“Apple’s Ill-thought out name home speaker HomePod Has Aims To OverShadow Amazon Echo And Google Home.”

So, the wait is over! Apple’s home assistant about which the rumors were up in the air for a long time and Siri’s soul was speculated to be given a body of home assistant that can be a potential rivalry for the currently dominating Google Home and Amazon Echo. However, Siri kicked off his journey of assisting you from a smartphone, now it controls your Mac, Apple Watch and is all set to have control even in your home. At Apple WWDC, the company unveiled the long hatched home assistant, Apple HomePod. Here I come to present you all the information about Apple’s answer to Echo and Google Home that is out so far in this Apple HomePod Preview.

“We want to reinvent home music,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company’s WWDC keynote.

This indicates that the company has emphasized Apple music more than Siri. According to the company, these Apple HomePod Speakers are made up of best from both the worlds of Sono and Amazon Echo, something that they consumers do not know they want until we unveiled this innovative home speaker that will electrify your home with Apple Music, brilliant marketing strategy I must say. This well-marketed but poorly named home speaker seems to be unfit for the prime time as of now. The Amazon Echo’s competitor will hit the market in the tip of this year, Dec 2017.

Specs Of Apple HomePod Speakers:

Let us have the light on the alluring specs of Apple home speaker in this Apple HomePod Preview.

  • Its bottom contains seven tweeters with a 4-inch woofer.
  • Six microphones
  • Outer look is a capsule-shaped speaker available in white and black color.
  • Apple A8 Chip.
  • Echo cancellation and acoustic modeling.
  • The price will be $349.

Moreover, you can play Apple Music, talking to the speaker will get you to the Apple Library and you can rock your home with this little device. This will also allow you to assign routine tasks to Siri like a reminder, news updates, weather forecast, etc. Whenever, you say, Hey Siri, the device waveform will light up from the top. This waveform will only show your voice movement, but there will be no LCD or visual answer as of now. The A8 chips are intelligent enough to detect the space of the room and play the best-suited music according to the room’s size and shape.

Furthermore, the company has also ensured the privacy aspects to be covered in Apple HomePod. The device would not send any data to Apple unless you greet it with Hey Siri. Once you do that, it starts sending the data with Siri D encryption, making sure that your data is safe with Apple.

This was all from Apple HomePod Preview, and we will keep on updating you about the other innovations that the company has unveiled in its WWDC 2017.


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