The new idiosyncratic iPad has been longed for rumors, but now according to a  trustable source of Analyst Kuo, Apple is all set to launch its two hit hardware devices, the new iPad and Siri Speakers at Apple’s WWDC conference to be held in a couple of weeks. This exclusive iPad is rumored to be hit the airwaves soon with the news slimmer bezels and larger screen. Apart from iPad, Apple is endeavoring to come up with a pretty much active competitor of Amazon’s Echo speaker that would likely be Siri Speaker.

According to Kuo, the iPad screen could go up to 10- inches large with lesser bezel because of the big screen display. However, if the bubble of question popped up in your mind that why is it going to be announced at Apple’s WWDC. Then let me clear it that there should be no doubt about its Worldwide Developers Conference that has been taking as a platform to release new software from the tech giant Apple for about a series of years. This year is also to be the same, where you can hear the news of launching iOS11, tvOS 11, macOS 11 and watchOS 4. Apart from software, the hardware news will be full of iPad amazement and Siri Speakers at Apple’s WWDC.

The company has already introduced an entry-level low-cost iPad to its tablet range that is booming with great colors. Now Apple is all set to hit the market with its unique iPad Pro with the larger screen and thinner bezel whereas the body size will likely to be the same. This has brought some confusions that how it is going to function with the larger screen and the same size body that will get touched by your thumb whenever you hold it. Moreover, the app developer’s role also remains unclear.

As far as the secretive program of Apple that has been busy working with its iconic Siri AI voice assistant to morph it into a hardware device with surround sound speakers. Apart from speakers, rumor is up in the air about Apple’s Siri device to be integrated with high-resolution display and of course high price because it has Apple’s trademark.

Furthermore, the company will likely to launch a bunch of music subscriptions for the device to keep it the one and the only way to run Apple music on the Siri Speaker device. So, sit back and wait for June 5, to be the day of Apple’s keynote about this two sizzlingly anticipated hardware device at Apple’s WWDC.  


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