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Seemingly, being the biggest mobile giant, smartwatch maker, desktop personal computer behemoth is not enough for the tech hunk Apple. It is now reported to plunge into the healthcare sector. According to a report on CNBC on Wednesday, Apple has furtively hired a team of biotech engineers who are busying with Apple Glucose Sensor Technology for Diabetes treatment.

What It Aims To Invent?

In the wake to examine blood sugar level and cure the world suffering from diabetes, Apple aims to develop a noninvasive sensor that could be integrated with Apple Watch and note the sugar degree in the blood without undergoing the painful process of finger pricking. Instead, it is likely to monitor the glucose level with the help of being in contact with the skin.

Secret Mission But Not Mission Impossible!

Apple has assigned the team of biomedical engineers an office in Palo Alto instead of its headquarter. This is enough to smell the intended secrecy of Apple that seemingly does not want to reveal this effort for now. This team of high-tech professional scientists has been working on this project for about five years, and Apple has now sent the Apple Glucose Sensor Technology for Diabetes in the Bay area for clinical tests.CNBC also enlightened us with the fact that Apple has also acquired a team of healthcare consultants that deals the complexities in medical regulations.

This team is led by the Apple senior vice president of hardware technology Johny Srouji, and before him, it was supervised by Michael D. Hillman till 2015 when he separated his ways from the company.

How the Sugar Level Is being Measured At this Time?

Presently, the diabetes patients across the world have to go through the painful finger pricking for giving their blood samples and then get it examined by the labs. This glucose monitoring process would likely to morph into something extraordinary offhand wearable device that would reckon the sugar level in the blood by flickering a laser sensor (Apple Glucose Sensor Technology for Diabetes) into the skin and examine the amount of glucose in the blood.

A Can Of Worms!

Nevertheless, it is not at all a piece of cake for any tech giant, previously, it was tried by the company Verily of Alphabet’s life science that started a project of contact lenses that would monitor the sugar level through the eyes but their three years old startup is now reported to fail. Moreover, a biomedical expert, John L. Smith had released white papers on the failure of noninvasive blood sugar sensor, and he shared his experienced that this was the most intricate experiment of his life. But Apple does not know anything like being failed. And Apple Glucose Sensor Technology for Diabetes Cure project is reported progressing for five years and in its final process of testing the feasibility.

Steve Job’s Vision to Plunge Into Biology

It is worth recalling that this concept was first brought to light in Apple by Steve Job when Walter Isaacson in Steve Job’s biography unfolded his belief that Apple would one day be the junction of technology and healthcare. Then we saw Apple Watch already proving it right by estimating calories burnt, footsteps, heart rate, and other measures. Let’s see when the Apple officially let this cat out of the bag and launch Apple Glucose Sensor Technology for Diabetic patients.


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