If you’re riding an electric car; you deserve not to beget a passenger. After all, you’re decreasing your emissions enough to not bother about carpooling with your bothersome neighbor. And now, Electra Meccanica Solo is serving you say “no” to the ever-annoying; “Can I get a ride?” issue.

“The Solo possesses a 100-mile range and lithium-ion battery that requires just 3 hours of charging period.”

Meet the Electra Meccanica Solo; a car that carries only you, yourself, and your solitary. This single-seater electric vehicle is anticipated to be as environmentally favorable as possible by decreasing the amount of real estate in the vehicle to only what you demand — which is to say, a single seat.

Making its première at CES 2018; the one-seater gets into consideration the reality that approximately 80 percent of Americans travel by themselves in their vehicle. And while it may be tricky to convince all those hermits to pick up a few patrons; it’s seemingly more comfortable to provide them a means to rejoice in their solitude.

“We want to show — not simply tell — our audience that we are doing our part of investing in a cleaner planet for future generations;” Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll said. “Essentially, the Solo has two doors, three wheels; and one overarching mission: To close the last gas station.”

electra meccanica solo lineup
With really an affordable price tag of $15,500; the Electra Meccanica Solo flaunts a range of 100 miles and has a lithium-ion battery; that requires only three hours of charging time on either a 220-volt charging station or outlet. While the highest speed is just 82 miles per hour; it’s not as though you’ll be ready to break any records with your single-seat ride. After all, who have you to overwhelm other than yourself? Despite, you can go from 0 to 60 in just eight seconds (even though the Solo is three-wheeler); so you still can cover some area in a jiffy.

As for the design of the cabin itself, it doesn’t look as though you’ll be confined in a grave. There is a big windshield and, as Slashgear notes, “a shoulder line that scallops down under the side glass.” All instrumentation is highlighted on an LCD inset that is moderately far down into the dashboard so that you won’t have a ton of gear hampering your style. Power windows and a heated bottom comes standard, while air conditioning is arbitrary.

And to help you park your little car, there’s a reversing camera. While you can’t bring passengers, you can carry some cargo — there’s both a front and back trunk proficient of holding 285 liters of stuff.

The Electra Meccanica Solo is scheduled to ship in Q4 2018, so if you’re looking for a different ride this year, you may have just found a champ.

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