The aftermath of this massive worldwide cyber crime that is found to be known as WannaCry Ransomware attack is grave and hazardous. The fallout of this attack that causes perturbation across the globe as it spreads like wildfire, affecting hundreds of countries, giant ventures, hospitals, bank, telecoms, etc. This is the highly incensed and a colossal ransomware attack in the history of cybercrime that has not left any corner of the world unaffected. Here are we to guide you everything that you should know about this major WannaCry Ransomware attack that left the world’s tech giant and security experts with wide open mouth.

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To Which Extend This Wrench Of WannaCry Affected the World?

The last weekend was not at all good for the Europeans as over 200,000 devices were hit hard by this global malware. On the other hand, this figure seems fewer when compared with the number of victimized devices in the Asia. The rationale behind this more destruction is the log off practice by the Asian before the weekend when the WannaCry broke out as the most sustained cyber attack by far. When they returned to work, they then got to realized how much they have affected with this malware. Whereas, the leading Japanese electronic company Hitachi, a Korean theater and the Chinese government had also reported that their computers had gone under the attack. According to local Chinese media report, there have been around 40,000 devices that are targeted by this WannaCry ransomware attack. Besides this, the Healthcare sector in Britain, NHS’s system has also gravely affected by this attack including the lives lost.

Cause Of WannaCry Ransomware

However, the attacker’s identity remains unclear as it is not easy to track the wrongdoer if it is hidden behind the walls of Bitcoin payment method, this is what every cyber criminal does. But we have found the cause from where this WannaCry ransomware attack generated. It all kicked off when the NSA brought about the vulnerability in Windows system for its mass surveillance tool. Later, a group of hackers Shadow Brokers let the ball out of the bag and flooded a series of leaks over the internet back in April. Meanwhile, Microsoft had already made an attempt to overcome that vulnerability by launching a patch update for the Windows. Thus, the devices that were patched up have remained safe, but there were millions of devices unpatched caught into the trap of WannaCry ransomware.

Now the Microsoft is defending itself by blaming the stockpiling act of security vulnerabilities by the government agencies in order to use them as a weapon is a dangerous and misguided way that brings loopholes in the cyber security for all.

Why Android Devices Seem Safe

Well, there is no denying the fact that Android devices are non-susceptible than Windows. The reason for this massive attack was the Microsoft’s ignorance to Windows XP which is still widely used in the third world and by those computers in NHS that went under attack and lost not only data but many lives too. Microsoft had stopped patching security software updates for XP back in 2014; this was the cause of this WannaCry ransomware attack that led the globe in the assault. On the other hand, Google’s strategy is different than Microsoft. The company still sends security update patches to the Android version 4.4 every month, one of the oldest version of Android. However, the devices run this version could not get the latest apps and software as the devices with Nougat, but the company still care about the security of this device, unlike Microsoft.

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