There has been a flurry of rumors up in the air about Elon Musk’s hot baby which is a tunneling venture. It is important to bring into your knowledge that Musk already owns three variant ventures, two of them are Tesla Motors and SpaceX. The third one is the recently hatched baby that is a way forward to AI, Neuralink, a human brain and computer interface venture. Now, this unstoppable man is reported to conceive The Boring Company as his fourth baby oops venture! The picture of Elon Musk’s Boring Machine is first unveiled by one of the employees of SpaceX in his Instagram post. This post was then spotted by Business Insider and bumped up the airwaves.

Not long ago, Elon Musk in an interview with Bloomberg talked about Musk’s boring machine and confirmed that he owns one. He further brought light to the details of this boring machine and said that the model is of 2015 which he calls Nannie. The weight of this machine is 1200 tons and height is 400 ft. However, it seems only a piece of that shown in the picture because from nowhere it looks like to have 400 ft height. Even though we requested SpaceX employee to pop the bubble of confusion but we did not get his comment as of now, so it remains still unclear.

The dark logo of company’s punny name can be easily sighted that shreds of evidence that this piece of the cylindrical tube like thing has something to do with Musk’s Boring Machine. This picture is speaking about the determination of Musk for his next newfangled plan of establishing the network of tunnels in the densely populated urban areas in a bid to mitigate the overflowing traffic and introduce the Hyperloop transit system to get into effects sometimes in the long run.

Our sources also confirm that Musk is currently busy testing this tunnel under the SpaceX Headquarters parking area in LA and apparently this tube will go nowhere but deep down the surface may be to room cars. But Musk will have to get permit in order to bring Musk’s Boring Machine on the public property.

Apart from this plan, there are several other Silicon Valley’s tech giants that have been pondering the ways to alleviate traffic. One of those is Uber’s endeavor of building a flying car and touching the skies by going up in the air. But Musk’s Boring Machine depicts a diverging approach of alleviating traffic that Musk has found down in the earth rather than looking up in the sky like Uber that aims to touch the sky only by any means.


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