Apple released yesterday its entirely revamped iOS App Store to the broader public followed by the launch of the new iOS 11 operating system. Noticeably, it was first previewed at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference back in June.

Why the Company Revamped iOS App Store?

This new iOS App Store has composed some variations; centered on the aim of enhancing app exploration across a storefront; that now contains more than 2 million applications; as per the most up-to-date data from App Annie.

While the embellishments of the iOS App Store are a consumer-facing set of features; a greater aim is to support the iOS developer community in making their apps exhibited to interested users.

What Are the Tweaks?

Noticeably, the renovations come at a point when industry research has discovered that the preponderance of mobile users no longer downloads apps on a daily basis. To catalyze the increment of consumer interest in apps, one of the significant changes in the new iOS App Store is the “Today” section.

“Today” sounds much like a news website centered on apps and its culture. It gives a variety of content written by an extended editorial team at Apple; including deep dives on apps, tips and tricks, developer interviews, how to’s, topical lists, round-ups of editorial favorites and even an “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day.”

Apple for a long time has owned editors who would pen up their opinions on new apps; create curated choices into suitable groups.

But in the new iOS App Store, this editorial view now gets prime billing, not the App Store charts and not even necessarily the current releases. The purpose, ostensibly, is to foster a wish to try the apps written about in fervent terms.

What Else?

Besides the “Today” tab, the rest of the iOS App Store has evolved, too. The top charts are now divided into those for gaming and non-gaming apps, for example. Quite often, favorite games would gather out up-coming apps on the charts; while the charts themselves dispensed too much importance to the apps almost everybody already has, like Facebook, Messenger Instagram, Snapchat YouTube, etc.

Underneath this are lists of latest games or apps that the editorial team prefers. Just as you come down, you will find the charts. And the top-grossing chart itself is gone completely.

Impact Of These Changes

The tons of tweaks that hit the new iOS App Store; intensify the overall experience, including its effectiveness of previews, images and video to better display apps’ content; precise details about an app’s in-app purchases; simpler-to-read information about an app’s reputation, star rating, age appropriateness and reviews.
The company has given some improvement to App Store for iMessage too; to be available from your chat threads along with your iMessage apps.


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