The Essential Phone, still among the high-grade deals you can see in smartphones today; is now ready to be available in three new colors; including “Ocean Depths,” “Copper Black” and “Stellar Gray.” These include two previously announced colors; the aquamarine-ish Ocean Depths and the dark matte “Stellar Gray;” but also the excellent third options; which utilizes the shiny black rear of the favorite all-black Essential; but with the copper titanium aerial band of the Ocean Depths colorway. These new Essential Phone color options are sure to get your love.

Essential Phone Arriving With Essential Phone Color Options

These new-look designs all have the identical internal specs and abilities of the original variants; but give some nice variety in terms of aesthetics. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to peek at these in person shortly, and they really do give some stunning visual impact. The matte black on the Stellar Gray is a great fit if you saw the piano-like surface of the standard Essential’s ceramic a tad flashy, for example, and the Ocean Depths hue is different in the smartphone world, and a very vivid color when viewed in the flesh – or the metal and ceramic, so to speak.

The new Essential Phone color options are for short term – Essential describes me that means when they’re gone; they are probably gone. They’re available on Essential’s website exclusively, and they’ll each run for the full; $599 price of the original release devices, starting at 12 PM PT today with Ocean Depths, and then with a staggered fall schedule with Stellar Gray coming online on February 20, and Copper Black landing on February 22; so you have time to propose and decide whether a bold new look is worth your cash. It’s still a deal, comparatively to the price of other leading flagships.

Let us know in the comments below, what’s your take on these new Essential Phone color options.

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