So the flamethrower that Elon Musk launched; The Boring Co. Flamethrower would start marketing after it ran out of its 50,000 caps? Yeah, it is true – and you can pre-order one now if you won’t need an absurd way to spend $500.

Boring Co. Flamethrower Is Actually A Reality!

Musk unveiled the Boring Co. flamethrower on Saturday after a bit digging tipped its presence late last week. The Boring Co. Flamethrower is operative, too, as you can discern from this Instagram highlighting some Boring Co. staff, probably well safety equipped, firing off two of the things IRL.

Marketing copy for the flamethrower includes a “guarantee” that it will “liven up any party,” and an announcement that it is the “world’s safest flamethrower,” in case you were worried (you plausibly are not, if you’re buying a flamethrower via the internet). The $500 fee doesn’t cover taxes and shipping fee; which are scored at checkout, and the first shipments will reach out in spring.

There’s also a disclaimer about international shipping incurring extra fees (and maybe seizure at the border?) plus, buyers will need to review and accept a terms and conditions document before getting their flamethrower in the mail.
The Boring Co. also markets a fire extinguisher, because they understand how to make an upsell with particular relevance, and it is of $30, which they thoroughly admit is more than you would give elsewhere. But it has a label. There’s not even a picture, so it apparently doesn’t look all that awesome.

Musk’s Boring Company is really a company centered on tunnel boring, but it looks like it’ll be a while before it has resources or significant consequences (even if it is already digging experiment tunnels). To support the project until then; marketing strange stuff with the company’s logo to Musk heads everywhere looks like a decent plan. Even if it adds negatively to the total of working flamethrowers enduring in the world.


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