We just have found that Facebook has silently released official desktop PC and Mac chat apps; with the ability of screen sharing. For sure, these are the two most awaited features; that the users have been requesting for. As of now, they’re only available for Workplace; which an enterprise collaboration software of Facebook; that is the rival of Slack and other business apps. But users would certainly appreciate if the user Messenger app got its separate desktop app; and screen sharing possibilities one day.

Workplace holds over 14,000 companies on board; funding $1 to $3 per user, and lately contracted up Wal-Mart. Screensharing could benefit Workplace lure more clients, and intrude the clunky screen sharing of business apps such as Skype and WebEx.

It’s evident that Facebook is implementing its active development method in a gambit to capture services; with an all-in-one collaboration app while rivals only propose a part of the puzzle.

Facebook rushes back into desktop software

Secreted in the help section of Workplace, TechCrunch was the first to spot a download link for the beta version of the Workplace Chat desktop app for both PC and Mac. It gets it easy to be in contact with co-workers round the day without being at the mercy of a browser tab that can get mislaid amongst all your other tabs.

Workplace by Facebook spokesperson Vanessa Chan affirmed the rollout of the desktop app to us, stating “This was one of the most widely requested features by customers, so we built it. The desktop app is still in beta and being tested by Workplace customers who are providing feedback that we’ll use to improve the product before a wider rollout.”

Share anything, even your screen

What’s unique to Facebook is the screen sharing feature. As Facebook emerges from text towards visual communication; being capable of showing people what you’re focusing on could be an essential addition to video chat. While Slack only appended screen sharing in May over four years after its debut, Workplace now has it less than a year after its inception.

Screen sharing feature is now accessible on both the web and desktop version of Workplace. Not only it allows you to share your full-screen, but it also lets you select a specific part of the screen that you want to share only. That could be worthwhile if you do not wish to embarrass yourself or to disclose sensitive work data or interactions.

Empower Every Worker!

The Workplace is built not just for typical white-collar office workers but to empower everyone in an organization from the top level to bottom to communicate. That’s why extra access points are critical. While most business software is deemed as unpleasant and disturbing; Workplace is flipping that thought on its face.

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