Reportedly, there are a few lots of Facebook users; who have discerned a new section called Facebook Movies; showing in the main navigation of Facebook mobile app. This feature that has just been emerged for a specific lot of users helps you to let you know which movies are streaming nearby you; the available showtime details and also a list of local theaters where these movies are being shown. This Facebook Movies section is powered through an alliance with Fandango’s and Atom Tickets’ booking services, signaling the ability to even buy the tickets right from the Movies section.
However, this is worth noting that this isn’t the first time when Facebook has provided a feature; where you can buy movie tickets; back in last fall, it launched a means for visitors to Facebook Pages to do several things; buying event tickets from Ticketmaster, like getting quotes and purchasing movie tickets, among other things. At that time, these tickets were possibly being sold with the collaboration of Fandango; and had initiated with only a few titles in U.S. cinema houses, like The Magnificent Seven, Storks and others.

Both the interface of movie ticket sales means on Facebook pages; and newly introduced Facebook Movies section in the mobile app have so much in common.

That shows that this is more of a further expansion of already existing terms with Fandango; instead of something all new to Facebook. But this time, the social media giant has made it even easy to head over to the Facebook Movies section; and make ticket purchases; instead of visiting every single movies page to do so.

For Fandango, its interest in working with Facebook went beyond buying ease; Paul Yanover, Fandango’s president, explained The New York Times last fall. It was also about the capability to unite groups of friends who would watch movies together.

But for Facebook, the feature is now one of many that have originated in its mobile app’s main navigation in past couple of months; as the social network is evolving more to become a portal; offering anything, you’d need online. In simple words, Facebook wants to keep you engaging in its app; where you find everything and will not need to look up to Google; or seek out other mobile apps to perform a task, get information, use a service, etc.

We concede that the Facebook Movies section is currently in its testing phase; and has been slowly spreading to users across the U.S.

That signals few of you might have got their hands on the option long before now; while the rest are able to see it later or will do that shortly. However, it is too early to say when exactly Facebook is going to launch this feature globally. It depends on how the test product will work; be available to the wider audience and ultimately yank Facebook Movies ready for the whole lot of users.

Moreover, we should not forget that Facebook is not only selling the movie tickets only; we should also note, Facebook “Marketplace” section is rolling out a “ticket sales” section too; which enables the local event bartenders to promote their events inside Facebook’s Craigslist-like feature.


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