soundtracks that can also be acquired from iTunes and much more. The most eye-catchy feature is Live Titles feature in Apple Clips Video App which will be more likely to guess the title based on the user’s speech. This innovative iOS feature will be enough to rate the app atop. Once recorded and edited the Apple Clips Video App will also enable you to share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.


The company, making a mere use of its incredible expertise in video editing software, is all set to make Apple Clips Video App available for the iPhone and iPad users. Noticeably, it is the first time when Apple rolled up something directly for the mobile users. To sum up it, it seems like Apple will always lead the run of tech giants. Be it hardware or software. The leading tech behemoth is not likely to leave any gap.

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