The phishing scam is proliferating with the speed of light and is not confined to small ventures only. This has started affecting even the tech giants like Facebook and Google. Earlier in March when the Department of Justice in the United States inculpated a fraudster from Lithuania for being engaged in the phishing and aggravated identity theft crime that targeted the two tech behemoths and allegedly defrauded over $100 M from these biggest tech titans. The alleged man is named as Evaldas Rimasauskas and reported to be 48 years old. Rimasauskas had been masqueraded as an Asian based manufacturer, Taiwanese electronic manufacturer from 2013 until 2015 and had conned a hefty amount of money from the companies. However, the company’s name kept unrevealed at that time by DOJ. And the Facebook and Google Phishing victimization was nowhere to be sensed at that time.

Fraudulent phishing emails were sent to employees and agents of the victim companies, which regularly conducted multimillion-dollar transactions with [the Asian] company,” the US Department of Justice (DOJ) said in March.

The little we knew from the description presented by the DOJ that surfaced that the two victimized companies are involved and expertized in the internet related services and one of those company is known as a social media and social networking leading company having its headquarter in the United States. This description was not clear enough to spot any two tech giants who have been fallen victim of this cunningly done phishing scam. The mystery then wrapped around this news before it turned into the confirmation of Facebook and Google Phishing Victimization.

Following this news, on 27th of April, the Fortune released a report containing factual investigation details that divulged that those two victim companies were Facebook and Google. This report was then affirmed by these two tech giants detailing the processing and said that their employees were fallen prey of this scam and the perpetrator allegedly forged invoices, emails and contracts in a bid to diddled out Facebook and Google employees. These emails were apparently looking this much genuine that even the employees of these biggest tech hunks fell victim of this fraudulent trick of swindling dirty money and hit the airwaves with a big news of Facebook and Google Phishing Victimization.

The payment duped by the cunning scammer was being transferred by the victims to the bank accounts of Cyprus, Latvia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovenia, and Lithuania. However, the Facebook and Google spokesperson has clarified that the company had retrieved the money when they got to know about the fraud but both the companies did not mention the amount of money that was deposited in the accounts of that scammer on presenting the bogus invoice of electric supplies that led to Facebook and Google Phishing Victimization.


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