A few days ago we heard from YouTube, dabbling to chat messenger and rolling out its new update that allows users to chat. As we previously noticed that YouTube intends to make its platform not only for videos but a platform that can enable people to share and talk about it without sharing it on some other social network like Facebook. This signals that YouTube wants to be independent in providing people a platform to chat about its videos; instead of relying on social networks. In the same vein, Facebook seemingly wants not to be dependent on YouTube for videos. Instead, the company has stunned everyone by launching Facebook Watch Tab that will work similarly as YouTube does.

The Real Purpose Behind Facebook Watch:

However, it is worth noting that Facebook has nothing to do with YouTube’s efforts of developing a social network. In fact, the company’s aim is to grab more monetization through its own video platform. No doubt in it that the web has become more of a marketing and less of anything else. Be it social networking websites, video streaming site or any other site; each and every content is full of so many ads. This is where the primary revenue of these big giants come from. So, in an attempt to strengthen it, Facebook has created its home for original videos with its partners; who are likely to earn 55 percent of each ad break; while the Facebook will have rest of 45 percent.

Moreover, this Facebook Watch tab with many original video content is going to be available for a specific lot of the US users from tomorrow onwards on the web, mobile, and Facebook TV apps.

How Facebook Watch Tab Will Work?

The Facebook Watch also features personalized recommendations of live and recorded shows with categories like “What’s Making People Laugh,” “Most Talked About” and “Shows Your Friends Are Watching.” The makers can also share it on their page to make it more accessible to the public. Besides, there is a Watchlist that enables you to subscribe for updates about your favorite show. The Linked Groups allows the fans and the creators to connect and share their views about each program.

Introducing Watch

Geplaatst door Facebook op woensdag 9 augustus 2017

Facebook admits that “we’ve also funded some shows” as examples, but notes that these are only a small percentage of all the available shows. “We want any publisher/creator who is interested in being able to create a show in the future,” a Facebook spokesperson tells me. “So there will be hundreds of shows at launch, and we’ll hopefully scale to thousands.”

Facebook Wants To Overshadow the Whole Internet:

No, it is not only about aiming to leave YouTube or Netflix behind. In fact, from a quite long Facebook has been trying to eat up the whole internet without even a single burp! It is not only SnapChat that came in on its way and is being slaughtered with Facebook’s mimicking strategy; now this time the targets are all those video streaming websites that have a huge amount of viewership. And also I would not be surprised if Facebook Watch will bear fruits in completely moving the viewership from traditional TV to its own platform along with million dollar ads. As advertisements are already changing their directions!


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