Facebook has promulgated a clarification in response to the news that has recently hit the airwaves about the Facebook Live misuse by the alleged murderer Steve Stephens from Cleveland. The statement issued by Facebook elucidated that Steve Stephens did not broadcast the homicide using Facebook Live, he uploaded the killing video later after he attempted the murder of an elderly 74 years Robert Godwin on Sunday Easter evening for some unclear reasons.

This was not the first time when we saw the Facebook Live Misuse for some horrific and unlawful act unintentionally or with purpose. The video was undeniably threatening and could give you a goosebump if you ever get to watch, though you will not because Facebook has removed this video and it is no more available on Facebook. In this gruesome video, an odious man reportedly 34 years old, hitting the steering and driving to the murder spot while blustering to a woman saying that he was about to kill a man because of her. It should be noted that no woman was found in the video, it seemed like the brainsick murderer was shooting this video specifically for that woman. He then stopped and went out across the street to approach an old man carrying grocery shoppers. Then what happened in a couple of seconds was horrendous, he, the crackbrained murderer shot the old man and the screen jostled away and then the victim was seen lying amid blood pool. This was the most heinous and outrageous act of manhunt ever broadcast on Facebook Live.

Apart from this Facebook Live misuse the alleged murderer also released two successive videos, in which he confessed that he had committed some more murders and would continue this homicide by saying,” I will kill as many people as I can.” Then the Facebook ceased Steve Stephen’s account. In response to a journalist, the company came up with the following words:

“This is a horrific crime, and we do not allow this kind of content on Facebook. We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook, and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety.

Although the Facebook policy does not support the content which promotes violence and hatefulness, regulating the picture and videos that users capture before it goes live on Facebook would be a real time challenge for the social media giant. Moreover, this is worth reminding that it is not the first violence attempt being broadcast live and Facebook Live misuse by some sickening souls. This Facebook live feature was rolled out precisely a year ago and is being used by millions of users for personal or professional purposes. And there is no denying the fact that how nifty this feature has become and we have got to see mostly interesting and non-harmful live streaming so far. But few of the live videos were extremely odious that includes a suicide case that was broadcasted live on Facebook, shooting of a toddler, bullying that leads to a torture of a youngster with special needs and sexual assaults in Chicago via Facebook.

This Facebook Live misuse speaks about the responsibility of social media that allows the users to share and reshare anything. This can be used against the victim’s family by the perpetrators in a bid to threaten them and use this platform as a psychological weapon against them.


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