None of us can deny how much high-end the Essential Phone is; from its performance to its high-end innards; everything seems to be of top-notch quality. Subsequently, the new add-on of 360-degree camera that’s available for Essential phone recently got a bit handier. The company has lately released a software update, after which the camera can stream live 360-degree videos to Facebook.

If you have both the phone and the add-on; snapping on the 360-degree camera will lead you to the rear of the Essential Phone to launch its compatible app. Here you will see a 360 Live option. Tap this option and then the red camera icon to go live. Then, you will require logging into your Facebook account and the give permissions for camera add-on. Once you are done with login and approval things, now choose the audience you want to watch your live streaming. Also, you can write some description of the Facebook Live Video you are going to stream. Lastly, just hit the red Live camera icon and presto; you are now streaming live in 360-degree video on Facebook.
In a blog post, Essential Phone company says that it will soon append compatibility for live streaming 360-degree videos on Twitter too, through Periscope. Not to forget, YouTube already allows you to post 360-degree videos, but there no news on live streaming for that platform as of now. This update arrives just after the Essential Phone has experienced a major price dip just after few months of its launch. Both Best Buy and Amazon are currently selling the phone by itself for $449.99, or you can pay just $50 more for the 360-degree camera.

Does adding Facebook Live support for the Essential Phone’s 360-degree camera make it more appealing to you? Let us know in the comment section below and also what else you are expecting the company to add in its upcoming software updates.

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