This year’s Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t officially reach an end until Friday, but everyone apprehends that all of the necessary launches are made by the end of the day on the second day of CES 2018. Well, let’s dig into our analysis about CES 2018.

A Bit About CES 2018

  • What is it?

The biggest consumer technology show on Earth

  • When is it?

Jan 9 – Jan 12, with press-only events happening Jan 7 and Jan 8

  • What’s on the show?

Everything from 8K televisions and connected fridges to laptops and self-driving cars


Our Take On CES 2018

Let’s find out how much do we make out most of the technology at CES 2018 so far? Here, we present you our exclusive analysis of the significant trends at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show!

The big year for Huawei – Why AT &T Fallout Shouldn’t Affect It Much?

Huawei’s big splash is seen when it announced the Mate 10 Pro is launching in the US. But, the other news came with it, isn’t actually a good one. AT&T has decided not to showcase the handset stateside right before the show, that’s for sure a significant blow to the phone manufacturer. Still, all doesn’t go in vain, according to Cameron Faulkner and Huawei can get a way out this last laugh! Huawei’s latest flagship is still coming to the US, albeit through several other popular retail channels.

What Happened To Photographic Industry?

We get to see a wide range of different devices and gadgets at CES 2018. But, seemingly, we are missing out something! However, we have got to hear some new camera announcement from Las Vegas; but it seems that the camera industry did not warm up yet or on a low profile.

Smart Kitchens – Has the Tech Wins It Over At CES 2018?

At CES 2018, the potential of the smart kitchen is surfacing to be recognized, but it also accompanies its own type of problems. We feel, there is still a lot to be done by the tech to make it at least close to reality!

Acer and Asus are pursuing Alexa – Does It Say a Bit About Cortana’s Failure?

Microsoft’s Cortana was once started as the voice assistant for Windows devices, but with Acer and Asus soliciting Alexa for its laptops at CES 2018, is this the demise of Cortana?

Watch Out Gaming Consoles this Year!

Gaming consoles have traditionally been the go-to gaming devices to play on a big wall screen TV in the living room of your house, but that could all shift. Nvidia has collaborated with a variety of monitor producers to build some breathtaking Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) screens that highlight 4K 120Hz HDR capabilities with integrated Nvidia G-Sync technology and Nvidia Shield functionality, all in enormous 65-inch setups. We believe that these displays could soon make PCs the centre of your media setup, not consoles.

So, this wall all we have observed and analyzed of CES 2018, besides its amazing lots of new and innovative device launches! Let’s know in the comments below if you have anything to add to this story.


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