Facebook Is Rolling Out A New Feauture Called as “Facebook Did You Know”

The early life of Facebook had much depended on iconic status update feature. It had been a big success for the social media giant for so long. But, by the time people have gradually started to move away from this behemoth; to send out precise statements about what they are up to and what’s on their mind. Alternatively, the Facebookers are now sharing articles, memes, and video.
Facebook’s first response to this inclination was to append exciting backgrounds to general; text-based status updates in an attempt to make them have the edge over others amongst the much more attention-grabbing images loading up users’ newsfeeds.

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Now, Facebook has introduced a new feature named Facebook Did You Know and it’s expecting the tweak will get Facebookers to share more; so that the company can have more information about them.

The new feature is designed like a dating profile questionnaire; where has to respond to the silly and straightforward questions about themselves. Their responses are then shared undeviatingly with their feed. Examples involve:


The superpower I want most is…
The first thing I’d do after winning the lottery is…
A guilty pleasure that I’m willing to admit to is…
Mondays make me feel like…


These responses go live, once the user answers all such questions.

It’s obvious that Facebook is striving to get its traffic to share more private information on their platform again; as that makes it much simpler to attract advertisers to sell their products to the laser-focused user interacting group. But the broader meaning of this innovative feature is that; Facebook’s marketing model requires evolving to meet the needs of the dynamic trends of how users engage with the platform.

The approach of replying questions like the ones populating the Facebook Did You Know feature; is very implicative of the app tbh (the text-speak abbreviation for “to be honest”); which Facebook took over in October of this year. However, tbh’s progress was built on answering questions about your friends; Facebook has flipped the method and drew it back to the user.
The enigma persists whether or not the users are going to consent to the company’s effort to push them in specific directions mildly. The latest difficulty that various social media apps challenge is; how to develop their platform in measures that shareholders and advertisers must make money; without parting the users that made the company a megastar in the first place.

Twitter, of course, is suffering the same struggle of changing with the waves of its user base’s desires and needs; while concurrently preserving the authentic spirit of Twitter integral. Time will tell whether or not things like Facebook Did You Know will protect the company; from being in the same situation.


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