Facebook today launched a good handful of new features for groups on Facebook; with a center on encouraging admins better control and develop their online communities; and supporting members properly connect with one another. These Facebook new tools for groups addresses the very need of admins and moderators.

The accessories, sparked by user’s feedback, add support for welcome posts, badges, member profiles and other admin-level commands.

The company met in person this June with hundreds of Facebook group admins at its first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago. This enabled Facebook staff to apprehend directly from those who operate online groups what sort of tools they require. After which the company came up with Facebook new tools for groups.

One everyday activity that admins do is welcome new members to their Facebook group. But until today; this has been done manually by writing a post; then finding each new member and tagging them one-by-one in that post. A new “welcome posts” feature; however, allows admins write a welcome post that automatically tags new members; advancing up the process with one of Facebook new tools for groups.

What Are Facebook New Tools For Groups?

Two other new features are focused on supporting members better get to understand one another; as well as their admin team and other group moderators. With the new badges; members will now be capable of quickly recognizing group admins; moderators and members who only newly joined the group.

Meanwhile, the member can also now view group-specific profiles about others when they snap on their name. This provides you a concise intro to the person; by his openly accessible information; like how long they’ve been a part of the group; whether you have mutual friends or if they’re interested in any of the same events as you.

The idea, Facebook explains, is to help people discover if they have anything in common with the other group member. These mini-profiles also have buttons that let you view the person’s full Facebook profile; message them directly or add them as a friend.

Facebook is also introducing new tools and controls for groups, including a Group Insights tool that offers tips like when to schedule posts based on historical member engagement data.

And admins can now turn off commenting on a per-member basis instead of locking down an entire post’s comments; to help keep conversations flowing without the bad elements. They can additionally choose to boot members from multiple groups they manage with a single click; if those members can’t abide by the group rules.

These are the first of many changes to come to Facebook Groups in the days ahead; Facebook notes, as it learned a lot from its interactions with community admins, it says. It also started an invite-only Facebook group for admins where it can collect further feedback.

The new tools and features are rolling out starting today.

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